6 Link Building Examples That WORKS in 2023

Other link building experts can agree with me if I say that link building is a difficult task to accomplish. With search engine algorithms constantly updating, you have to be fluid with the strategies you employ. Today, we’ll look at 6 link building examples that work in 2023.

From these examples, you’ll learn how to employ these strategies by yourself. A link building agency can also help you get guaranteed backlinks.

But if bloggers like Neil Patel were able to do it, you can do it as well. All they needed were their SEO knowledge, hard work, and a lot of patience. And once they saw their blog post rank on Google, they didn’t stop there.

Instead, they optimized their content further to stay ahead of their competitors. Now we’ll look at the examples of the strategies they used to achieve success in link building.

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6 Examples of WORKING Link Building Strategies in 2023

Here are some examples of proven-and-tested link building strategies that work in 2023. These strategies have been employed by other websites and given them positive results. We’ll learn from their experiences as we discuss how they earned the backlinks.

1. Blogger Outreach

Outreach has been the bread-and-butter of a good link building strategy. Without reaching out to real bloggers, all your efforts would go to waste. Blogger outreach has always been the go-to strategy for link builders.

For this strategy to work, you have to be sincere in what you want from the webmaster. You have to tell them the intention of your outreach. Ask the recipient for a backlink in exchange for a guest post.

This is a give-and-take opportunity, so you better be ready with the value you can add to the host website. Explain how your guest post can drive more organic traffic to their website. You have to make your guest post as impressive as possible to get the acceptance of the webmaster.

Remember to be polite whenever you’re asking for a favor. These webmasters receive thousands of emails with the same intention as yours. You don’t want to add up to the harsh and stressful emails they receive every day.


Sample email for blogger outreach with a neutral and professional tone.
Sample email for blogger outreach with a neutral and professional tone.

We’ve won this link for our client by asking for it professionally. These kinds of emails work if you find the right person to pitch for. That’s why you have to align your outreach with niche websites. The more relevant your contents are, the more value you can get from each other.

2. Content Link Building

Content link building can be split in three ways:

  • Industry statistics from real data
  • Evergreen content
  • Linkable assets

From each one of these, you can create hundreds – even thousands – of backlinks. Most of these backlinks are natural backlinks, which are highly regarded by Google.

Creating Industry Statistics From Real Data

Industry statistics are highly valued data that anyone will link to. If they need the data, and your data is original, you’ll gain backlinks from different websites automatically. If you incorporate real data in your content, other webmasters in your industry will cite your research.

The good thing about this technique is that you can use data that are not your own. You can use existing statistics and curate a summary of important details for your industry.

Curating Evergreen Content

Evergreen content will always be relevant through time. It’s well-optimized content that users can find useful every time they read it. This kind of content will gain more and more organic traffic as it continues to be relevant.

Evergreen content will:

  • Answer questions that are frequently asked in your industry
  • Provide demonstrations, tips, and techniques for tools used in the industry
  • Have definitive guides on common industry concepts that are unfamiliar with new visitors

Remember that when writing evergreen content, it’s okay to share your expertise with your readers. However, do it in a way that can also be understood by beginners. Optimizing your evergreen content and choosing the right keywords is a good way to gain traffic.

Evergreen content attracts high-quality backlinks to your site because you’re curating a valuable resource. The information from your content is useful for other content creators in your niche. Thus, they will have to link to your evergreen content whenever they want to use your information.

Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are good for gaining high-quality backlinks. There are a lot of linkable assets that you can produce for link building. Some of these are:

  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • Online tools for your niche
  • Product reviews and roundups
  • Original industry-related research

If you have linkable assets in your content, you have the necessary tools you need to earn links. This content is important to your industry, and they are shareable. Because they are original (and creative), they easily attract niche audiences and backlinks.


LinkDoctor's featured article is a linkable asset and industry statistics based on real data.
LinkDoctor’s featured article is a linkable asset and industry statistics based on real data.

Our link building survey article is a good example of content link building. It features industry statistics that are useful and shareable. It’s also evergreen content because it has survey-based information that is useful in the niche.

3. Brian Dean’s “Skyscraper” Technique

The Skyscraper Technique made by Brian Dean is a creative way to gain links. Even if it was conceptualized a couple of years back, it still works in 2021. It requires an extra effort to implement this technique, but the rewards are worth it.

