How Link Building for Startups Can Prove to be a Game Changer

Link building for startups is the right marketing strategy if you want to build your business. It’s the era of startups as the rate of entrepreneurship continues to rise in many parts of the world. Since the online market is such a large and expandable option for any modern business, it’s a must-explore frontier for startups to help them find their feet in the market.

But startups have a different challenge when it comes to penetrating the market. Ask any startup owner, and they will tell you how difficult it is to acquire the initial customers and create links in the industry.

More importantly, the digital marketplace demands measures like link building for startups to ensure a better SERP ranking, allowing them to appear in the top search results.

Use of Link Building for Startups

Startups continually face dealing with experienced competitors in any business niche. These businesses usually capture the top search result pages because of highly optimized content on their websites. 3 out of 4 searchers on Google don’t even go to the second page of search results.

Therefore, to survive and flourish in such an environment, your web content must appear in top search results and‌ provide high value to the readers. This is where link building becomes so crucial for startups.

High-quality links are one of the most critical parameters contributing to a higher ranking in search results. Traditionally, link building has helped businesses with:

  • Improving organic traffic on their website.
  • Ensuring better SEO for higher ranking on search engines.
  • Adding more quality to the content by linking to authentic websites.
  • Target a wider audience by linking different marketing channels to the web content.

Muzigal, a global music learning platform, experienced a 600% increase in organic keyword volumes within the first few months from having started Link Building and a 193% increase in organic web traffic.

But what exactly is it that makes link building for startups so important? Here are some reasons to consider.

Link Building Contributes to Website Ranking

It isn’t easy to rank among the top results as a startup because your services don’t have any reviews or customer feedback. So, Google would need something of substance if it must rank your page among the top search results.

More importantly, it’s not just about appearing on the top page. Instead, your position will play a critical role in how many clicks you get. A study suggests that the top search result on Google receives one-third of all the clicks. The second result gets about 18 percent clicks.

Since link building directly affects your SERP ranking, you have a better chance of getting at the top with high-quality link building in your content.

The better your rank, the more visitors you can expect, and that’s all you want as a startup.

Enhance SEO Quality

Google looks at the quality of backlinks in your content. So, it’s not just about how many links you add but the value that each link brings to your content. Therefore, having authoritative and popular websites as links in your content can significantly impact link building for startups.

On top of that, because startups are new in the industry, they need to build more valuable links in their content. Here, reciprocal linking becomes very useful. When you link reciprocally with a renowned business of your niche, you can get some of their traffic onto your website.

Including more authoritative links to your content will quickly grow your reputation and, thereby, your SEO score.

Startups Need Organic Traffic, and Link Building Can Give That

Understandably, when your website has a good ranking and more appearances in search results, your website’s organic traffic will also grow. That’s precisely what you want as a startup because you are yet to receive recurring customers.

But getting organic traffic is tough for startups because customers don’t just trust a new product straight away. But with link building for startups, your content becomes more engaging.

Best Practices in Link Building for Startups

The benefits of link building for startups are immense. But what are the best practices to integrate link building to your existing or upcoming content? Here are a few ideas that can help startups.

Focus on Content Quality

You can’t look past content quality even when you have high-quality link building and backlinks in your content. Sometimes, low-quality content overshadows even the most effective backlinks in your content.

An effective content marketing strategy is a must-have if you want to target search engine results pages (SERPs). It will involve intense research on competitors, trending topics, popular approaches towards a given topic, etc.

NoFollow and DoFollow Links

If you think your content links aren’t reputable, the first thing to do is to replace them. However, you can work your way around it without removing the link. You can give your vote as to whether Google should follow your mentioned link or not.

So add a ‘nofollow’ attribute to the content links given in your content. This way, Google would know that the given link doesn’t need to be followed.

Likewise, use the ‘dofollow’ attribute with the linked content to make sure that Google follows the high-quality links mentioned in your content.

Ensure Backlink Relevancy

Relevant backlinks are critical to your web content. The best idea is to add links that cover smaller topics of your discussion.

Simply put, the linked content should make sense. Instead of adding links just for its sake, it’s essential to provide the user with more quality and substance. For startups, backlink relevancy gives more credibility to your business and content.


Startups struggle with SERP rankings, but it should be easier to get quality backlinks and the much-needed traffic to your website, thanks to link building for startups. More importantly, think of using a reliable, professional link-building service to give yourself a better chance of a good ranking.

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