Success Stories

Testimonials and Success Stories

“They do monthly phone meetings, which I think is nice, a lot better than people who just do email communication. I could feel what’s going on.”, says Phil.

TopSpeed had downtrending traffic for one of the key high competitive keyword. Competitors were enjoying higher search visibility and were reaping the benefit.

After taking over link building project, Organic Link Builders were able to out beat compeition and were able to deliver 60% increase in traffic thereby having direct impact to revenue.

Lot of people can build links. These guys have their head into the game and it makes a big difference for us. They have a good grasp of the big picture and helped us grow in Google rankings.


Founder, Topspeed

“Without Sam and his team, we would have not lasted multiple Google algorithm update and fierce competition. They doubled our traffic.”, says Ruth.

JoyofAndroid.com had plateued traffic for years. They were crushed by competitors and had never built links for SEO purpose. After reverse engineering one of their competitors, they realized they have to build links and hired Organic Link Builders.

Over the course of next few months, Organic Link Builders were able to consistently increase traffic on a month on month basis.

The team at OrganicLinkBuilders is fantastic. They built high-quality links for us, and it helped skyrocket our authority and traffic from Google. They even got us a mention in a US newspaper!


Proprietor, JoyofAndroid