Best 4 Strategies: Link Building Tips for Oil and Gas Companies

The oil and gas industry is competitive. Oil prices constantly fluctuate, complex regulations are everywhere, and public pressure to adopt greener exists. This is why oil and gas companies must continuously adapt and innovate to succeed.

In this complex landscape, having an effective digital marketing strategy is crucial. Link building tips are integral to digital marketing for the oil and gas sector.

Why Linking Matters for Oil and Gas Firms

Backlinks are one of Google’s top ranking factors. The more quality build links your resource page or website has, the higher it will rank in search engines.

For competitive niches like oil and gas, link building tips are especially important. According to one survey, 97% of online marketers say links helped improve search engine rankings.

With more site traffic and visibility, companies can reach wider audiences, generate more leads, and ultimately drive more significant revenue.

Link Building Tips and Strategies for the Energy Sector

When creating a link building campaign, oil and gas firms must tailor their broken link building tips and strategy to industry specifics. Here are some of the most effective link building tips to include in your building links for oil and gas companies.

Link Building Tips

Content Creation

Content creation lays the foundation for linkable assets. By doing original research, keyword research, and publishing in-depth and insightful blog posts, ebooks, case studies, and more on the relevant pages of your site only, other reputable sites may naturally link back to your content if they find it valuable.

Link building tips play a crucial role in optimizing the digital visibility of these companies. When implementing link building tips, it’s crucial to focus on high-quality user generated content creation that naturally incorporates relevant anchor text. Anchor text serves as a clickable hyperlink, signaling search engines about the content’s context and relevance.

According to one study, blogs with high quality links seem to earn links, and lost backlinks now account for 67% of the best backlinks compared to just 46% of build backlinks in 2011. Quality content works for SEO and branding.

Resource Pages

Having pages or resource pages dedicated to generating backlinks pointing to resources like glossaries, industry reports, how-to guides, and link building tips can also bring in links while establishing a link to your website or referring domains to your company link’s position as an authority closely related.

Consider developing content around trending topics and concerns in the energy sector. This may include emerging technologies, decarbonization efforts, sustainability issues, geopolitical analysis, safety procedures, etc. This helps position your firm at the forefront of the industry conversation.

Guest Post Outreach

Guest posting on popular blogs relevant websites, and industry news sites helps expand your audience, raises brand visibility, and can ea high-quality backlinks back to the linking page of your blog comments nofollow links, or the link embedded in your blog post from relevant sites.

Identify reputable sites accepting contributor guest posts, and pitch ideas to accept guest posts that align with their content focus and audience interests. With compelling guest post pitches now, you may secure opportunities to get your own blog post and guest post published while linking more backlinks to link-worthy content on your company site.

According to Moz, about 58% of digital marketers say guest blogging and posting help earn the links they value most. It seems that guest posting and blogging offer excellent bang for the buck.

Local Linking

For oil and gas companies operating sites or facilities in specific regions, incorporating local efforts most site owners can have a significant impact. Effective link building tips are essential for oil and gas companies to establish a robust online presence and enhance their industry authority, especially when incorporating local linking strategies.

Having citations from site owners and listings on the site’s relevance and following directories sites helps build links to location-authoritative site-specific authority signals.

  • Google My Business
  • Community websites
  • Local association pages
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Relevant aggregate websites

According to BrightLocal, 97% of consumers searched for local businesses online in 2020, so local SEO is incredibly beneficial.

Case Study: Enterprise Products Partners

Enterprise Products Partners is one of North America’s largest midstream energy services companies. They utilized several content marketing, creation, and link building tips and strategies with fantastic results:

  • They regularly publish unique and insightful posts on their website blog.
  • They also create in-depth ebooks and case studies, which they promote across social media.
  • These assets have brought in over 800 referring domains to their site organically.
  • Their domain authority grew by over 35 points through content promotion and backlinks in 2 years.

The proof shows significant results. With innovative SEO strategies and link building tips oil and gas firms can strengthen their presence and become industry thought leaders.

