20 Benefits of Link Building

Most digital marketers will agree that link building is not an easy process. It takes time to ideate and develops a strategy that delivers results. 

Week after week, you’ll have to carry out detailed research, analysis, and execution of projects. And if you have been down this road before, you know how easy it can be to give up on link building. 

But luckily, a lot is happening in the online spaces that make it easy to build links. The first is to outsource link building projects. With outsourcing, you get an experienced team to build genuine links for your pages quickly. 

Second, is the crafting of valuable content to steer your link building campaigns. With great content, you attract a following that can link back to your pages. 

Last is the building of relationships with complementary brands. Through networking and social interactions, you get other businesses to follow and link back to your pages. 

The purpose of the three aspects is to improve your page rankings and attract more visitors to your website. Simply put, you are delivering value, building relationships, and opening your business to a larger audience. 

But before we dive deeper into the many other benefits of link building, let’s first understand what it is.

What is Link Building?

If you don’t know what is link building, it is the process of placing your links on other websites. Through the established links, users can navigate across the different pages on your website.

Link building also helps crawlers rank your page. Through strategic link building, crawlers will discover the value of your links and place you on top of search engines. 

For the overall success of your strategies, ensure that your website delivers what visitors are looking for. This means that anyone clicking on your link should find a reason to engage and interact with your products

Remember that link building is a detailed process, and you need lots of patience to learn and understand how everything works.

And as you learn more about link building, there are two categories you’d want to stay familiar with; the Do-follow and No-Follow links.

The Do-follow links are the backlinks that support your SEO scores. They also boost your page rankings and improve your site scores. Link builders mostly prefer Do-follow links since they increase both the page scores and traffic.

On the other hand, we have no-follow links. These are backlinks that direct traffic to your site but aren’t rankable by Google. Because of this, they best serve their purpose when placed on high-authority sites. 

This does not mean that they are non-supportive when on a low authority site. It simply means that no-follow links perform at their best when they are on the top-performing websites. If your links are in pages with low domain scores, it may take more time to feel the impact.

Benefits of Link Building Strategies

Link building supports your online marketing campaigns and has many other benefits as well.

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the personality of your business. It’s what a customer would look at and immediately recognize your product or services. If you have been building links for a while, it’s possible that you already appear on the top pages. 

By appearing at the top, you own a personality that dictates trust and value to your customers. With consistent link building efforts, you will start receiving titles like “popular” or “trending” on your list.

What this means is that your impact is already being felt and your awareness campaigns are already creating an impact. And with consistent link building campaigns, your personality will build trust, attract a large following, and eventually increase your revenues.

2. Recurring Income

A business operates at its best when there’s a stream of regular income. The revenue may be through targeted websites or social media channels that offer a degree of certainty that operations won’t stall. 

Since links are built over time, their effectiveness on a website lasts for extended periods. When you acquire a link today, the value will not change in the next month or years as long as the authority of the pages is intact. 

It’s for this reason that care should be taken on where you place links. For business success, target websites with high domain authority and ratings. Also, acquire links from websites that relate to yours.

Additionally,  have links to websites with quality content. With these strategies in place, you are assured of recurring income for your business.

3. Boosts Domain Authority (Moz) or Domain Rating (Ahrefs)

Different brands use varying names to describe their domain scores. Some are very popular among all users. They have become a gold standard for sites measuring their stand in the global SEO stage.

The three aspects that boost these domain scores are: 

  • A significant number of websites linking back to you 
  • Good domain scores for the linking websites 
  • The fewer number of websites that each acquiring domain links to 

If you have earned these good scores over time, then you’ll have great DA/DR scores. Good domain scores improve your online visibility and boost your digital marketing efforts. 

4. Builds Credibility

One of the top-ranking factors in Google is links. By appearing on top of Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs), Google takes this to indicate that you offer value. Appearing on top pages further builds your credibility with potential customers.

If let’s say, a customer goes through a high authority website and finds your links in them, they’ll deem you as an authority brand. This builds their confidence in visiting your pages and checking out your products. If all goes well, the credibility factor will prompt them to interact with your products and return for more. 

5. Boosts Online Visibility

Your position on SERPs determines the number of clicks you get. Based on Sistrix’s research, it is estimated that up to28.5% of the total clicks go to the number one position on SERP.  

Image source: sistrix.com

This means that for every effort you put into creating useful links, you stand a better chance of closing in on the first position and getting a third of the clicks. 

