How Link Building for Law Firms Attracts Clients

  • Samuel Darwin
  • Apr 07, 2022

When your law firm website gets endorsement from high-authority links, Google ranks your website on SERP. That’s how online clients can easily find you while searching for a reputable law firm.

However, you have to stay vigilant regarding where the backlinks are coming from. Not every backlink is capable of benefiting your law firm’s website.

Therefore, this guide will tell you how link building for law firms can get you more clients.

What is SEO Link Building?

Link-building is a process of promoting your online presence through other websites. In this process, those other websites link back to your site. That link is called a backlink.

With this in mind, know that white-hat link-building in SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies. You get a multifold increase in

  • Organic Traffic
  • Search Rankings
  • Leads

Organic Traffic

The traffic generated to your website through unpaid means, like social media link-building, is known as organic traffic. Wait, does that mean you can also pay to boost traffic on your website? Without a doubt, yes. We will talk about that below, as Directories – Free and Paid.

The inorganic traffic comes from paid channels like ads and affiliate marketing.

Search Rankings

In SEO, search rankings refer to the position of your website on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) In fact, the first page of Google captures 71% of the clicks from organic and inorganic traffic.


These are the searchers that discover your service or product via search results. Moreover, leads are your potential buyers as well.

Now, link-building for law firms is a strategy that will help your law firm to get more clients. But how?

Let’s discuss three strategies on how to build links for your law firm.

Strategies – Link-Building for Law Firms

Directories – Free & Paid

Listing your law firm on relevant business directories is one of the fastest ways to get recognized by Google. The relevant directories include law firms, lawyers, and attorneys’ lists of businesses. You get quality backlinks and endorsements from credible websites that eventually boost your ranking on SERP.

Moreover, there are directories available for particular businesses. Google My Business has the widest collection of businesses because it’s the most popular search engine in the world. This free business tool by Google has over 3,000 business categories.

If you are using Google My Business or any business directory tool, you first have to set up your business profile. Once you complete making your profile, simply select the suitable category for your business from the given list.

For example, if you are a law firm owner, you should look for a Law Firm, Civil Law Attorney, and Elder Law Attorney.

However, you have to beware of toxic backlinks from the business directories.

Toxic Backlink

A toxic backlink is any link that has:

  • Low Domain Score
  • Mirrored Pages

Be aware of these!

Low Domain Score determines that the website which provided you a backlink is not a successful one on SERP. Therefore, that backlink might be toxic or harmful to your law firm’s website.

Mirrored Pages are similar web pages having different URLs or sub-domains. If Google identifies that your website is getting backlinks from mirrored pages with the same anchor text, Google will see that link as spam. Moreover, Google might also penalize you for getting that backlink.

The toxic score tells you which link poses a threat to your website. Therefore, it’s better to always audit your backlink profile. You can use the following tools for that purpose:

Using those tools, while looking out for law directories, make sure that all the backlinks’ sources have a good domain score (above 50).

Additionally, we have listed below some of the reputable directories and link-building firms where you can submit your law firm profile:

Guest Posting

The second strategy to build links for your law firm is guest posting. What is guest posting, by the way?

Submitting an article on another website with the purpose of getting a link back to your website is known as guest posting.

While creating a guest post, you have to make sure that you are writing according to the website owner’s requirements.

Moreover, some of the general requirements are:

  • Word Count: at least 300 words and 1,000 – 2,500 words, depending on the nature of the post.
  • One link to your website in every 500 words.
  • One image per 150 – 200 words.

You should also know that guest posting is free and paid as well. High-authority websites ask you to pay before submitting your post. However, always check the authority of the guest post site before paying them, through an SEO audit service.

Another thing you have to consider is submitting your guest post to the relevant platform. If you are a law firm website owner, find guest posting sites that lie under the category of lawyers, legal, and attorneys.

By posting your article to the relevant niche, you might get traffic from the audience that’s interested in your law firm.

Moreover, Google counts the backlinks as a “vote of confidence.”

If Google finds the backlink is coming from a relevant website (guest post site), it will rank you on SERP.

Online Forums

The third strategy of link-building for lawyers is by interacting with users in online forums. Some of the most-used online forums are:

Your law firm’s website should be active on the online forums. You have to create a law firm profile before beginning. Moreover, your profile must include a link to your website. So that users can reach you easily via your law firm profile.

These online forums have millions of users that talk about different topics every day. Therefore, you have the opportunity to dive into the lawyer’s or legal category and start interacting with the inquirers.

You can be a conversational starter or answer people’s queries. However, you should deliver the right information or content to the user. Only then will the users get attracted to your law firm.

No doubt, the online forums will help you create backlinks that will drive traffic to your website once you start interacting with the users.  Try it, and you will see.


Link-building for law firms helps you reach out to your target audience online. You can get links back to your site from trustful sources. 

However, always check the domain score of the website from where you are getting a link back to your site.

There are lawyer’s websites available through which you can create links for law firms. For example:

Therefore, start building law firm links today and get more clients.

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