The technique works like how buildings are in a skyscraper landscape. You will notice the taller buildings more than the shorter ones. Same with the content you produce – the better it is, the more links you’ll get for it. Linking to high-quality content will increase your chance of ranking for highly competitive keywords.

It only takes 3 easy steps to do the Skyscraper technique:

  1. Explore keywords to rank your content.
  2. Read the top 10 articles in Google SERP.
  3. Make your content better than all the articles you’ve read.

It sounds easier than it really is, to be honest. Making your content better than the ones already ranking is challenging. However, it’s not impossible. There are content creation tools that can help you optimize your content based on top-ranking blog posts.


how linkDoctor helped topspeed recover lost ranking and helped increase traffic and revenue by 60 percent?
TopSpeed’s manifest about the effectiveness of linking to high-quality content.

The success story of TopSpeed is proof that this link building strategy works. By targeting highly competitive keywords, our services increased TopSpeed’s organic traffic by 60%. By providing backlinks to a highly competitive article, we helped them grow in Google rankings.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a white hat link building technique that’s used to reconnect broken backlinks. This technique is relatively easy compared to the ones we’ve already discussed. All you need to do is scour the Internet for relevant broken links and fill the gap with your active content.

The technique to find relevant broken links is to look for them from your competitor’s backlink profile. You can check your competitor’s website for broken links and replace them with your content.


You can find broken links from your competitor's website using Ahrefs Site Explorer.
You can find broken links from your competitor’s website using Ahrefs Site Explorer.

After finding the broken backlinks of your competitors, you can “steal” these backlinks for your website. Make content that’s similar to the broken page and suggest to the webmaster to link to your active page instead of the broken one.


How to Build Links Fast

5. Competitor Backlink Analysis

Another strategy to find high-quality backlinks is by analyzing your competitors. Through website competitor analysis, you’re sure that the links you’re getting are relevant to your website.

The general idea is: that if your competitors decided to link to these websites, then the links will also be beneficial to your site. However, you have to tread carefully because not all competitor backlinks are relevant. This is where analysis is needed.

You have to analyze these “low-hanging fruits” if they will bring value to your website. If they are, all you need to do is copy the way your competitors gained the backlink.

But this technique won’t make you any better than your competitor. The links they have will be yours as well – but nothing more. That’s why you have to treat this technique as a supplementary for other effective link building strategies.


Backlinks from Neil Patel's blog are coming from a variety of sources.
Backlinks from Neil Patel’s blog are coming from a variety of sources.

You need to analyze the backlinks first before deciding to build links to them. For example, if your website is not optimized for other languages, you should not link to international websites. It’s a good practice to filter out unnecessary backlinks when finding competitor backlinks.

6. Take Advantage of Link Building Community

Community is essential for link building. Online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are the best places to collaborate with other link building professionals, and content marketers to exchange ideas. 

The intention behind this strategy is to bring people together, get more ideas for better white-hat links and analyze the market trends. 


Outback Team Building and Training is known for its team-building and exercises. Their main focus is bringing people together and building the best team possible. With the help of online communities such as LinkedIn, they started to get more clients and now they are achieving their goal. By taking advantage of online communities, outback team building increased its website traffic by double what it expected and increased its domain authority from 48 to 62.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the best link building strategies?

6 link building strategies for 2023:

1. Blogger outreach.
2. Content link building.
3. Brian Dean’s “Skyscraper” Technique.
4. Broken link building.
5. Competitor backlink analysis.
6. Take advantage of link building community.

2. Which type of link has more value?

An external link has more value than any other link simply because it is considered a vote of favor to your website.

3. How to build links faster?

7 ways to build links faster:

1. Do a blogger post.
2. Do a niche post.
3. Mention the influencer in the niche post (reach out to bloggers to get permission).
4. Include and promote through infographics.
5. Embrace broken links.
6. Create a useful tool within your niche.
7. Steal competitor backlinks with better content.

4. What is white-hat link building?

White-hat link building is the process of bringing high traffic to your website through ethical search engine optimization techniques.

Final Word

When building links to other websites, you have to make sure that the strategies you employ are working. LinkDoctor™ recommends doing white hat link building strategies to make sure that you’re safe from manual penalties. You can use the 6 link building examples we’ve discussed and bring backlinks to your website.

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