But how do you use links to boost online visibility?

Well, for a start, you need to create content that’s worth linking to. This is content that is customer-focused and delivers value to your target audience. 

If, for example, you are a computer shop, you can share information about the latest technologies that deliver the best value. By having the right information, a brand creating complementary products will find a reason to link to you since your information is relevant to their audience. 

And with more companies discovering your business, you’ll get more backlinks, which further pushes you on SERPs. Ultimately, Google will use the links to rank you higher. This, in turn, boosts your online visibility and invites more customers to your business.

6. Increases Referral Traffic

If a high-traffic site links back to you, it’s more likely that a part of their visitors will visit your site too. This is because the trust they place on the top website is also placed on you since you appear on their pages. 

In a nutshell, the traffic you get from these sites is what we call referral traffic, and it’s one of the many advantages you’ll enjoy with backlinks. 

But like most marketing strategies, getting traffic from high authority sites is no simple feat. It would be best if you had an excellent plan that gets you noticed among the competitors. 

To get those useful links, reach out to authority sites in the places they are likely to notice you. A good example would be in the comments section on websites. In the comments, you can leave a positive review or even share additional information. 

By praising, leaving feedback, and sharing valuable information, you build your reputation as an industry expert. With good online tracks, your request for backlinks will be positive. It’s through the quality links from authority sites that you can get massive referral traffic to your site.  

7. Builds Your Brand Authority

It’s a busy world out there. Every business is trying to outshine its counterparts and build a firm name for its brand. If you have previously tried building links yourself, you probably know how difficult it is to get to the top spots. 

Luckily, outsourcing link building is helping businesses build brand authority. By hiring an outsourcing company, you create better opportunities for your links to appear on the right websites. If, for instance, you are in the textile industry, a reliable link building reseller will target cloth businesses for your links. 

Ultimately, this leads to more links in high authority sites that help customers trust you more. Gaining trust leads to referrals that grow your brands’ revenue. And with consistency, you can build loyalty and develop a good reputation for your brand. 

8. Opens Better Revenue Opportunities

“Show me the money” – a script from Jerry Maguire’s movie – is an excellent way to approach your link building campaigns. Even though most of the focus on link building is to appear on top of search engines, the results always boil down to how much money you make. Even for non-profit organizations, the target will always be money through donations. 

That’s why a look at link building and its positioning of pages on the top spots translates to better revenue opportunities. Think of it this way, the first position on Google gets 28.5% of the traffic, and the second gets 15.7%. 

If your link building campaigns have placed you at the second position, then you won’t be scrabbling for the 55.8% that’s to be shared by other competitors below that position. Of the 15.7% clicks, 5% will likely convert. And as a business owner, this is the best strategy you’ll need to boost your revenue collection.

9. Increase Your Website Traffic

Having an online presence is all about getting good traffic. This could be from websites or social media sites, but the goal should be to get traffic that later translates to revenue. With link building, you are sure of improving your online visibility. And with consistent efforts, the visibility builds authority which later increases your website traffic.

Even more important is how better visibility – through links – welcomes brand mentions. For example, a valuable article you shared about automotive digital marketing can get a mention from the CEO of Toyota. If let’s say, the link is placed on a Facebook page with a large following, then this translates to more traffic coming your way. 

This is a win-win situation with the company delivering valuable information to their audience and you getting an increase in website traffic.

10. Reduces Bounce Rates

Quality will always translate to quantity. And if your backlinks are directing customers to quality content on your website, they will have no reason to leave your page without taking action.

Take, for instance, a food website directing visitors to a jewelry store. If my guess is right, visitors following the link will likely bounce back without engaging. For Google, this spells doom and could lead to the flagging of the websites. 

But the benefit of profitable link building campaigns is that it always delivers value. For example, a reliable link building agency like LinkDoctor only focuses on quality. If you are a technology website, they only create links to websites related to your niche. No shortcuts, no blackhat SEO. Everything is straightforward, and links to your website will have reduced bounce rates. 

11. Raises Your SEO Scores and Site Metric

It’s impossible to talk about link building without mentioning SEO. This is because SEO and link building work together to deliver long-term success for your online business.

Here is a survey from LinkDoctor showing the effectiveness of link building when used alongside other digital marketing concepts.

If your SEO and link building strategies are up to par with industry standards, this improves your site scores, pushes you higher on SERPs, and helps you maintain your position. 

