Link Insertion: How to Properly Implement It

Link insertion is the technique of adding your website’s relevant link to another website through outreach campaigns. Digital marketing has been around for a while now, and as technology continues to evolve, so do the digital marketing strategies you can implement and apply to your business or organization.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, one of the most effective techniques under the digital marketing umbrella, involves a lot of link building. This is the process of creating a network of links that point back to your website.

This process helps you tap a new pool of potential clients. Additionally, a good link building strategy contributes to making search engines view you as a credible and trustworthy source of information. Ultimately, link building positively impacts your marketing efforts.

Link building is not limited to one definite strategy as obtaining backlinks can be done in many ways. One of the easiest ways to do link building is through link insertion.

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What Is Link Insertion?

Link insertion is the placement of a link into already published content. As mentioned, it is part of the bigger link building process. This is carried out by manually reaching out to owners of websites that are relevant to your niche.

Proper link insertion is beneficial to both the website owner and the one getting the backlink. It is beneficial to the owner of the original content as it improves the reader experience. When there are highly relevant links throughout the content, it serves as supplementary information to the reader. This offers more learning and positively impacts the business.

As for the business implementing link building, acquiring more backlinks is needed for a good SEO strategy. Search engines favor website content with more backlinks. When your content is linked to different websites, it can be assumed that your published content is highly-informative and credible. Therefore, search engine ranking algorithms see this as a positive factor when ranking websites for various keywords.

Link insertion may seem easy as it is not as technical as other link building techniques. However, a poorly done link insertion could cause problems. In fact, link insertion, if not done correctly, can be harmful to your website’s ranking in the long run.

How to Properly Implement Link Insertion

1. Find Relevant Content

A good link building strategy is highly dependent on the relevance of the website you are getting a backlink from. So you start your link insertion process by identifying websites relevant to what you are offering.

Let’s say you are offering hiking gear. Relevant websites to your product can be outdoor lifestyles, tourism sites, travel agencies, and even fashion websites. Sticking to relevant websites will ensure that you can get a natural-looking backlink.

Note that link insertion is not limited to published articles. You can also get a backlink from social media posts, videos, and even podcasts as long as it is related to your niche.

When you have identified such websites, check the domain authority to make sure that the website you are linking from is reputable. 

2. Choose Between Paid or Unpaid Link Insertion

There are different ways you can convince a website owner to give you a backlink. You can usually find good-quality backlinks from websites that offer paid services. 

Websites offering paid guest posting will most likely offer paid link insertion as well. When reaching out to a website owner, make sure that your message sounds professional. Include a good greeting in your message and state your purpose. Mention the relevance of their website to yours and why you are eyeing their site as a potential backlink source. Do not beat around the bush to avoid wasting their time. A lengthy message could negatively impact the likelihood of you getting a backlink.

Once they have named their price, it does not hurt to bargain. Most pay-for-link websites offer lower link insertion rates compared to paid guest posting. The reason is that link insertion is easier for the site to implement.

There are also websites that offer free link insertion as long as your site has high-quality content. 

Take note that, on both types of deals, you must always ensure that your site has high-quality content. The quality of content highly influences the way search engines rank your website.

Link Insertion - How to Implement
Link Insertion – How to Implement

3. Linking the Right Keyword

Once you have closed the deal, another thing to carefully consider is the keyword you are linking to. With this, we go back to the first step of a good link insertion process. You can only find the right keywords on sites that are related to your products or services.

You cannot trick your way around linking top irrelevant keywords. This will be harmful to the website you are getting the backlink from and to yours as well.

If your content is about hiking boots, relevant keywords would be “boots”, “hiking shoes”, “hiking boots”, and the like.

4. Monitor Your Links

Continuously monitoring your links is also an important part of a good link building strategy. The overall quality of websites can depreciate if they are not continuously managed correctly. So, a website may be beneficial now but harmful after a few months. Therefore you have to regularly check the placement of your backlinks. 

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Prioritize Reader Experience

When it comes to link insertions, the overall effect of your backlink should be considered. This includes making sure that your linked content is actually helpful to the user.

When users click on your link, the content you’ve provided should offer more insights, information, or a new angle to the content they found your link from.

Quality OveOther Things to Keep in Mindr Quantity

Not all link insertions are beneficial. That is why it is important to make sure that you only get backlinks from authoritative and credible websites

Backlinks from websites that are not really informative or helpful will do you more harm than good. These kinds of websites include those that have scandalous content, fake claims, and other malicious materials.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does link insertion cost?

The costs of link insertion vary from website to website. Usually, link insertion is cheaper than other link building strategies, such as guest posting. The reason behind this is that link insertion is easier to do for both parties. Inserting a link on already published content takes less time than publishing whole new material.

There are websites that offer link insertion for free as long as your content meets their standards.

2. Is link insertion worth it?

In today’s digital marketing world, link building, which includes link insertion, proves to be one of the most cost-efficient strategies for building your online presence. 

3. Aside from link insertion, what are other link building strategies?

You can also venture into guest posting, reclaiming broken links, and finding unlinked brand mentions. 

Take Aways

Link building strategies such as link insertion are an important part of any digital marketing campaign. Getting backlinks is a sure way of improving your chances of getting a high ranking in search engines. However, for link insertion and other techniques to be effective, they should be done with careful planning and execution.

The effectiveness of link insertion, one of the easiest link building techniques, is highly influenced by the relevance of the website you are inserting your link. Make sure that these websites are relevant to your niche and are credible. Remember that not all websites will be beneficial in your marketing efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your link building today!  

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