A Comprehensive Guide to SaaS Link Building 2022

What will make my Software as a Service company (SaaS) stand out from others?

In short, Saas link building.

Cracking the right strategy and getting ranked on the first page of the search engine results is the dream. To make it real, link building is an important part of your strategy to get an edge over your competitors.

Being a new SaaS company, it is important to increase your brand awareness, traffic, and visibility through organic means. Organic link building is getting quality backlinks from other websites to yours. But why are backlinks important for your website? Why should you focus on Saas link-building strategy?

Let us understand how important backlinks are.

In this article, you’ll find

  1. Backlinks are Important, But Why?
  2. 5 Methods To Do SaaS Link Building
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  4. In Conclusion
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Backlinks are Important, But Why?

Backlinks or “incoming” or “inbound links” are the links created between two websites when one links to the other. A simple example is a sports website (A) referring to a blog about top sports indoor games (B). This will count as a “vote” for Google to better understand the content and website, and that they are related.

Backlinks are important as they indicate to search engines that your website has valuable content. This “vote of confidence” will help your website to gain more traffic and earn authority. When many links are associated with the same website for a particular niche. In that case, it indicates the search engines believe that your website has authoritative content for the said niche or topic. This will eventually lead to an increase in your SERP ranking as your website will percolate to the top of organic search rankings.

Earning links from different sites has different meanings. It is more fruitful to obtain a backlink from a high DR (Domain Authority) website rather than a website with no high-quality content or spammy content. It is also important to note whether the link you choose is a do-follow or a no-follow link. A do-follow link means the site owner is instructing the search engine to pass the link equity or link juice. A no-follow link is when the link will not rate at all.

Backlinks are typically acquired in three ways:

  • Manual backlinks
  • Natural backlinks
  • Self-made backlinks.

As a Saas company owner, it is very important for you to get your website on top of the search results. To do that, you need to have a strong Saas link-building strategy. Over the years, Google has mentioned the importance of backlinks as one of the important ranking factors. 

5 Methods To Do SaaS Link Building

Quality Guest Posts

Many might think guest posts are dead and not valuable for SEO. But, the truth is guest posts work well and are important for SEO. Contributing a guest post to a high authority website will give you credibility and help you in Saas link building. The important thing to know is to do guest posts in the relevant niche. Guest postings have changed over the years. It is more than just writing 500-word content.

Guest posts have become high-quality content. Through a guest post, you include a link naturally into the blog with relevant anchor texts

Adding target and secondary keywords in a guest post is important to help them rank higher in SERP. Quality guest posting can create a strong backlink profile for your website, eventually increasing organic traffic and Domain Ranking (DR). It also establishes a good long-term relationship with the site owner, who values great content and can help you build your backlink profile strong.

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Google Podcasts
Google Podcasts

According to this report, there are around 2 million podcasts in the market today. This means you will at least find one relevant podcast from your industry. The concept of podcast link building is similar to guest posting. 

In podcast link building, you become a guest speaker on a relevant or niche-specific industry podcast and get a backlink from that podcast.

Almost all podcasts have a website where they publish the podcast along with relevant content. In the same place, you can get your website link placement. The main important benefits of podcast link building are:

  • It doesn’t take as much time as writing a guest post.
  • It is easy to build homepage links through podcasts.
  • Increase your brand awareness and visibility.

As a SaaS company owner, being a podcast guest speaker is a good opportunity to talk about your product and its uniqueness and your industry experience that can help others.

HARO Strategy

Helping a reporter out (HARO) is an effective way of getting backlinks from high-quality websites. HARO is a website where they connect with hundreds of journalists and reporters who are looking for relevant quotes and answers on a wide range of topics. If you’re an expert in your niche, you can reply to their questions with relevant examples and can get a backlink from their high authority websites.

HARO official page
HARO official page

It is one of the popular Saas link building tools business owners use to talk about their business while promoting their products and unique strategies. 

To get started with HARO, you must create a HARO source account, choose your relevant topics, and get emails three times a day except on public holidays. The main benefit of HARO link building is getting industry exposure, high-quality links, and increased referral traffic.

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Shareable Links

Placing links that can be shared across platforms is an age-old method. But it still works! 

Links that you place on various social media channels and web pages will be shared by users if they find them useful. The links can lead to any page or product on your webpage. It can even be a blog post on your website.

Such shareable links are an effective SaaS link building technique and very useful in marketing your product across different platforms. Your product/service will get visibility when many users use the link that you have provided.

Part of your product or service can also be linked. When a user enters through the link, they find your full portfolio.

Shareable links are a great way to get conversions. You can optimize them properly to maximize their efficiency. 

  • Keep your links short and clean. Do not add abstract values inside your links.
  • Use your website or product name as much as possible to increase awareness.
  • Place links in social media channels to achieve maximum visibility.
  • Keep your content engaging so that users are guided to your website.
  • Fix broken links by regular inspection.

Use Answer Questions

Users ask a lot of questions on forums such as Quora, Reddit, and other online chat rooms. These questions can be about anything ranging from technical to nontechnical questions. 

So how do you leverage your business using this?

Google has always considered the EAT (Expertise-Authority-Trust) concept a major factor in ranking and authority. In order to build this, you should have relevant authority over the field of business or niche that you are involved in. To build such authority, you should be seen as an expert who can answer and solve users’ problems.

While it takes years to build a reputation through offline methods, answering user questions on online forums gives you the necessary authority and recognition in the online market. You can also naturally promote your product or service using this method.

Remember these points while considering such forums.

  • Provide specific and well-researched answers instead of generic ones.
  • Keep your language neutral and as lucid as possible.
  • Do not promote your product explicitly.
  • Link to pages for more information and authority to your answers.
  • Solve user problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best SaaS link building strategy?

There are different link building strategies. To know the best link building strategy for your company, you first have to evaluate the goals and the duration given for the link building campaigns. Based on various factors, the best Sass link building strategy can be devised.

2. How can I improve my Google SEO for free?

To improve your Google SEO for free, you can focus on creating more relevant, high-quality content. Your focus should also be on optimizing the content with all required on-page SEO tweaks (like metadata, URL, meta descriptions, and internal and external links).

In Conclusion

SaaS link building is very different from other common link building methods since it involves a huge amount of organic traffic requirements. Your service or product will not be visible on the market if it does not get the required amount of traffic or ranking. To enable this, your link building efforts should be focused on increasing your site authority and ranking through organic methods.

If your efforts are not ethical, your results, though fast, will be short-lived. Your clients or users’ trust in you will dwindle if you are penalized by Google for aberrant practices. 

To take your link building to the next level, contact us at Linkdoctor, and we will guide you.

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