Overcoming Linking Challenges

Of course, a successful campaign has its challenges. Here are some common obstacles energy companies face:

  • Limited high-quality sites to obtain backlinks from in an SEO niche industry
  • Strict marketing budgets that prohibit paid opportunities
  • Low domain authority sites struggling to earn backlinks
  • Refining outreach tactics and follow-up sequences effectively

However, there are many lost links and many broken links to other sites with reclaiming lost links and ways to navigate these broken pages.

Leveraging SEO Tools and Resources

The right SEO tool and link building tips can help streamline campaigns by:

  • Identifying link-building prospects automatically
  • Organizing outreach workflows
  • Providing analytics on link metrics
  • Monitoring rankings and traffic

Tools like Ahrefs, Buzzstream, and SEMrush have robust capabilities to uncover opportunities and track SEO success.

For smaller teams with restricted budgets, free browser extensions like Linkody also help manage outreach. Resources like Moz and Backlinko offer excellent educational materials as well.

Investing in the right software or leveraging free materials accelerates progress.

The Importance of Local Linking

Local linking should be part of the strategy for companies focusing on particular regions.

Citations and listings on region-specific business directories like Manta help build localized trust signals and serve advertising purposes. It highlights critical details like service areas, contacts, and offerings to attract nearby customers.

According to Google Trends data, user searches for businesses in the oil and gas industry surged by 249% from 2018-2021, underlining the growing reliance on digital discovery.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

Backlinks also offer a site owner a unique avenue to promote a site owner or company’s adoption of sustainable practices.

As environmental concerns grow globally, showcasing efforts around the following can build a brand reputation:

  • Renewable energy expansion
  • Emission reduction targets
  • Nature conservation partnerships
  • Community development initiatives

With over 80% of internet users considering sustainability when making purchases, this is meaningful from an attraction and retention perspective.

It’s essential to publish blog posts highlighting achievements, partner testimonials, and awards in evolving sustainability commitments. This makes customers and the public aware of oil and gas companies’ efforts. Other websites linking to these assets amplify awareness further.

Tracking Return on Investment

Linking for oil and gas companies ultimately elevates search rankings and increases sales revenue. Analyzing the ROI is critical to optimizing efforts. Metrics to track include:

  • Total backlinks obtained quarter-over-quarter
  • Referring to domain numbers indicating authority/diversity
  • Organic traffic driven from different campaigns
  • Conversion rates from landing pages and assets
  • Lead generation tied to link-building content

Software like Google Analytics, Search Console, and CallRail offer data visualization tools to connect the dots. Evaluating metrics helps focus link-building resources around the highest-converting channels.


Solid link building tips for oil and gas companies are critical to strengthening digital visibility and accessing wider audiences online.

But link building tips extend beyond just search engine optimization. It offers avenues to generate links and new links for greater brand awareness and lead generation and showcases evolving sustainability commitments.

Companies must tailor campaigns based on specific objectives, from localized citations to broken pages to building broken links to competitors websites to strategic guest posting to measuring conversions.

By consistently applying these link building tips, oil and gas firms can establish themselves as genuine authorities by consistently producing compelling assets and engaging their target audience through websites. It can also help maximize link building ROI in the long run.

The future looks bright for those investing in digital today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should be the linking end goal for energy firms?

The next link to your site-building goal for oil and gas companies should be increased revenue and sales. With more site visibility and leads generated, companies can ultimately drive higher ROIs through conversions.

How can companies with smaller budgets conduct link building? 

Oil and gas firms can leverage free SEO tools like Linkody browser extensions and educational resources like Moz and Backlinko for DIY broken link building tips and prospecting. Content creation and local citation link building tips can also get results for lower costs.

3. How do links build awareness of sustainability in the energy sector?

Links to specific successes, like renewable energy adoption and emission reduction data, provide concrete proof for the public of the sustainability progress made by the company. This drives greater awareness and consideration.  

What data points signal an effective link-building strategy?

Metrics beyond links that indicate a successful link-building strategy include growth in the referral traffic, decreases in bounce rates, and higher average time on site. Watch out for increased branded search volumes boost organic traffic, and expand social media followers.

5. Which links are most valuable for the ranking algorithms? 

The most relevant page valuable links for search algorithms identify links that provide authoritative, relevant, and relevant links and high-quality recommendations from trusted websites. Securing backlinks from industry leaders and publications is ideal for rankings.

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