Monthly Link Building Service: How to Choose One?

Links have been a staple ranking factor for Google. But, high-quality links are very hard to find. At some point, you’ll have to outsource link building. A monthly link building service is ideal if you only need assistance for a short time.

But these services don’t have the same outlook regarding high-quality links. You still have to evaluate the service before you outsource them. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right monthly link building service for your business.

First, let’s discuss the factors you need to consider when choosing a monthly link building service.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Monthly Link Building Service

Think of it as a monthly subscription to a service. When subscribing to a monthly link building service, you have to check certain factors. This ensures that you’re getting a quality service for what you’re paying for.

Here are the factors you need to look for in a good monthly link building service:

1. Budget

First, you have to consider if you have the budget to pay for their service monthly. If you’re paying for it monthly, make sure that you can spare some budget. There are affordable link building agencies that deliver real high-quality backlinks.

“So to summarize – You can expect to pay between $100-$250 per hour or $2000 – $8000 per month on average.”

LinkDoctor LLC

These agencies allow you to choose from a variety of subscription plans. Some agencies even allow you to mix and match different services for your plan. You can choose whatever combination will fit both your requirements and your budget.

2. Link Building Strategy They Employ

If you’re getting low quality links for a cheap price, it’s better not to employ their services at all. Low quality links can get your website in trouble instead of helping it rank on SERPs. That’s why you have to inspect the link building strategy they will employ to gain backlinks for your site.

Make sure that the service you’ll choose employs white hat link building strategies. Choose content services over link building services to get authentic links from real websites. Blogger outreach service is a good way to earn the high-quality links you need to rank.

3. Number and Type of Links

The number and the type of links you’re getting are crucial when it comes to link building. First, the number of links you’ll get in a month will be a determinant for your link velocity. A high link velocity might look suspicious for Google.

The type of links you’re getting is also important in finding a monthly link building service. The ratio between the dofollow and nofollow links matters when it comes to high-quality backlinks. An abnormally high number of dofollow links can send a negative signal to search engines and can look suspicious.

Therefore, a good monthly link building service should be:

  • Aware of the dofollow vs. nofollow ratio that’s healthy for a website.
  • Maintains an average link velocity to avoid getting marked as spam.

4. Relevance of Anchor Text to Your URL

A good monthly link building service will choose an anchor text that’s relevant to your URL. A better service will let you choose an anchor text of your own. You should choose the one that can adjust depending on your specifications.

A content link building service should be able to make high-quality content that’s relevant for both sides. They should be able to adjust the content they create depending on your URL requirements. This way, the backlinks they produce won’t hurt your website’s SEO.

5. Timeline

Since you’re only subscribing monthly, you must also check if the agency can meet the timeline you set. They must be able to deliver the number of links required from them in due time.

But a good result in link building is elusive. You must set realistic expectations from the link building agency to make sure that it is attainable. A good monthly link building service knows how hard link building is. They won’t promise a result that’s not realistic.

As long as you’re getting high-quality links in a timely fashion, you’re in the hands of a good monthly link building service. They must have a monthly report of the links they’ve built to keep you updated.

Tips to Find a Good Monthly Link Building Service

Tip #1:

Make sure that the monthly link building service is transparent with their results. The reports you get from them must reflect the results you see from your site audit. They make sure that you’re getting what you paid for.

Tip #2:

Communication is important to reach a common goal. A good link building agency communicates clearly with its client. If they’re hiding something from you, you may not have the same interests in mind.

Tip #3:

Instant success is not a good sign of a quality link building service. Make sure that they are promising you something real. Don’t get enticed by fancy false promises they make for marketing. It’s always a good idea to check customer reviews to see how they operate.

Tip #4:

If they hold themselves accountable from the day you signed up for their services, you’re in good hands. Link building gives no definite results, and downhill slopes are common in the job. But it gives you more comfort knowing that they can recognize their errors and make a new strategy to recover from them.

Tip #5:

They disagree with you if they think it’s not attainable. If there are flaws in your plan, they’re not afraid to point it out to smooth it – not to humiliate you. If they give honest feedback, it means that they clearly know what they’re doing.


1. Is Link Building effective and worth it?

Yes, in order for any website to attain visibility and presence in the market, you need to build links to your website. Also, this promotes healthy competition and harmony among businesses.

2. Can you rank on Google without backlinks?

Yes, you can. But your progress will be slow since you won’t have authority or value to your site from external sources.

3. What are high-quality backlinks?

High-quality backlinks are relevant, natural, and highly reputable. These add value to sites more than normal ones. Always make sure to get high-quality backlinks.

Final Word

Getting a link building agency to help you rank higher and gain organic traffic is a great way to outrank your competitors. You can hire an agency monthly until you reach your goal. However, you have to choose a good monthly link building service out of the bunch.

These qualities are the ones you should look out for when choosing a monthly link building service. LinkDoctor™ possesses these qualities to make your plans happen. We hope that this article will help you choose the right monthly link building service you need for your business.

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