SEO Audit Service: How to Choose the Best?

It’s true that SEO boosts the ranking of websites. In fact, 57% of B2B marketers believe that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing campaign. But still, the majority of online businesses still struggle to make it to the top Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).


No doubt, the optimization of your website is important. But with that, it’s also mandatory to regularly audit the SEO campaign. Therefore, having an SEO audit service is the best way to mitigate the risk and threats associated with your online presence.

What is an SEO Audit?

Just like financial auditing, an SEO audit refers to the evaluation of your website. That’s right.

SEO auditing keeps track of a website’s performance according to the most updated search engine trends in 2022. However, the following metrics are the top ones that determine how good your website is doing online.

Technical SEO

The technical aspects are related to the on-page SEO of your website. During the optimization, SEO experts will directly work with the web developers to guide them on how to technically optimize a website.

Moreover, technical SEO streamlines the website’s performance on the search engine. In the audit, the technical SEO is determined by a factor of Bounce Rate, which is measured by the number of viewers who go to your website, view one page, and then leave. In fact, a bounce rate ranging between 26-40% is excellent.

SEO Content

Here’s a thing, 57% of marketing executives say having optimized website content is the most effective SEO strategy.

SEO auditors evaluate the content on your website and suggest changes. This might include:

  • Headline (H1)/Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Home Page Content
  • Blogs Section

However, 36% of SEO experts think the H1 tag is the most important SEO element because it contains and initiates the focus Keyword upon which the article is set.

User Experience

Suppose your website is ranked on the top SERP. Now, a user visits your website. The only factor that will decide whether that user will stay or leave is the user experience, aka UI/UX of your website. 

The user interface (UI) should be welcoming and engaging for the visitor. Plus the content must be placed tactfully enough to resolve their queries for improved user experience (UX).

According to Justin Mifsud, the founder of Usability Geek, 88% of online consumers may not return to a website after having a bad user experience. This can happen because of the low-quality content, slow loading time, navigation issues, poor website design, or other related factors. 

Therefore, it’s important to audit the user experience of your website if you want users to stay on your website.

The user experience includes the following elements:

  • Interaction with Page
  • Easy Navigation
  • Appealing Design & Aesthetics
  • Privacy

Mobile Usability

Since online business is seeing more usage day by day, it’s wise to keep your website usable on mobile too. Consider this: 79% of smartphone users have shopped online using their mobile phones in the last 6 months.

The SEO auditing service tests the mobile usability of your website and ultimately boosts organic traffic. Thus, a mobile-friendly website is more likely to rank on SERP than the one which can be accessed from a single device.

How to Choose an SEO Audit Service?

As of now, SEO auditing is the best way to evaluate organic website ranking. It’s important to look for a service like LinkDoctor that provides white label SEO auditing.

Case Study of TopSpeed

TopSpeed is a US-based venture that shares the latest news and reviews on the automotive industry. Even though they were previously pioneers in that industry, TopSpeed couldn’t sustain being the online market leader.

However, that challenge was temporary. The company hired a team of SEO experts that did the hard work for them.

The ethical link-building experts identified the core problems and devised a sound SEO strategy. Their white label SEO audit was the cornerstone in giving TopSpeed an increase of 60% organic traffic and revenue in less than three months.

This is just one case study that proves how important it is to have an SEO audit team on your side. Such teams must follow the white label SEO auditing techniques to mitigate the risk of failure.

White Label SEO Audit

When you don’t have an in-house team, you can choose to work with a white label SEO audit team. Also known as private label SEO, white label SEO refers to services that a private SEO service offers under your company name. 

Alternatively, you may have an online tool generating an SEO audit report with just a few clicks, providing you with real insights. This report will highlight your website’s performance based on the following matrices:

  • Page speed (mobile and desktop)
  • Image optimization
  • HTML compressions
  • CSS compressions
  • JSS compressions
  • Domain authority
  • On-page optimization (H1, H2, and meta description)
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Internal and external linking, and much more.

Not only can you generate the audit report quickly, but also customize it by adding your brand’s logo and company name.

Importance of SEO Audit

No doubt, the SEO audit is one of the key factors that boost the ranking of your website. One of the SEO giants, SEMrush, stated the following benefits of SEO auditing:

  • Determines the site’s health, revealing problems that gradually reduce the organic traffic on your website.
  • Notifies you about the loss of sales opportunities and competition.
  • Lets you know about improper indexing on Google. Improper indexing means users won’t find you on SERP.
  • Separates toxic backlinks from healthy ones to avoid penalties by Google.
  • Tests your website’s performance from the user’s perspective and identifies room for improvement in the website’s interface UI/UX.
  • Generates a detailed keyword analysis report to update your website’s content.

In short, you need an SEO audit to avoid loss of sales and traffic to your business. Therefore, it’s better to outsource white label SEO auditing services instead of hiring an in-house team for that.

It’s because the SEO team continuously works to rank your website on SERP. Moreover, it takes them months to get fruitful results. The long-term SEO strategy doesn’t work like PPC. That’s why choosing a white label SEO audit saves you money and boosts your business in less time.

Consider LinkDoctor, which has an SEO Reseller Program that benefits companies by combining website optimization with other digital marketing services.

Final Words

Today’s online businesses struggle to get organic traffic on their websites. Moreover, they spend good bucks but get lower than expected returns. However, an SEO auditing team is capable of tracking your website’s complete performance so that you can spend in-house resources on other things.

Additionally, you get all the technical and non-technical reports when you choose a white label SEO audit service.  This is crucial data that you can analyze at will.

Therefore, if you want to acquire long-term organic website traffic and revenue benefits, choosing an SEO audit service is the most suitable option for your business.

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