6 Intriguing Topics To Write About To Boost Organic Traffic

Content marketing is one of the means through which digital marketing companies can solidify their place in the market. According to Zippia statistics, more than 6 million blogs are published every day across 1.9 billion websites. If you are in the content marketing field, think about the competitive spirit and unique characteristics one should possess to stay relevant and interesting to their target audience. 

That’s not all; you must put out helpful content so that Google recognizes your page and ranks it in the top results. If you struggle to find topics to write about or starting out in the field of digital marketing, this article will help you to expand your niche so that you can drive organic traffic to your website. Also, let’s touch on a few techniques of how to boost organic traffic, the interval for publishing blogs, and how to use SEO (search engine optimization) tools just to give you an idea of the unlimited possibilities for your writing.

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Background Information

Before we get into the list of intriguing topics to write about for your website, it is important to understand the intention behind publishing blogs and how you plan to take them forward. For that, try answering the following questions:

  • Who is your resonating target audience? (To whom you’re writing)
  • What does your business offer for readers and visitors? (Establish your niche)
  • What are the main and sub-areas of your business? (Expand your niche based on your business – Pillars and Clusters)
  • What is required of your content marketing team to improve business revenue? (Product reviews, How to guides, Tutorials, News, Advice, or Tips)

The motive or intention is not always about the organic traffic and SERP ranking but about the efforts made to produce helpful content that benefits both the audience and the business.

List of 6 Best Topics To Write About

Disclaimer: The topics to be mentioned will be mainly related to link-building and SEO, rather than general niche ideas. 

List of 6 Best Topics to Write About
List of 6 Best Topics to Write About

1. Tutorials

People love to read about how to get things done. Link-building is one of the SEO strategies that websites use to rank in the SERP and is also Google’s important ranking factor in determining a website’s authority. Create blogs based on the useful techniques involved in link building, and be descriptive about the process involved in link building. You can even extract ideas from link-building, benefits, client experience, failures, and success stories in the field of link-building alone. In short, be technically sound in your content.

On a general note, if your business provides a service or sells products, you can write about the proper way to use the product, explaining its benefits and best practices. In terms of service, you can list all the advantages of each and every service that clients get when they subscribe to your content. Adding a CTA (call-to-action) button at the end of the blog will drive traffic to become sales.

2. SEO Aspect and Importance of Backlinks

If you’re not familiar with the popularity of backlinks and link building, take a look at Ahrefs backlink database (image below). 

Topics to Write About - Importance of Backlinks
Topics to Write About – Importance of Backlinks

[B – billion, M – million, T – thousand]

Aren’t those stats jaw-dropping? 

It is clear that link-building is becoming more popular and building your niche around backlinks will help gain organic traffic. Some helpful pillar topics and clusters include

  • Backlinks, broken links, and various ways to fix them
  • Importance of backlinks in SEO
  • How to effectively build backlinks
  • Link-building steps
  • Future of link-building

When you start writing content around these topics, you will begin to understand the user’s pain points behind these search queries and your content will definitely resonate with them. Once we cover backlinks, SEO is another strong area to show your expertise through blogs. Research keywords based on SEO strategies and techniques, and write blogs that explain those strategies in detail. Content marketing and link-building both contribute to the same goal – to rank higher in SERP rankings. 

3. Statistics and Research

Facts and numerical data based on valid research are always intriguing to readers who genuinely want to know the specifics of something in terms of numbers and values. It is a great starting point to conduct surveys and research on important SEO and link-building data to publish in your blogs. 

  • Verify your results with authoritative external sources before publishing
  • Be explicit with your resources and information provided
  • Stay away from irrelevant statistics and unsubstantiated information
  • Don’t try to impose personal opinions without proper supporting data

Always make sure to cite your sources when you compare different SEO and link-building statistics in your blogs. Adding authoritative links in your blogs helps Google evaluate your content and hence rank your page in the top results. Once people find your insights valuable, you can create more such research, studies, and statistics in the form of blogs. 

4. Guest Blogging/ Sponsored Posts

Guest blogging is when you write articles or blog posts for other websites. Doing so increases the chances of gaining backlinks for your website and helps broaden your expertise on various topics in the industry. You can initiate sponsored blogs, where you highlight parts of their business operations based on the client’s requirements and incorporate SEO elements and link-building terminology to be informative.

For instance, let’s say an inbound client reaches out to your company with a set of requirements for their blog page and you only have a little idea of the topics and keywords they suggested. 

It is a golden opportunity to gain backlinks and expand your knowledge while covering numerous topics and still managing to incorporate your services into the blog. Sponsored posts are more like guest blogs, except you highlight the sponsor’s feature (product or service) on your website.

5. Cover Trending Topics

Writer’s Block is a common phenomenon that most writers face at some point in their professional life. Too much dependence on keyword research tools might be exhausting while looking for topics that you have already addressed in your blogs. At this stage, you can look for trending news, product releases, or updates on link-building and SEO-related topics, and exclusively cover these topics in your blogs.

For example, Google releases content updates, spam updates, and core updates at particular intervals. Since most of it would not be technically described, you can cover the trending topics that are related to SEO, ranking factors, and the update in simple terms. Take another example of the E-E-A-T (Expertise – Experience – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness) update, in which you can practically implement authoritativeness and expertise in your writing so that readers find your content trustworthy. 

6. Comparison & Reviews

If you still can’t find the right topics to write about, consider SEO tool comparisons (apt for businesses), the extensive use of a particular tool, tools that would help you optimize your content, and tools that are useful in link-building. Describe the individual features of a tool and elaborate on its uses and the proper mode of use. 

There are numerous content management systems and platforms available for purchase, so you can cover the product reviews of these platforms in your blogs. Try to list the benefits of the software and justify your statements with screenshots, demos, and statistics. Compare the prices of two or more platforms (CMS, CRM), which will receive a good welcome from readers as people generally like to compare products and services based on their online research. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are pillar topics and ideas to write pillar content?

LinkDoctor specializes in link-building services, therefore the pillar content or topic for our business is link-building, backlinks, off-page SEO, etc. Some of the pillar topic ideas for SEO would include technical SEO, On-Page (content-related) & Off-Page (backlinks-related), and international & local SEO. You can write a lot about these topics and customize your cluster content accordingly.

2. What are some of the technical topics to write about in SEO?

Technical aspects of SEO will cover the working principle behind Google’s algorithm in order to effectively index pages and rank them according to the popularity of a search query. Relevant topics might include site architecture, page speed analysis, website security, fixing duplicate pages, submitting sitemaps to Google, and much more.

3. Why SEO is important for content marketing?

Optimizing your content for SEO enhances the visibility of your brand and business, it helps you to attract more prospective customers, leads to sales conversion, and above all, SEO helps content marketers to set the right content at the right placement on their website.

Happy Writing!

These were some of the interesting ideas of topics to write about when you run out of keywords and pillar content for your website. 

Do leave your ideas in the comments section and tell us how you would approach such scenarios.

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