101 SEO Keywords for Photographers

  • Samuel Darwin
  • May 14, 2021

As a photographer who works hard to perfect your craft, you would want to maximize your exposure to your potential clients. Especially with the current situation, establishing an online presence is not optional anymore.

Search Engine Optimization will help you with this.

Making sure that your website is fully optimized will help you come up the first page when people search keywords on Google. This means more people will see your website, your work, and your content. 

The more traffic you get to your website, the more business transactions you’ll get.

We won’t get into the nitty gritty of SEO because chances are, you already know all about it. That’s why you’re looking for just keywords in the first place. But just in case you’re a newbie, let’s cover the basic terms you’ll encounter when dealing with different types of SEO.


These are the words that people type in Google when they’re looking for something. You’ll need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients to figure out which keywords to use for your website. Maximizing the use of these words in your content raises your ranking on Google.

Be cautious in using these though. Keyword spamming is when you use too many of these keywords in your content to the point that it’s not relevant anymore. You’re just forcefully including them to raise your ranking.

This will do you more harm than good.

Keyword Difficulty

This gives you an idea of how difficult it is to be included in the top 10 ranking of Google. For this particular table, the keyword difficulty ranges from 1 – 100. 


This is the estimated number of searches of a particular keyword in a month. 

It’s worth noting that this number may vary depending on the location. For example, the keyword food photography may have 100,000 volume in Japan but may only have 85,000 volume in Denmark.

For your reference, the data in this table is based in the United States.

List of SEO Keywords for Photographers

Without further ado, here are the top 101 keywords that you can use on your website.

KeywordKeyword DifficultyVolume
8sony mirrorless cameras4598,000
9canon cameras4480,000
12dslr camera7054,000
14boudoir photography4148,000
17digital camera8936,000
18teen gallery035,000
20canon camera4828,000
21nikon camera6625,000
22cat pictures2623,000
23portrait photography4121,000
24film camera3020,000
25camera lens2820,000
26macro photography4319,000
27landscape photography4619,000
28best camera for photography5617,000
29beautiful pictures2717,000
30best mirrorless camera5617,000
32real estate photography3316,000
33stock photography8216,000
34canon eos5716,000
35black and white photography3315,000
36product photography5915,000
37sony cameras2115,000
38photography classes6014,000
39famous photographers3814,000
40canon mirrorless3514,000
41camera store8614,000
42professional headshots1312,000
43food photography4112,000
44newborn photography3012,000
45professional headshots1312,000
46still life photography1812,000
47cool photos1411,000
48photography jobs411,000
49wedding photography5911,000
50monochrome photography1111,000
51aerial photography6111,000
52canon dslr4811,000
53family pictures2010,000
54shutter speed4610,000
55nikon lenses2410,000
56photography backdrops309,900
57cat images439,800
58nature photography229,600
59photo studio near me119,500
60funny cat pictures189,500
62aperture definition438,900
63sony lenses238,800
64pictures of cats328,700
65cute cat pictures328,700
66rule of thirds photography548,700
67places to take pictures near me38,300
68wedding photos477,600
69f stop627,400
70wedding photographer396,800
71types of photography406,600
72wedding pictures266,600
73food pictures615,600
74cat pictures225,300
75nature photos435,200
76wedding photographers575,000
77photography for beginners594,500
78famous portraits234,300
79photo studios near me314,300
80cat photos334,300
81headshot photography34,300
82professional photography854,000
83camera shop703,800
84photography ideas333,800
85what is aperture533,600
86camera shutter463,400
87wedding photo523,200
88professional photographer near me203,100
89professional photos392,700
90family portraits182,600
91outdoor photographer302,500
92wedding images302,400
93local photographers102,200
94portrait studio near me212,000
95best photography461,600
96outdoor photoshoot locations near me121,500
97wedding photo ideas211,400
98photo services781,300
99photographer jobs near me31,200
100photography services2800
101baby portraits30800


Optimizing your website is an awesome first step in establishing an online presence. You get to make a conscious effort in making sure that your website is the first one people see when they search for related keywords online.

Be reminded that spamming the use of these keywords in your content will do you more harm than good. Use them strategically and organically. This means that you shouldn’t put these keywords in places where they don’t belong in.

Good luck on your SEO Optimization journey!

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