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The short answer is yes! It is never a good idea to test the patience of your website’s visitors. If your page takes considerable time to load, the user might not wait. This will increase your bounce rate significantly and affect your conversion rate. 

Page speed optimization also plays a role in the SEO of your website. Page speed is an important factor Google considers when serving the search results to the users.

Through page speed optimization services , you can easily enhance your user experience. A faster page will offer value to the user and give them the results they are looking for quickly. This will keep the user sticking around your website and help you bring more conversions.

page speed optimization services
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Enhances User Experience

From the visitors’ standpoint, they would expect the web pages to offer a faster and responsive experience. Making them wait for a long time will have a negative impact on the user experience. On the other hand, Better user experience leads to more traffic and more leads.

Better Conversions

The conversion rate of a website might range from downloading an ebook to signing up for a newsletter. These actions from the user’s side helps you in converting the user. But, a slow website might affect these actions. A faster website helps in maximizing sales.

Improves SERP Rankings

In 2018, Google announced that they also factor in page speed for SERP rankings. A faster page also affects the ranking in an indirect way by increasing the bounce rate and reducing the dwell time. Google improves the ranking of the pages that offer good user experience.

Why choose LinkDoctor for your page speed optimization services?

Page speed optimization helps you in reducing the bounce rate and improve your conversion rate. To ensure that your website loads up quickly we offer the following services:

Complete Website AuditTo look for ways to optimize your website, we first need to look into the current configuration of your website. This will give us an idea of the steps that we must take and ensures that we don’t leave any stones unturned.
Zero Downtime GuaranteeWe promise you that every optimization technique we perform to improve your page speed will in no way affect the functionality of your website. This means there is never any downtime for your website.
Extended Support
Even after the completion of our process, we help you with any queries and offer complete support for anything regarding our page speed optimization methods.
Maximum Website Speed Guarantee
We assure you that once we complete your project, your optimized website will reach its maximum potential in terms of page speed.
Fix for Google Page Insight Issue
Apart from our own analysis, we also work towards the issues from Google Page Insights and work on them to yield maximum results for your website.
Optimization for Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet
Our optimization techniques are not limited to just one device. We work to optimize your page speed across all devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablets.
Optimization for Core Web Vitals
The core web vitals are the main speed ranking factor for Google’s search results. We ensure that your website acquires the maximum possible scores.
CSS Optimizations
We also look in the CSS files to optimize your website. For instance, loading only the necessary files for specific pages and not any unused files. Combine to minimize CSS files and preload certain files to improve page speed.
JavaScript Optimization
Javascript plays a critical role in determining the speed of the page. For instance, we look into reducing the number of unused javascript files. Work on the loading scripts so that they do not hinder the website speed.
Image Optimization
The high quality images in a web page usually takes time to load completely. To handle this, we work towards optimizing the images and reducing their size and converting them into webp format to better performance.
Font Optimization
When it comes to font optimization, it all boils down to how efficiently we load the fonts. For instance, preloading the fonts helps with the page speed.
Fixing Render Blocking Issues
To improve the user experience we look into everything related to render blocking issues. This solves everything that makes the website load slower.
Server and Hosting
Fixing any issues related to server responsiveness and analyzing the server and recommend better server specs and host.
Server Compression
Through server compression, we can reduce the data sent between servers and help the user have a better experience by improving the load speed of the website.
Caching Enabling browser caching so that the resources of your website are stored locally. This will ensure that resources are loaded once again.
User Experience Optimization
Page speed contributes to the overall user experience. We work with every issue keeping in mind the user experience and enhancing them in the speed optimization process.
Configuring CDN
If your website uses CDN, we can help you with setting up and configuring CDN with the most optimal setting for better speed of your website.
Manual and Custom Optimization
Apart from all the optimization methods, we also work with the customized methods that are tailored for your website. Since each website comes with its own challenges, we work on manual solutions to improve the speed of the website.

Take a Look at Our Page Speed Optimization Services in Action

Through page speed optimization services, you can easily enhance your user experience. A faster page will offer value to the user and give them the results they are looking for quickly. This will keep the user sticking around your website and help you bring more conversions.

To gain an edge over their competitors, they had to do something to stand apart. After partnering with LinkDoctor, they saw an enormous increase in their page speed. 300% increase in page speed for desktop and 150% increase in the mobile page. After this, Just Creative saw an increase in their sales, and now they need not worry about their competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Page speed optimization is the process of reducing the webpage’s load time, thereby improving the visitor’s experience. To achieve this, you must have a complete analysis of your page and work on different ways to improve your page speed.

The first issue with a page that takes a long time to load is that it affects the user experience. This will lead to a higher bounce rate and decrease the number of your qualified leads.

The page load time refers to the time it takes for a page to fully load all its content. On the other hand, the time to first byte refers to the time it takes the browser to receive the first byte of information from your server.

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