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Sell our top-notch SEO services to your clients, get an edge over others, and drive better revenue. Our SEO experts do the heavy lifting while you and your clients reap the benefits!

The LinkDoctor SEO Reseller Program

We at LinkDoctor are the experts of link building and SEO services. Our unique approach to link building and SEO has helped drive exceptional results for our clients. We want to take this a step further and help other companies in the digital marketing space level up by providing our white label SEO services.

Our expertise, your branding

The LinkDoctor SEO reseller service or the white label SEO service means our experts become your SEO service provider. We act as your SEO outsourcing partner who fulfills the SEO needs for your clients under your brand name.

White label SEO that drives results

We have delivered exceptional results to our clients through our link building services. Nothing changes for you in this regard. Expect the same commitment from us to deliver amazing business results to your clients.

Ethical white hat link building

The focal point of our SEO reseller service is the ethical white hat link building that LinkDoctor is known for. As an SEO reseller, you essentially will be selling our SEO services focused on link building that will bring organic results through a high standing on Google and other search engines.

Designed to fit your clients' needs

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our white label SEO services. When you’re outsourcing SEO services to us, each of your clients gets the SEO strategy fit to their business needs and objectives.

An outsourced team that works like in house

We treat your business as our business and your clients as our clients. When you take our SEO reseller services, you get a team that works as if it was your in house team. From link building strategy to SEO campaigns, the SEO experts leave no stone unturned to get the best outcomes for your clients and you.

White label dashboard and reports

Being a white label SEO reseller means you get access to a customized dashboard to keep an eye on everything that’s going on with your clients. Similarly, your clients get white label SEO reports under your brand name to see the progress of their SEO campaigns.

Dedicated account manager

As a white label SEO agency, we aim to provide the best services to our agency partners. Our SEO reseller packages come with a dedicated account manager who supports you throughout, from coordinating your SEO service requirements to keeping you up to date with all the executions link building, and SEO activities for your clients.

Risk free, month-on-month contracts

Just like a LinkDoctor client, we offer SEO services with risk-free benefits to our white label SEO partner. You can avail of our SEO reseller programs on a month-on-month contract basis for your clients. If at any point in time they want to discontinue, they can do so without any hassle.

Direct access to founders

With us, there are no corporate bureaucracies, red tape, or customer support horror stories. You already deal with enough faceless companies, so at LinkDoctor you can talk directly to our founders Sam and Dani. Having over a decade of experience in SEO, you can rely on them for the best direction.

Resell SEO services, take your business notches higher

With ever-growing complexities and competition in the industry, you may wonder if reselling SEO services is even worth it. It is! More than you can imagine. Joining our SEO Reseller Program brings multifold advantages for your business.

Expertise at scale

The best part of white label services is the scale they allow. When you become a part of our SEO Reseller Program, you get SEO expertise at scale. You can call yourself an SEO company with confidence without the need to hire a single SEO expert.

More revenue and profits

Collaborating with a white label SEO service also gives an opportunity to earn more revenue and enjoy better profit margins. Not only does adding SEO services bring in more revenue, but you also won’t have to bear operational and developmental costs as an SEO reseller business.

No hiring or training

If you want to offer SEO services in house, you need to hire SEO consultants, digital marketing specialists, and train other employees to fulfill it. However, our SEO resellers don’t have to worry about any of it. From dedicated account managers to content creators, we take care of all for you and your clients!

For every type of business

Another brilliant advantage of our white label SEO service is that any business can opt for it. Whether you are a digital marketing agency, provide marketing services, you can provide become our SEO reseller. You can also count on us if you’re planning to start an SEO agency, become a digital marketing service provider, or serve local businesses on a small scale.

Service expansion in no time

The biggest advantage of a private label SEO service is that you can add a wide range of service offerings under your brand name almost instantly. You save immense time, effort, and money in the development and execution of every aspect before you can come out to your clients.

Happier clients

SEO is increasingly becoming the biggest pain point of most customers seeking digital marketing solutions. Adding a bouquet of high quality link building SEO services is sure to provide massive value to your clients. They won’t be able to help but thank you that you saved them the pain of running after SEO agencies. Moreover, all the time you save you can utilize to nurture your client relationships.

Hassle free operations

Along with saving you unnecessary hiring, joining our SEO Reseller Program takes care of the entire operations of the white label SEO service you provide through us. We execute the complete SEO strategy for your clients, coordinate with you when required, and keep you up to date with every move.

Ready to take your business to the next level with our SEO Reseller Program?

