Monthly Link Building Service: How to Pick the Right One?

Building high-quality backlinks is essential for good SEO and ranking higher in search results. However, creating and acquiring editorial links from reputable sites takes considerable time and expertise. That’s why many businesses invest in ongoing link building services. But how do you pick the right monthly link building service to meet your needs? This article provides critical factors to consider.


Backlinks are among Google’s and other search engines’ most influential ranking factors. Studies consistently show pages with more backlinks, especially from authoritative domains, tend to rank higher in results.

However, effective link-building is complex, time-intensive work. 91% of all web pages have zero organic search traffic from Google, largely due to a lack of quality backlinks pointing to them.

With the level of effort involved, it makes sense why 35% of businesses outsource their link building to an agency or service provider. Doing so allows access to link-building experts, tools, and resources you likely lack in-house.

While one-off link purchases can get expensive, monthly link-building services provide a cost-effective, ongoing solution for acquiring contextual, editorially-placed backlinks. However, not all services are created equal.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Monthly Link Building Service

Factors to Consider

What to Look For

What to Avoid

Questions to Ask


Services aligned with your budget range

Very low-priced services that may offer low-quality links

What are the pricing tiers and what is included?


Clear pricing structure with no hidden fees


Can I customize my plan based on my budget?

Link Quality

Editorial, contextual links from high authority sites

Services promising links from low-quality or irrelevant sites

Can you provide examples of past placements?


Relevant placements in reputable publications


How do you ensure the quality of the links?

Communication and Transparency

Frequent and open communication

Lack of transparency in reporting and communication

How often will I receive updates on progress?


Detailed reporting on all link placements


Can I request audits of your work?

Realistic Expectations

Realistic timeframes and projections

Services promising unrealistic results overnight

What is the average timeframe for results?


Clear understanding of the work involved


What can I expect in terms of monthly link growth?

Monthly Reporting

Data-rich, well-organized reports

Inconsistent or incomplete reporting

What metrics will be included in the reports?


Tracking of month-over-month link growth


How often will I receive reports?

When researching services, pay close attention to these key factors:


linkbuilding service

1. Budget

Link building services range widely in terms of monthly costs. Studies show that 34% of businesses spend up to $1000 monthly on links, while 20% have budgets between $5000-$10,000.

Generally, higher monthly fees reflect placements in more authoritative, reputable publications versus low-quality directories. The quality and level of link placements usually align with the monthly investment.

Be wary of services with prices that seem too good to be true. Very low monthly fees likely indicate low-quality links that could hurt your site.

Have a clear budget in mind and look for a service that offers quality links aligned with what you can afford long-term. Remember that subscriptions often require a commitment of 3-6 months to see results.

2. Link Quality

Carefully vet the types of links any prospective service will build and acquire on your behalf. Prioritize services focused on obtaining editorial, contextual links within high domain authority and reputable publications that are topically relevant to your industry and website.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the domain authority of the sites your links are placed on, the better in terms of SEO value. Avoid services that promise links from low-quality, irrelevant sites and directories.

Review examples of actual placements the service has made to validate the quality and relevance of sites they can place links on. Ask about the process for finding quality linking opportunities in your niche. Good services take time to deeply research relevant, high-authority sites.

3. Communication and Transparency

Choose a service that communicates frequently and openly with customers. This ensures proper alignment between your goals and expectations and the monthly links they build and acquire.

Similarly, opt for transparent services willing to provide detailed reporting on all link placements and allow periodic audits of their work. Clear communication and transparency build trust in the service and ensure you fully understand where links come from and what anchors and contexts are used.

4. Realistic Expectations

Be wary of any service promising unreasonable quantities of top-tier links from authoritative domains overnight. Quality link building takes time. Make sure your expectations align.

A good service will be upfront about average timeframes, work involved, and realistic monthly link results based on your niche and budget. Ask detailed questions to determine if the service’s projections for your link building campaign are achievable or exaggerated.

5. Custom Strategies and Campaigns

Your website isn’t a cookie-cutter, so why should your link-building strategy be? The magic happens when the service you pick takes the time to tailor a strategy that fits your website like a glove. This personalized touch ensures that every link adds real value.

Insist on a custom strategy session. It’s the foundation of a link-building campaign that actually makes a difference.

6. Monthly Reporting

Ongoing monthly reports on links obtained, anchor text used, and placement context and site relevancy are crucial. Reports should provide the transparency needed to validate the service’s work and progress.

Reports should also track month-over-month link growth and highlight top placements. Data-rich, well-organized reports allow you to monitor campaign progress and quickly flag any issues needing attention.

7. Excellent Customer Support

Great customer support can turn a good service into a great one. Knowing there’s someone you can reach out to, who will listen and help, makes all the difference. It’s about having that safety net, ensuring your concerns are always addressed.

Tips for Finding the Right Monthly Link Building Service

Follow these tips when researching and comparing potential link building service providers:

  • Verify Examples of Actual Links Placed: A quality service should be able to provide real examples of links they previously placed on websites relevant to your niche with high domain authority. Review placements across a variety of sites and topics.
  • Look for Detailed Case Studies: Reputable services should have case studies demonstrating successful link building campaigns, ideally indicating metrics like increased organic traffic and search rankings over time. Evaluate the comprehensiveness of their case studies.
  • Ask About Reporting Practices: Make sure the service provides regular, detailed reports on the links acquired, including domains, anchor text, context, etc., to justify the monthly costs. Reports should be clear, data-rich, and on a set schedule.
  • Check Online Reviews Extensively: Favorably reviewed services with happy customer testimonials indicate satisfied clients who achieved tangible link building results. But also look for critical reviews and beware of services with no reviews.
  • Interrogate Any Extraordinary Claims: Dig deeper into any service that makes extraordinary claims about placements or unrealistic results. Do due diligence to determine legitimacy. Ask for proof.
  • Closely Evaluate Communication: The right service should communicate frequently to align efforts with your goals and proactively address any concerns. Slow response times or poor communication is a major red flag.

In my SEO experience, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of link-building agencies. The right agency can be a valuable partner in your SEO journey, but choosing poorly can set you back significantly.

Look for transparency in their methods, a clear track record of success, and genuine testimonials. Ask potential agencies about their approach to link quality, their process for identifying link opportunities, and how they measure success. An agency that hesitates to share its methods or lacks clear success stories may not be the partner you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is a monthly link building service?

It is a subscription-based service that continuously builds and acquires new high-quality, contextual backlinks from reputable sites. It helps increase your website's domain authority, search visibility, and organic traffic over time.

2. How much do most monthly link building services cost?

The investment varies considerably based on factors like link quality, quantity, and competition in your space. Most fall between $1000 to $5000 monthly. Costs rise significantly for tier 1 link placements on the highest authority and traffic domain properties.


3. When can I expect to see results from a monthly link building service?

Building natural links at scale takes time for their positive effects to be fully reflected in search engine results. Plan for an initial 3-6 month investment before seeing substantial rankings and organic site traffic movement.


Selecting the right monthly link building service is crucial for enhancing your website’s SEO and ranking performance. By considering factors such as budget, link quality, communication transparency, and realistic expectations, you can make an informed decision that yields tangible results. 

Remember to verify examples of past placements, scrutinize case studies, and check online reviews before committing. Choose a service that aligns with your goals, communicates effectively, and provides transparent reporting to ensure a successful link-building campaign. Take the necessary steps today to elevate your online presence and drive long-term growth.


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