What Are Branded Keywords and Why Are They Essential?

Search queries that include brand names that are closely related to your brand, product, or services are called branded keywords. A branded keyword contains the name of a brand. For instance, Google is the most common branded keyword. A good branded keywords strategy is essential in a content marketing strategy and can help highlight your company’s products in the search ads.

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Why Are Branded keywords important?

Branded keywords are important in SEO because when included in content that is relevant to what your brand stands for, the branded keyword will correlate to how your content ranks in a search result. This way, audiences will better relate your content to the branded keyword. Branded searches have navigational intent, and it is important to understand that although branded keywords can help potential customers find your brand faster, there is the possibility of other websites outranking yours using long-tail branded keywords.

For example, if your company name is “Cheetah,” users will also use navigational keywords to find your brand. Navigational keywords are the ones used to direct the primary keyword, for example, “Cheetah black sunglasses.” Here, the navigational keywords are “black sunglasses.”

Brand search terms can also help track your performance in search results and compare it to your competitors. You can check keywords in Ahrefs and see how many branded queries lead people to the website. It can also show if other sites use your brand keyword as long-tail branded keywords.

Brand search terms are also known to have higher conversion rates, and this makes them a valuable factor for a company.

Reasons why branded keywords are important to include in content:

1. Helps to establish brand awareness in search results.

2. It helps to track brand popularity and trends in search queries.

3. It helps to compare and contrast brand performance with competitors.

4. More audience reach.

By bidding on brand phrases, your brand name will be able to dominate search engines when a user searches for your brand. This way, users can get all the information from your brand’s website without having to check other pages.

Also, you can implement what sort of additional information people search to find brand names by doing keyword research.

How To Find Branded Keywords

There are three ways that you can find branded keywords

1. Google Alerts

Set Google alerts so you will be notified whenever your brand name is mentioned. You will be able to get more insight from this.

2. Social Media

Use social media as a tool to explore branded keywords. The most suitable choice to find them is using Twitter. With Twitter, you can use the advanced search feature to find the exact keywords or phrases related to the keyword.

3. Use SEO Tools

Use SEO tools like SurferSEO or Ahrefs to get the most out of your branded keywords. With the help of these tools, you can check your website’s SEO performance.

7 Tips To Optimize Branded Keywords For SEO

7 Tips To Optimize Branded Keywords For SEO
Tips to optimize branded keywords for SEO

1. Identify branded keywords

The first step toward implementing an SEO strategy for branded terms is to identify what they are. To be precise, you must determine and decide your brand keywords. Research with the SEO tools mentioned above and find what keywords and variations you can rank for using the Google search console

2. Choose The Keywords You Want To Target

Once you have identified the branded keywords, you must choose which ones you want to target in the search results. To do so, there are two ways.

1. Identify any underperforming keywords that rank lower than #1 and see if there is a way you can create optimized content for them to increase traffic to your webpage.

2. Check for keywords with a #1 ranking that doesn’t have relevant content. Use such keywords to create content with a better understanding of what the users want who seek those keywords are.

3. Include Internal links

You can use internal links by adding anchor texts within your branded keywords. This will help Google reinforce the branded keywords and understand the site structure better. For best results, add internal links in high-impact areas like important pages, site navigation, and pages where your branded keywords are mentioned.

4. Optimize your pages 

Remember that the user experience is your priority. For example, people will leave the page immediately if the site is laggy and has a slow-loading page. So, ensure the site pages are optimized properly to enhance the user the branded keywords further.

5. Focus on the targeted and additional keywords you identified

Stick to the strategy and use SEO tools to get the relevant keywords. Using the tools we’ve mentioned, find relevant keywords based on their SEO strength. And remember that just because one keyword isn’t as strong as another doesn’t necessarily make it irrelevant.  Lesser-used keywords can be the “key” to getting niche customers.

6. Embed target keywords in the content

Create content with your branded keywords so that people will be directed to your website rather than get information from other sites. For example, you can add branded keywords in your FAQs so that your content immediately pops up when a person searches for a query related to your brand.

7. Track your performance

There are numerous tools online to track the performance of your website and branded keywords. You can start with Google Analytics, which is easy to use, free, and can read directly from your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an example of branded keywords?

A branded keyword is a query in search engines that includes the name of a brand. For example, “Casio.” It can also include additional words like “Casio watches for kids” or “Budget Casio Watches.”

2. What is the benefit of a branded keyword?

Branded keywords usually have high click-through rates, which translates to a higher quality score for a site. They are a great long-term investment and can provide a higher ROI (return on investment) in the long term.

3. Should I bid on branded keywords?

Trademark bidding is bidding on your own brand terms. Bidding on your brand phrases is a great investment as it prevents competitors from poaching your brand terms. Competitors can even use those terms and are likely close to conversion. Instead, as a brand, you can invest in them and get revenue through conversions.

Using Branded Keywords?

You must invest in branded keywords to establish your brand and improve your website’s traffic potential. This can also help promote your brand products’ sales and achieve higher conversion rates. Use SEO tools and strategy to optimize your content and increase your website’s quality and relevance. 

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