White label SEO provider making SEO work for your clients

SEO is a battleground of billions of web pages fighting to rank higher on the search engines. To stand out in such an intense competition requires SEO specialists like us. You can count on our SEO services to drive extraordinary results for your clients.

Customized SEO strategies

Our white label SEO reseller services make sure each of your clients is served as per their business requirements. We develop customized SEO strategies that maximize their returns. This includes SEO audits, backlinks strategy, content strategy, keyword strategy, and much more.

Pin-pointed execution

From technical SEO to link placement, every step in our white label SEO service focuses on high quality and precise execution of the SEO campaign to ensure the best outcomes. The execution plan in our SEO packages includes white label SEO audit, technical SEO optimization, local SEO, content creation, web development, and more.

Exhaustive monthly reporting

Just like any other LinkDoctor client, we provide exhaustive monthly white labeled reports with respect to the performance of the customized SEO strategies to your clients. We use all the data to make improvements in the strategy and help your clients’ get maximum benefits.

Comprehensive account management

Each of your clients gets a manager who ensures everything runs smoothly for them. They take all the burden off your shoulders to manage the execution of the strategy for the clients you resell SEO services to.

Incredible results

With our white label SEO services, each of your clients enjoys better search rankings, more referral traffic, improved domain authority, and more on all the major search engines. And you get satisfied clients, increased ROI, and complete peace of mind.

Link Replacement Guarantee

To make sure your clients always stay stress-free, our white label SEO services offer Link Replacement Guarantee. If they don’t feel satisfied with any of the links we build for them, we’ll remove the link and replace it for no additional cost.

The roadmap to working as our SEO Reseller

Get on a call with us to share and discuss your requirements.

Agree on the details of the collaboration and sign the contract of our reseller program.

Sign up for your custom dashboard where you access our services, your orders, and all your reports.

Place orders on behalf of your clients through your dashboard.

Review the white label reports submitted by our team. Add your branding and send it to your clients.

Want to join hands and become our SEO reseller/link building reseller?

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-Isaac Coleman, Marketing Director

Increased traffic ethically & professionally 

We hired LinkDoctor.io to build links for one of our sites and were immediately impressed by their professionalism and, above all, their strong sense of ethics. This isn’t just another platform that’s gonna buy you shady links through sketchy back channels, but a real team that cares about and understands linkbuilding as part of a larger marketing mix. 

Frequently Asked Questions

White label SEO services, also known as SEO reseller services, let you sell SEO services to your network of clients without actually working on fulfilling the service. Private label SEO is just another term used for reseller SEO services or SEO white label services. When you purchase our SEO reselling services, you act as the SEO reseller company.

Reselling SEO service means you offer SEO services under your brand name to your clients through a white label SEO company such as ours. Being an SEO reseller, you reap the rewards of the SEO expertise provided by us without having to hire an in house team or execute any part of the process.

As a full-fledged link building and SEO agency, we provide a wide range of SEO services including technical SEO, local SEO services, content creation, link building, and more. From the perspective of technical SEO optimization, if there is a need for web development or web design, we provide it.

Any business or business provider can become our SEO Reseller. If you offer other digital marketing services but SEO is missing from your toolbox, or your SEO offerings are still limited, this program is the right fit for you. You can immediately add a whole range of SEO and link building services to your business without having to hire and train additional staff or provide specialized client support.

Often digital marketing agencies and other such businesses find it difficult to get into the time-consuming SEO process, which your clients require. Reselling SEO services increase revenue for the SEO resellers without all the hassle of fulfillment. It also enables you to meet a wider variety of your clients’ needs through your own ecosystem of services. They won’t need to look to your competitors for SEO services. So, you will become their digital marketing partner who serves all the solutions they need.

Having your own dashboard gives you the peace of mind of customers’ ordering through your branding. Orders get sent directly to our system so you don’t need to get bogged down in the details. Any communication between your clients and our support team is relayed seamlessly between us, but without any of your clients’ sensitive personal information. This frees you up to focus purely on client relationships.

SEO is not a quick result-giving process. It takes time and effort. However, our unique link building methods combined with local SEO, technical SEO, etc. bring faster results. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the type of keywords, the competition, and the budget of your clients.

You can log in to your SEO Reseller dashboard and view the statuses in real-time. You can also use this portal to send a message to our friendly team at any time.

White label reports are simply reports that come without any branding on them. This enables our SEO Resellers to add your branding before sending them to your client.

Of course! We understand it can take some time to get the full view of SEO white label services. We offer a free consultation where our leaders walk you through different SEO reseller options. Feel free to schedule time with us—we’re excited to learn about your goals and see how we can help you!