Yahoo Pay Per Click: ALL You Need to Know

A lot of brands do not understand the importance of advertising on Yahoo. Given that Google is dominating the market, Yahoo still offers its own perk and benefits. This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with Yahoo Pay Per Click Ads.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all you need to know to run your pay-per-click ads on Yahoo effectively. We will also be discussing the best practices when advertising through Yahoo pay per click.

Let’s dive in!

What is Yahoo Pay Per Click Ad Services?

Yahoo’s pay-per-click advertising platform is similar to Google Ads. The general idea is that businesses bid on search keywords and phrases

When a user uses these keywords and phrases, the search engine then determines which ads would be best to display. The decision would be based on the maximum bid and quality score. These ads will also be promoted on Yahoo-affiliated sites like Bing and AOL.

Compared to Google Ads, Yahoo ads are considerably cheaper. This is because there is less competition among advertisers due to the smaller market. 

In June 2021, Yahoo’s market share was 2.71%. Despite this, they still have one billion total users still relying on this search engine. Yahoo is also popular in the U.S., U.K., and Taiwan.

Why Should You Advertise on Yahoo Pay Per Click?

Reasons why you should advertise on Yahoo
Reasons why you should advertise on Yahoo

Despite Google dominating the market, Yahoo still brings a considerable amount of visitors in. It’s significant enough to consider marketing on this search engine as well. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should advertise on Yahoo.

1. Ready Customers

By the time customers go online to look for things to purchase, chances are, they’re close to purchasing. They’re either looking for better options or they’re looking for the exact item to purchase.

What better way to engage customers than when they’re ready to make a purchase?

When you advertise on Yahoo, you’re targeting a market wherein your content is highly relevant to what they’re already looking for. These users are more likely to click on paid search ads because they’re almost ready. They just need a little nudge to make a purchase.

2. Fewer Competitors and Cheaper Rates

Google currently dominates the market. The largest companies and brands constantly compete with each other to come out on top. This may present a significant challenge for your brand if you aim to outperform these brands.

With Yahoo, the competition may not be as tough so you have a better chance of standing out compared to your competitors.

Yahoo has a smaller market compared to Google. Therefore, it’s cheaper to advertise on Yahoo. Don’t worry though. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s not good. Yahoo still generates quality traffic and leads.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Setting up your ad campaigns with Yahoo is easy because of its user-friendly and intuitive interface. So if you’re not a techie person, there’s no need to worry. You’ll be able to start your ad campaigns on Yahoo.

How Can You Start Advertising on Yahoo?

Yahoo uses Yahoo Gemini as its platform for advertising. It’s an easy-to-use platform that will guide you on how to set up your advertisement. You can pick from the following ad formats:

  • Image ad
  • Video ad
  • App installed ad
  • Carousel ad
  • Yahoo Mail ad
  • Moments ad

You will then need to specify your region and the corresponding time zone. After that, you will create campaigns by inputting the following information:

  • Form of ad
  • Keywords
  • Maximum bid

Finally, it also includes a feature where you can import data directly from Google Ads. This is useful when you’re running ads with Google Ads and don’t want to go through the configuration process again.

Best Practices in Advertising on Yahoo

The main goal with Yahoo Search Marketing is to obtain a high YSM Quality Score. Having a desirable score means that you will be paying less for more impressions, and you will also be getting better ad positioning. This will ultimately result in high returns on your investment in your online advertising. 

To achieve this, here are some of the PPC best practices to apply in your Search Engine Marketing:

  • Having the right keywords is important in this industry. Make sure to do your research and do not forget to place yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.
  • Competing with big brands on highly competitive keywords is not a good idea. They have more funds, so they will outbid you in bidding wars. Instead, aim to target more specific keywords for your niche. It’ll cost you less and will still get you qualified traffic.
  • Make sure that the landing page that users see when they click the ad is fully optimized and relevant. It’s better to have a dedicated landing page specifically for guiding users to purchase rather than simply directing them to your homepage. 
  • Don’t forget to utilize YSM’s “local match” option. It will help you target online advertising ads near your business’ physical location.
  • Make sure to use negative phrase match keywords. This will allow you to exclude your ad for searches that include the exact keyword phrase and in the same order. Unfortunately, your ad will still appear if only one or some of the terms in your negative keyword phrase is searched by a user. This is why it’s important to be cautious about this.


1. Are Yahoo pay per click ads worth it?

Yes, they are. They offer relevant information to the searchers and are mostly targeted. This means, the users are most likely to click on paid search ads and so the conversion rate is high.

2. Does Yahoo have PPC?

Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) is a Yahoo pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform similar to Google Ads or Bing Ads.

3. How much do ads on Yahoo cost?

A monthly fee will be determined by the directory where your site is located. This can vary from $5 to $300 per month. With your credit card details, these will be automatically deducted every month.

Key Takeaway

Yahoo is like the underdog of search engine marketing. Just because it has a smaller market and fewer users compared to Google, not a lot of brands utilize it. What they don’t know is that they’re missing out.

Make sure to optimize Yahoo pay per click for your search engine marketing. It’s cheaper, more targeted, and brings high-quality traffic to your website.

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