How to Turn Off Suggested Posts on Instagram Feed

“How to Turn Off Suggested Posts on Instagram”

Social media sites have always been about discovering your interests and engaging in topics that you find interesting. This is even more so implemented when the algorithm is programmed in such a way that it needs little to no input from the users to bring up new suggested posts that might interest the user.

Instagram is no stranger to such algorithms. The suggested posts section gives you a list of posts that might interest you based on your activities and past interactions.

While the suggested posts might have their own uses and many people might find them useful, there might be some people who might feel distracted by the suggested posts and might want to turn them off.

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Steps to Hide the Instagram Suggested Posts

  • Once you see the suggested post, tap the three dots above the post and tap on the cross icon.
  • Below the “Post Hidden” menu you can see the following icons:
  • Tap the cross icon to stop seeing similar posts.
  • Tap the timer logo to snooze the suggested posts for 30 days.
  • Once again tap the three dots to explore more options and in this section, you can report the posts by clicking on “This post made me uncomfortable”.

Can You Permanently Remove the Suggested Posts on Instagram?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot remove the suggested posts permanently. At the very most, you can snooze them for 30 days and repeat this step.

One good thing about this is that Instagram will learn that you do not like posts like this and it will stop showing you posts of the same kind.

Are Suggested Posts Similar to Ads?

No, suggested posts are not ads. These are merely posts that the Instagram algorithm thinks you will enjoy. Since this is curated based on the pages you follow, and interactions with previous posts.

On the other hand, Instagram ads will have a “Promoted” tag above them. These posts are ads that are run on the platform. 

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