Top 6 Paid Marketing Strategies For Your Business Growth

Get noticed by your target audience. The final result of every digital marketing campaign is to drive sales and generate leads. Growing your company organically is the most effective way. But organic marketing efforts take time to generate the result.

In recent times, it doesn’t take millions of dollars to do paid marketing campaigns. You can get desired results even with a small amount spent on paid marketing strategy and campaigns. To ensure the most of your return on investment (ROI), we will share here the most effective paid marketing strategies.

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What Is Paid Marketing?

While searching for anything with Google, especially any product or service, you have often seen “Ads” on top of the search results. These usually appear on the top or bottom of search results. Paid marketing starts when marketers pay for generating online traffic and leads. The traditional methods of paid marketing are billboards, print advertising, posters, etc. But with the evolution of digital marketing, paid marketing has been transformed into online advertising platforms.

Paid marketing is the digital advertising strategy that targets potential customers based on their search, interests, intent, and previous encounters with the brand to generate leads and traffic. One major advantage of paid marketing is that it can utilize multiple channels like social media platforms, search engine results pages (SERPs), or websites. In paid advertisements, marketers can also track the ad conversions and identify the marketing campaigns’ highs and lows.

Let’s look at the various strategies involved in Paid Marketing. You can use these to leverage your business.

6 Paid Marketing Strategies

6 Paid Marketing Strategies

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing works by the use of ads placed inside a webpage. These ads, when clicked by a user, generate leads. As a PPC marketer, you pay only when a user clicks your ads. PPC can help you generate leads on Google Ads as well.

The ads shown to the user can be as relevant as they can be, according to Google’s algorithm. Understand that the competition for this type of marketing is high and very competitive. Your pay-per-click cost might be expensive. But for starters, use Google Adwords or Bing Ads to kickstart your PPC journey. These are easy ways to get started with 

Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are mostly used in retail and eCommerce sectors. These ads display products when a user browses online for products. The list of products and their variants are displayed along the page for the benefit of the user. When the user clicks on a product, the advertiser will be charged for the ad.

These Ads help promote a brand or product more easily than actually bringing visitors to your page.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising targets mobile users who browse for products or applications. The ads are placed inside such applications for the user to view and click them. These ads are specifically built for mobile devices and are very effective in generating leads and conversions.

 This type of marketing is both future-proof and very effective. Your efforts toward mobile marketing should be a major part of your marketing campaigns, as the number of mobile users is constantly increasing.

Display Advertising

Google Display Network allows third-party ads to be placed for a fee. Such display networks include Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and such. These applications offer you space to place your ads. Since the traffic is usually high on such applications, your ads stand a chance of being seen and visited by a marginally higher group of people.

Such branding helps you generate a good amount of revenue since you can reach your target audience easily. You also have the option to pay for every click.

Video Marketing

Ever seen ads playing during a video on YouTube? This is what Video marketing is all about. You as a marketer are given the option to place ads on videos, helping your product reach the masses. Here the charging is done by Cost Per View.

Your marketing campaign’s success in Video Marketing depends on how interesting the video is and how many views it gets. For each view, you can be assured that your ads have been viewed once too. Video marketing helps in similar ways to ad placement but has a more powerful appeal to users because people are visually oriented, and a video will immediately connect. 


Remarketing is a campaign that is aimed at conversion. In this, you target only users who have already seen your product but have left without making a conversion or, in other words, without making a purchase or even clicking on anything on your site. As a remarketing target audience who have previously paid once, you can consider this as a second chance to convert them again. This is a good way to retain customers. 

Remarketing aims at fixing loopholes and issues in your interface so that your customers get another chance to buy your product. It can be done over various platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads, or LinkedIn ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the biggest advantage of paid search?

The biggest advantage of paid search is that it allows advertising for a target audience. Since paid advertising like PPC allows to bid for keywords that people are searching for and in trend, the potential of the audience clicking on the ad and visiting your website or product page is high.

Is paid search necessary for all businesses?

The use of paid search campaigns and advertising depends on the goals of businesses. You may not use paid search if you depend on growing your business solely on the organic campaign. But if you have a time limitation and result in goals to achieve, using the correct paid search strategy might boost your business in the right way.

Does paid search help organic search?

Yes, indirectly, paid search helps a brand’s organic search and reach too by increasing brand awareness.

In Summary

While all of these strategies produce quick results, be careful while choosing the desired strategy for each platform. When it comes to Pay-Per-Click marketing or PPC, the results are very quick, so be aware of the best practices to start measuring them. 

If you feel a campaign is not doing well, use different paid marketing methods to boost the campaign. For many, PPC is seen as a fast way out of a messy campaign. But remember, PPC should be used only to improve your return on investment and not to clear the mess caused by other campaigns. While starting a PPC campaign, it is always good to consult the experts to ensure your efforts align with your goals. We at LinkDoctor have professionals on staff to help you prioritize what is right when starting a campaign.

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