Our Process

Real Marketing Outreach That Builds Hundreds of Quality Links


Our focus is on relationship building — for you and with you. That’s why we work as an extension of your marketing team, with frequent phone calls and actionable advice.

Over the years we have developed a perfect recipe for successful outreach campaigns. Through this process, we are proud to say we have built thousands of links and have run hundreds of campaigns.

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1. Strategy
2. Prospecting
3. Outreach
4. Backlinks
5. Reporting


Our strategy starts with a kick-off meeting to understand your business and its goal. Once we know what you are up to, we pull together a link building strategy.

  • Kick-off call.
  • On-page and keyword analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Link building strategy.

Kick-off Call

In this call, we typically start with introductions, try to understand your business, your goals, and your priorities. The call would usually take about an hour and will help us put ourselves in your shoes. We’ll also help you understand a bit more about our process and clarify any questions you might have.

kick-off call

On-page and Keyword Analysis

Once we have necessary information on what your site is and how your potential customers/visitors find you on Google, we get down to analyze your keyword strategy. We also analyze your on-page site optimizations done and offer any recommendations.

Competitor Analysis

Our strategy needs to evolve based on how your site and your competition are positioned. For this, we deep dive into your competitors and document where are some critical gaps and how we can help.

competitor analysis
link building

Link Building Strategy

Based on our conversation and the analysis, we will present back a detailed strategy for link building. In this phase, we will identity low hanging fruits that we can attack right away to deliver value soon. We will also advise on how you should approach link building from a long term investment standpoint. 


The next step is to do aggressive prospecting. In this stage, we identify potential bloggers, influencers, and quality is verified.

  • Opportunities identification.
  • Contact identification.
  • Quality control.

Opportunities Identification

Now that we know your URL and the keyword for which we want to rank, it’s time to identify target sites we wish to contact. We do this in several ways. The critical element here is to find sites that are relevant and have high authority.

Quality Control

This is one of the essential steps in our framework. In this stage, our team reviews the sites to ensure that they are high-quality websites. We want to make sure these sites are not Private Blog Networks (PBN) or made for guest post only sites. Such sites are not dangerous and sometimes can put you in trouble. We have zero-tolerance against such practices and will remove these sites from our opportunity list.

Contact Identification

Once we have the list of high-quality sites to reach out, the next stage is to identify the medium of contact. Mostly our communications would be via direct email, but sometimes via contact us form, LinkedIn, or even a direct phone call. We aim to reach out on channels where we think we will be effective in converting the opportunity to link wins.



Here’s where the magic begins. Potential folks who’d be interested in linking to your site are reached out with a compelling pitch.

  • Pitch preparation.
  • Outreach.
  • Follow-up.

Pitch Preparation

Here’s where the magic begins. We follow value-driven approach for creating the pitch. We highlight the value of your services and the page we are promoting. It is always essential to think that these bloggers might receive tens of hundreds of pitches like this every week. So, it is vital to be relevant, unique, and create enough excitement for people to respond.


Now that we have the pitch and the right contact, the next step is to reach out to them at the appropriate time. It is also essential to make this outreach effort to build a relationship and not build links. Because relationships last, while links don’t. If you go after relationships, links will follow.


An effective follow-up strategy is required to close link wins. Many bloggers will not be convinced in one message, and it takes a few back and forth follow-ups.


During this stage, usually, a healthy relationship is forged on your behalf. Once a good relationship is formed, often people wouldn’t hesitate to link to the client’s website.

  • Negotiation.
  • Closing the deal.
  • Backlinks monitoring.


Because bloggers are bombarded with emails, they will always look at ‘what’s in it for them.’ So, an effective outreach strategy should have an effective negotiation strategy. Sometimes top tier bloggers will not be convinced without getting in return. It may be a mention of their product to your newsletter audience or a shout out to their Facebook page – we do this negotiation.

Closing the Deal

Our link building experts try hard to win over the bloggers through successful negotiation, empathy, and building relationships. They strive hard to close the deal as they work with the blogger in this stage.

Backlinks Monitoring

Many times, a blogger might add a link to your website but might remove it in a few days/weeks’ time for whatever reason. Sometimes those reasons can be genuine, but many times they are not. In our experience, roughly around 3 to 5% of the links are removed within in 3 months. So, we keep monitoring the links to ensure that the links won hasn’t been removed.



While link building is important, keeping you informed of the progress is equally important to manage your expectations.

  • Live reports.
  • Account management representative.
  • Monthly account review call.

Live Reports

We will inform our clients and keep them appraised of the links that are being won. We provide a live report on Google sheets that links won as a part of the campaign. The client can view these links whenever they need and ask any questions to us.

Account Management

Once the project is kick-started, an account management representative will be allocated to the project. Throughout the project lifetime, this account management representative will be a single point of contact for the client. They will be available via email and phone in case you require it.

Monthly Account Review Call

Many link builders deliver the report and call it a day. Not us. Once the campaign is completed (usually takes around four weeks), we jump on a call with you to review the deliverables and talk through any questions you might have. This also becomes a session to review the long term health of the link building effort and ensure that the monthly deliverables are helping you achieve the long term business goals.

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