6 SEO Hacks to Improve Your Website Rankings

Search engines are one of the most common sources of information today. Users resort to search engines, such as Google to look for answers. These answers can vary from simple queries and best products to everyday news. When it comes to search engines, Google processes around 8.5 billion daily searches. This number alone gives you an idea why targeting search engines for your marketing efforts is a good idea.

Setting up your website will not be enough to actually beat your competitors in the industry you are in. The best way to maximize the potential of your website and business is through different marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization. SEO hacks and techniques can help you create a more competitive website by placing you on the first page.

Being on Google’s first page for different keywords can help you reach more clients. Say you are offering digital marketing services and you want clients to find you when they search for “digital marketing services.” There are billions of searches for this keyword alone and clients couldn’t care less for those at the end. SEO hacks put you on the top results, getting you more clicks and more conversions.

In this article, we will talk about the different SEO hacks you can try to help improve your website ranking. We will also discuss why it is beneficial to have a good SEO strategy for your business. 

6 SEO Hacks to Try

SEO is an ever progressing mode of marketing. Technology creates new and more fitting hacks over time. However, there are proven and tested SEO hacks to help you achieve a better website ranking. Let’s discuss some of these strategies below: 

6 SEO Hack to Try

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Your SEO campaign should start with identifying keywords you want to rank in. These keywords are what users type in search engines, hoping to find the best products or services. The trick when it comes to these keywords is to actually include them in your published content.

Long-tail keywords are those composed of several words rather than a one or two words. Long-tail keywords top the SEO hacks discussion because it is easy to integrate. These keywords target users that have a specific search intent, thus you are targeting an already interested audience.

There is also less competition as the keywords get more specific. For example, there is far less competition in “digital marketing services for a furniture business” than just “digital marketing services.”

2. Write Useful Content

Once you have identified the keywords you want to rank in, it is necessary to use them in content that is useful. Content that does not add value will likely not be helpful to your SEO efforts.

Clients look for businesses or organizations that know what they are doing. Useful content is one of the best ways to prove your expertise in your field. Keep in mind that all content should be accurate, timely, and factual. 

3. Update Old Pieces

Since we are in a fast-paced world, it is highly-recommended that you update content that has been published 3 or more years ago. The published information on these types of content may not be accurate anymore as there are new discoveries or new truths nearly everyday.

When you update your content, you can also update the keywords you want to rank in. 

4. Focus on Search Intent of the User

Defining and setting the keywords related to your business is easy. However, you must always make sure that your published content actually talks about your keyword. Stuffing your content with these keywords will not suffice to rank on the first page of Google. 

When you are using “digital marketing services for a furniture business” as your keyword for an article, the content should actually talk about this. This fulfills the users’ intent when they type in their search query. Avoid publishing clickbait content that does not answer the user’s queries. 

5. Create a Solid Backlink Plan

SEO hacks cannot be discussed without mentioning link building or backlinks. Backlinks are hyperlinks on other sites that lead to yours. This strategy is important as you can hit two birds with one stone. 

Backlinks help you reach audiences of other related sites, so you can lead them to yours. With more backlinks, you get to build your website’s credibility, affecting the way Google ranks your site. 

As more sites use your content for a reference and link it, google tags you as more credible when it comes to the information published. This gains you an advantage over other competitors. You can start link building with these techniques:

  • Manual outreach.
  • Guest posting.
  • Reclaiming brand mentions.
  • Link audit

6. Prioritize Responsiveness

Google also considers the amount of time a user spends on your website. When a user quickly exits from your site, it gives the impression that the content offered is not reliable or trustworthy. This affects the overall ranking of your content in search engines. 

Responsiveness is one the factors that affect how a user interacts with your site. Imagine opening a website on your mobile device and it does not load properly or quickly. As a user, you may naturally feel the need to close the tab and look for other providers. 

When responsiveness is ensured throughout all kinds of devices, there is a higher chance that users will stay and explore more of what you are offering. 

The Benefits of SEO for Your Website

1. Proves Credibility

Credibility is one of the most important factors when you want to sell your products or services. Credibility equates to your knowledge of whatever you are offering. This means that the more knowledge you have about a product or service, the better their quality is. 

As mentioned above, other sites tend to link your site if they find you credible. Backlinks, then affect the overall ranking of your site. Good SEO hacks can help you prove that you are a credible source for a product or service you are offering in the industry.

2. Cost-Efficient

SEO hacks are also considered as more cost-efficient than other marketing tactics, such as printed ads. Printed ads require tons of money, from the designing stage to production. While SEO hacks only require manpower and a relatively small amount of financial resources when conducting strategies under it.

One way SEO techniques require money is if you buy ads, such as pay-per-click campaigns. SEO, when done right, can fast track your return on investment at minimal cost to you.

3. Helps Reach More Audience

There is a higher chance of getting noticed if your page can be seen on google’s first page results. Often, users don’t bother to scroll past the fifth page of results as they look less credible or trustworthy. 

Ranking on the first page can get you more clicks and improve your conversion rate. 

4. Supports Other Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies are not stand alone. These strategies affect and help improve one another. One example is how SEO hacks can help content marketing. Content marketing refers to the strategies that mainly involve producing high quality content for all your channels. This includes images and written works.

SEO hacks assist with getting these types of content to attract the target audience and eventually convert leads into successful sales. For example, link building creates a network of links that leads back to your published content. Here, the SEO hack is link building, while the content strategy is the already published piece.

Take Away

Today’s marketing landscape requires businesses and organizations to have a strong digital marketing foundation. The intensity of technology’s influence in our daily olives is the driving factor to this.

If you want to rank high on different search engines, such as Google, you need to launch a good SEO strategy. The SEO hacks discussed above can help improve your website ranking in different search engines.


Why is SEO needed?

SEO is needed in today’s marketing efforts as it helps you get more website traffic. More website traffic translates to higher chances of successful lead conversions.

What is the most effective SEO hack?

There is no definite answer when it comes to the best SEO hacks to integrate to your business. There are appropriate strategies based on what you need as a brand. 

What are the benefits of a good SEO plan?

SEO hacks are beneficial in many ways. But as mentioned, one of the primary benefit is reaching more clients or potential customers.

Take Away

Today’s marketing landscape requires businesses and organizations to have a strong digital marketing foundation. The intensity of technology’s influence in our daily olives is the driving factor to this.

If you want to rank high on different search engines, such as Google, you need to launch a good SEO strategy. The SEO hacks discussed above can help improve your website ranking in different search engines.

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