8 Types of Backlinks You Need to Know

The search engine ranking method continues to update over time but backlinks as one of the ranking factors remain the same. Backlinks enhance a website’s search engine rankings.

This article will help you understand the benefits of backlinks and the types of backlinks.

Benefits of Backlinks

Adding links to your website is one of the best ways to improve your website. However, getting backlinks depends on the links you add to your website. If you get quality backlinks in return, it increases the chances of your website ranking in the top position of search results.

Types of Backlinks

Search engines identify backlinks as dofollow and nofollow. There is an evident difference between the two categories however the source of these two backlinks.

Dofollow links are the ones that add value to your SEO, and no follow doesn’t. Adding dofollow links to your website means you are vouching to search engines that the link is organic and not paid.

The following are the types of backlinks that will boost your SEO value:

  • Guest blogging backlinks.
  • Editorial backlinks.
  • Relationship-based backlinks.
  • Comment backlinks.
  • Badge backlinks.
  • Acknowledgement backlinks.
  • Paid backlinks.
  • Press release backlinks.

#1 Guest Blogging Backlinks

Among all the types of backlinks, guest blogging is the easiest and most preferable way to get backlinks. The process in guest blogging is simple: when you post a blog in another high authority website, you get an opportunity to add a backlink to your content. The high-quality content you produce on authoritative websites will help you build authority and trust among your web page visitors.

You may start building your guest blogging site and outreach for the same types of sites to get high-quality backlinks.

#2 Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks refer to other authoritative websites wanting to link your high-quality content. Supporting other websites’ work, sharing useful information with users, and attracting more visitors is the primary goal of getting this link.

When you start producing high-quality content, infographics, or content that’s interesting and worthy to users, other websites will start referring to your web pages.

You can learn more about editorial link building here.

#3 Relationship-Based Backlinks

Relationship-based backlinks are editorial backlinks. You create this type of backlink when you successfully build a relationship with journalists or webmasters.

Relationship-based backlinks are when the webmasters or journalists you build a relationship with prefer your content as a valuable source while writing their content.

By reaching out to websites, you refer to them as a source. This is how you convert editorial backlinks to relationship-based backlinks. 

To get started with relationship-based backlinks, you need to contact a webmaster or journalist with high-quality content. It is not necessary to submit the whole content or idea when you approach them. You can always give a gist of your content to make them understand the value of your input. 

#4 Comment Backlinks

It’s usual to comment on other sites’ blog posts like it is to receive comments for your blog posts. Likewise, you can start commenting on links on authorized websites.

However, search engines consider comment backlinks spam if you overdo it. It is always better to comment on authorized websites with relevant high-quality content to get more visibility for your web pages. 

#5 Badge Backlinks

Badge backlinks are an effective way to gain backlinks. As the name suggests, few websites give other websites a badge as a status symbol by other websites.

When you start linking websites that have the badge, people will start trusting your website. The more you start linking trusted or badged websites to your content, the more your ranking in search engines increases.

#6 Acknowledgement Backlinks

Acknowledgement backlinks are backlinks that link to other websites in accordance with a relationship or sponsorship. Let’s say you sponsor an industry event or donate to a charity event. You may earn the acknowledgement via links or social media shares.

You can try to find out events related to your niche and invest your part in the events to gain high-quality backlinks. To get these links for your website, you can use backlink trackers like UberSuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Sitechecker. These tools give you a detailed analysis of data in gaining the acknowledgement backlinks.

#7 Paid Backlinks

Though paying to buy links is not admitted by many of the brands, it is true that many buy backlinks for their website. The following are the two types of paid backlinks:

  • Sponsored guest posts.
  • Link from bloggers.

Sponsored guest blogging backlinks come with a label saying the blog post is sponsored. This method is an outdated backlinking strategy, so it’s better to prefer the sponsored guest posts in your niche and authorized websites rather than a private blog network.

Links from bloggers do not always work with a monetary exchange for the backlinks you get, because you can also do it by exchanging products and services.

The disadvantage with paid links is that search engines can figure out the tactics of buying links and penalize your website for it. Will one paid link affect your SEO, read more here.

#8 Press Release Backlinks

This backlink will help you get powerful links via press releases. and you can lay the foundation for marketing and press release events by deriving links from press releases.

With the leverage of press releases, you can earn backlinks from media outlets, which eventually drive attention to your website and you can always reach out to local media outlets to get backlinks for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do nofollow links come from?

The following are the places nofollow links come from:

Where do dofollow links come from?

Dofollow links are the ones that help search engines understand you took the source from a trustworthy source. When other website owners mention your website in their content, your website will rank higher.

When should I consider a backlink nofollow?

When someone pays you to promote their website, then you need to add a nofollow tag because backlinks are meant to be organic.


You might not require all the types of backlinks to your website at the same time. However, you might require each one of them at one time or the other. Try not to use nofollow links to maintain your domain authority. On the other hand, adding several dofollow links will also look like spam. Try adding the required backlinks and let search engine bots handle the rest. 

Always remember that only the quality of your backlinks matters, not the quantity. Add quality backlinks that will help your website grow to the next level.  

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