43 Best SEO and Link Building Statistics

Link building statistics help you to understand the impact of link-building on business. Link-building strategy is about understanding the requirements of search engines and building an action plan that will provide us with the maximum ROI for our digital marketing plans. These link building statistics will help you in building one for your requirements.

Link building is one of the most effective SEO strategies that help provide a trust factor to help drive more clicks to your webpage.

While building links is a surefire way to improve your authority and generate traffic, it is necessary to keep in mind that many factors determine whether a link is good for you or not.

Additionally, having a perspective on the statistics regarding the link-building efforts, ideas of digital marketers, the role of content marketing, and the types of content that drives more clicks will help you get a clear perspective on your website stands. It will also help you analyze the gaps in your website’s SEO strategy.

The following are some of the statistics you need to know to make an informed decision about your SEO and link-building campaigns.

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SEO and Link Building Statistics

Link Building Statistics - Subnets Ranking
Link Building Statistics – Subnets Ranking
  1. As of July 2022, Google.com ranked first among the domains with the most referring subnets worldwide. While Facebook.com and YouTube.com ranked second and third place, respectively. (Source: Statista)
  2. Did you know that the SEO industry is expected to grow to 80 billion by 2022? (Source: Contentedge)
  3. According to experts, the third most important SEO factor is link building, while the first two are content and keywords. (Source: Databox)
  4. It is estimated that the link-building cost of almost 40% of the business is around $1000 and $5000 every month. (Source: uSERP)
  5. On average, the top-ranking pages on Google search results have over 3.8 times more backlinks. (Source: Backlinko)
  6. Even though backlinking is one of the most important ranking factors, approximately almost two-thirds of the websites do not have any backlinks. (Source: Ahrefs)
  7. Up to 89% of marketers create content with the goal of building backlinks for them. (Source: Aira)
  8. A few of the important factors to determine about link building are unique root domains, domain authority, website traffic, content quality, and the relevance of the content for your niche. (Source: uSERP)
  9. When it comes to content, long-form content generates 77.2% more backlinks when compared to short-form content. (Source: Backlinko)
  10. 56.2% of SEO experts believe that both link quality and link quantity plays a major role in SERP rankings. (Source: uSERP)
  11. A reciprocal link is when site A links to site B, and in turn site B links back to site A. According to Ahrefs, almost 50% of the top-ranking pages have reciprocal links. (Source: Ahrefs)
  12. 60% of the bloggers say that they work on 1 to 5 guest blogs per month to generate backlinks. (Source: Ranktracker)
  13. According to 65% of marketers, Domain authority is the most important metric to consider when building backlinks. (Source: uSERP)
  14. It is found out that websites with more unique root domains outrank websites with fewer unique root domains. (Source: Backlinko)
  15. 65% of digital marketers believe that link building is the hardest part of an SEO strategy. (SEO Tribunal)
  16. Listicles generate more unique backlinks when compared to any other blog post content type. (Source: Moz)
  17. Anchor texts that are an exact match are much more effective than anchor texts that are not an exact match (Source: Ahrefs)
  18. Among all the web pages only 2.2% of the pages produce more than one unique backlink (Source: uSERP)
  19. More than 60% of businesses outsource their link-building efforts to agencies. (Source: uSERP)
  20. When it comes to web traffic, Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps contribute to about 92.96% of global traffic. (Source: SparkToro)
  21. 91.94% of the search engine market share is owned by Google. (Source: Statcounter)
  22. The click-through rate (CTR) of the first ranking page in Google search results page is about 34.2% (Source: Sistrix)
  23. It is estimated that the search engine optimization of a can result in the business value of a blog visit by 429% (Source: Terakeet)
  24. 51% of SEO experts believe that adding 2-3 internal links to a blog post is a good practice. (Source: Mycodelesswebsite)
  25. When it comes to link building, Google search console is the most used tool at 42.3% followed by Buzzstream (14.8%) and Ahrefs (8.5%) (Source: Mycodelesswebsite)
  26. 51% of marketers believe that it takes about 1-3 months to get the results of link-building efforts. (Source: Aira)
  27. 38% of marketers believe that page rankings are the top KPI to consider to measure their link-building efforts. (Source: Aira)
  28. About 42% of the people spend equal time building both internal links as well as external links. (Source: Aira)
  29. When compared to video and “How-to” posts, “Why” posts, “What” posts, and infographics posts received 25.8% more backlinks.
  30. The ROI for Search engine optimization can be as high as 12.2x the marketing spend. (Source: Terakeet)
  31. Organic traffic from SEO is more than 1000% higher than organic traffic from social media. (Source: BrightEdge)
  32. More than any other channel, B2B companies generate 2x more revenue from organic search traffic. (Source: BrightEdge)
  33. 1,447 is the average word count of the content that ranks in the top 10 Google search results. (Source: Backlinko)
  34. When it comes to articles, the average word count for top pages in Google is 2,416. (Source: serpIQ)
  35. 32% of all the clicks go to the first result in Google Search. (Source: Backlinko)
  36. 65% of the entire searches receive zero clicks. (Source: Backlinko)
  37. 53% of US consumers make use of search engines to conduct research before buying a product. (Source: Google)
  38. Most of the websites for small businesses fail to include an H1 tag almost 25% of the time. (Source: Think With Google)
  39. 49% of marketers believe that using videos in a digital marketing strategy generates faster revenue growth. (Source: WordStream)
  40. Having a strong backlink profile helps in increasing the website ranking through voice search. (Source: Backlinko)
  41. More than 50% of smartphone users have discovered a new brand through mobile search. (Source: Google)
  42. 63% of businesses believe that buying links has a positive effect on their rankings. (Source: Aira)
  43. 85% of marketers believe that link building is more important for brand building. (Source: uSERP)
Link Building > Brand Building
Link Building > Brand Building

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the pricing to build backlinks for websites?

Link building prices depends on a lot of factors like quality of the backlink and the quantity as per requirement. The amount may vary from $100 – $1500 per link and can cost you upto $20000 per month to run a campaign.

2. What are the best practices for link building?

Important points to note while building backlinks for websites are
1. The choice of keyword for your anchor text
2. Authority of the linking website
3. Content relevance
4. Quality of backlinks is a must

Wrapping Up

The above SEO and link building statistics will help you in creating a strategy that will see you maximize your SEO results for your websites. From the statistics, it is safe to say that any websites that work on building strong backlinks for your website are already ahead of the website that has no backlinks for their web pages.

It is also necessary to take into consideration the perspectives of SEO experts and digital marketers. It will provide you with a clear pathway of all the tactics you need to consider for a better link-building strategy.

These link building statistics will help you with keeping track of your spending, the time it takes to see the results of your link-building efforts, the length of your content, and the web pages that rank in the top results.

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