What to Gain from Web 2.0 Backlinks?

Web 2.0 backlinks come from free blogging platforms where you can create images, videos, and other content to create backlinks. It was once a very powerful way to get the favor of search engines, but it was abused. Digital marketers and SEO experts used Web 2.0 sites so much to the point that they didn’t care about quality or value anymore.

But web 2.0 backlinks are still helpful in boosting your SERP ranking. There are high DA sites where you can share your content for free. These web 2.0 sites can still deliver quality backlinks to your website.

However, it’s a risky manoeuvre to go for web 2.0 backlinks. It’s a form of gray hat link building that can be penalized by Google.

NOTE: LinkDoctor™ does not recommend building web 2.0 backlinks for link building purposes. It can do your website more potential harm than good.

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What Can I Get from Web 2.0 Backlinks?

Why are people still doing it? Well, because it still has a potential impact on ranking your website for keywords. Web 2.0 sites are a great resource for free backlinks, which you have full control over.

Web 2.0 sites allow users to create their own pages from the host domain. You can post content, upload images and videos, comment, and interact with your audience. And since you control the content, you control the relevance of your link from the web 2.0 backlink.

Sample blog post with web 2.0 backlinks and modified URL on WixSite.
Sample blog post with web 2.0 backlinks and modified URL on WixSite.

Also, most web 2.0 sites are high DA sites. Getting backlinks from authority sites can pass link equity to your site. Some examples of web 2.0 sites with high DA are WordPress and Blogger.

Aside from leeching authority from the host sites, you can also make backlinks relevant to your site. Since you hand-crafted the content on the web 2.0 sites, you can make it relevant to the link you’re going to insert. This will increase the impact of that backlink for SEO purposes.

Here are some other benefits you can get from web 2.0 backlinks:

  • Free website hosting
  • Full control of your content
  • Backlinks from high DA sites
  • Numerous links

But as Google continues to adapt, web 2.0 backlinks will eventually lose affinity towards search engines.

How to Get Web 2.0 Backlinks?

Now that you know what you can get from web 2.0 backlinks, it’s time to learn how to get high-quality web 2.0 backlinks. The goal here is to create natural backlinks and not overuse them. Remember that web 2.0 link building is still a gray hat technique and can get you in trouble.

How to Get Web 2.0 Backlinks?

Here’s a short to-do list to get web 2.0 backlinks:

  1. Pick a web 2.0 site – the first thing you need to do is to pick a web 2.0 site that’s appropriate for your brand. Social media sites can also be used for web 2.0 link building.
  2. Create free accounts – when creating accounts across web 2.0 sites, use different Google Mail accounts. Google can track if you’re linking to your own site if you use your business email. Always include your contact information for anyone interested.
  3. Create quality content – publish unique content that users can find beneficial. Link to other authority sites as well to add value to your content. Don’t just spam it with your links.
  4. Link back to your own site – the last thing to do is to link back to your own money site naturally. Don’t over-promote your site on your anchor texts. Use natural keywords for your anchor text to make it non-promotional.

List of Active Web 2.0 Websites

Domain NameDomain Authority (DA)Page Authority (PA)Dofollow or Nofollow
List of active web 2.0 websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of web 2.0 backlinks?

Some of the benefits you can get from web 2.0 backlinks are,
It helps you in SEO optimization as Google takes this into account while ranking websites.
It increases the traffic to the website
It will become automatic patronage for the website.
Free website advertisements.

Why is using web 2.0’s for links considered Gray-Hat SEO?

Technically speaking, using web2.0’s links is considered as Gray-Hat SEO because anyone can generate, edit and update content for free. It will definitely be a gray hat if it is purposefully done for link building.
The simple trick for not getting encountered issues is putting in minimal effort. Minimal efforts can be your active presence on the site and create quality content. Keeping them updated whenever necessary.

What are the two examples of Web 2.0 applications?

Examples of Web 2.0 sites include Twitter and Facebook, which all have different ways to transform the same information into being shared and delivered.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks act as the backbone of the Google Search Algorithm and play a major role in ranking. It always matters to have backlinks to be incorporated into your website.

Risky Investment

Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, we do not recommend using web 2.0 backlinks for link building purposes. But you can use web 2.0 sites to gain credibility in your niche. Still, it’s a risky investment that can either bring you gold or nothing at all.

Search engine algorithms are also getting smarter. With the latest Google Spam Update announced by Google SearchLiaison on Twitter, dubious and deceptive spam links and comments are being addressed.

If Google thinks you’re using gray hat tactics for your link building, you can get a manual penalty. If you’re planning to use this technique, you must retain an authoritative footprint and implement a balanced SEO strategy. Diversify your link profile through blogger outreach and white hat link building.

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