12. Relationship Building From Link Building Outreach and Potential New Business

Once you start building links, there will be a lot of interactions with similar industries. This can be through guest posts, social media talks, or even email conversations. Since this process goes on for extended periods, relationships will be built. 

As you continue building links, you’ll find that interacting with brands you’ve had a relationship with boosts your performance. If the site has useful Domain Authority, having links there maintains your top positions. It also cuts on time spent looking for link building opportunities from unfamiliar sites.

13. Delivers More Valuable Content for Users

The concept of link building is in organic ranking. This means that it concentrates on the value of the content you deliver to your audience.

With link building, your focus should be on your audiences’ needs. You need to create content that not only taps their interests but also offers solutions.

Most times, you’ll have to conduct thorough research on your target. You must understand their locations, demographics, and preferences. 

Through segmentation and targeted content creation, the result will be articles that answer their most pressing needs. And thanks to digital marketing, all this is made possible with link building.

14. Ensures Consistent Conversion Rates

If you are consistent with your link building strategies, it’s also likely that your conversion rates will be an increasing rate. With standard link building campaigns, you don’t have to suffer the feast and famine phase where your traffic is upward and downward. 

Link building ensures a predictable trend that helps you plan better. Even in instances where Google Algorithms affect your positioning, it will be easy to bounce back since the quality of your links boosts your performance.  

15. Highlights New Opportunities

As you build links, you will also discover other marketing areas that can boost performance. For example, interactions with industry giants on Twitter could indicate an opportunity you never considered. You could start sharing website content on social media and tag influencers that could, later on, acquire links to your page. 

Alternatively, new opportunities could be in the form of getting an agency to run your campaigns. Throughout your campaigns, you may discover that it makes economic sense to hire an expert to do the work for you. If not for the fast delivery of services it’s because you’ll save time and get better guest posting opportunities that improve your position.

16. Improves Trust Score

Trust is earned, and for website visitors to trust you enough and interact on your pages, they need proof that you are as good as you say you are. With link building, you can push your brand to become a name in the industry.

By appearing on authority sites and pages, you prove your expertise in the products and services you deliver. With time, you will be a household name and a globally recognized brand.

17. Collect Email Subscribers from Referral Traffic

Nurturing relationships can best be achieved through emails. With emails, you can launch, share, and engage your website visitors. Through email subscriptions, attracting leads and closing deals is easier.

Thanks to referral traffic it’s now easy to build a list. Acquiring links from high authority gives you traffic that helps you build worthy email lists. And as you continue delivering valuable information, maintaining an active email list becomes easy.

18. More Social Media Followers From Referral Traffic

In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide


A strategy that can get you more social media followers is a win for your business. Think of it as the ability to target more than three billion social media users. Even with a low conversion rate of 0.1% you still stand to gain lots of customers.

With all the referral traffic coming from mentions and links in authority pages, the target is achievable. Combine this with the expertise from link building companies and you are way above targets. Ultimately, the referral traffic will be pushing visitors to your website and your social media buttons will prompt them to follow your pages.

19. Gets Your Page Indexed Fast by Increasing Your Crawl Rate

Want to get your page indexed fast? Well, it’s time to acquire good links. With various websites linking back to you, Google considers your page to be genuine. A good reputation will prompt Google to index your pages first and faster thus improving your pages’ performance.

20. Supports Google Ranking Criteria

A ranking criterion that’s supported by Google is definitely a friend to the crawlers. And as a top-ranking criterion, links will boost your online growth. Getting to top positions – through link building – is the award you get for constant delivery of valuable content.

What is the Future of Link Building

The future of link building is in white-hat SEO. Whether you like it or not, following Google’s best practices guarantees long-term success for your business.

White-hat SEO involves acquiring links from pages related to your business. It consists of using the right anchor text that directs visitors to what they are looking for. 

The future of link building is also in creating quality content. It’s in building credibility and brand authority that offers value to the users. The end is in keeping up with the latest updates and following Google’s guidelines. 

With these aspects in mind, you are sure of success in your campaigns. There’s no end to link building, and it’s only through effort and consistency that you can build useful links

Wrapping Up

The significant benefit of link building is that it positions your pages at the top of search engines. This top spot invites more traffic, better leads, and improved conversions. By having pages that are worth linking to, you build a good reputation and increase revenue in your business. 

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