Our action plan to propel your success with the best link building service

Once you decide to pick us as your link building partner, we get into the action to craft the customized link building strategy that fits your business goals. Here’s the process we go through to ensure your success with link building. 

the Audience

Your business exists because of your audience. Therefore, we start by understanding who your target audience is and what they’re looking for in your site. We conduct detailed research to gain insight into their psyche to know what to talk about when creating content, the relevant sites to submit content to, and how to communicate with them in a way that’s going to resonate with them. 


A robust content strategy is one of the most crucial components of link building. Creating high quality content that offers valuable information to the audience is the playground for link builders. An engaging, educational content offers all around benefits to every stakeholder: value for the audience; traffic for the site your content is submitted to; and quality backlinks, referral traffic from relevant websites for you.


Search engines largely work on the complex interactions of keywords. Hence, a keyword strategy is integral to SEO link building. Once we understand what your audience is looking for and craft a content strategy, we delve into in depth keyword research. Our keyword strategy aims to maximize your search engine visibility with an excellent keyword and link profile that helps you show up for the keywords your audience is searching for.


To help you outrank others, it is essential to keep an eye on what other websites, i.e., your competitors are doing. We run a thorough competition analysis to identify the best opportunities search engines hold for you. This includes analyzing their keyword profile, link profile, their content strategy, and their interaction with the audience, and much more.


Content and keywords make up only one part of your link building package. Our link building services take on extensive search engine optimization with link building as a focal point, unlike other SEO agencies. We audit your website and build a powerful SEO strategy comprising important elements such as website architecture, web pages contents, broken links, inbound links, secure links, user experience, and so on.

Link Building

Once we have all the strategies laid out, we get straight into execution mode. This includes optimizing your website, creating the right content, link placement, running link building campaign, blogger outreach, guest posts, resource link building, and much more. We have a highly efficient team who find so called monotonous link building tasks exciting, and their efforts will show in your fast results.


As our execution kicks in, we track every data point to see how our strategies are working. We believe in complete transparency. So, we send you regular reports highlighting the outcomes of each activity. These exhaustive reports help you stay up-to-date, collaborate with us on strategic parts, and make effective decisions on other functional areas of your business. You can access the reports on your LinkDoctor dashboard.