How to Get Featured Snippet Links for SEO

  • Daniel Martin
  • Nov 19, 2021
How to Get Featured Snippet Links for SEO

We’ve all encountered a featured snippet result at least once in our search engine usage. These are the results that quickly answer the search intent based on the keywords used. It’s really helpful for users, especially if they are in a hurry.

However, featured snippet links are hard to get. You have to craft a perfect snippet that answers the searcher’s question immediately.

In this article, we will look into the mechanics of getting a featured snippet and how important it is for SEO. We will also tackle the different ways you can prime your content to be a featured snippet. This way, either established or newly-founded websites have a chance to rank their outstanding content.

What Are Featured Snippets?

A featured snippet is a chunk of your content (also called a snippet) that Google interprets as a quick solution to the search query. In other words, a featured snippet is the quickest answer that Google can give you, based on your search input.

Featured snippet links have high click-through rates (CTR) compared to other results on the same SERP page. By providing clear and direct answers that satisfy search intent, it gathers more audience that is looking for answers. Users are also happy about this because your featured snippet answers their questions without having to read the entire article.

What Benefits Can You Get From These Featured Snippets?

There are three major SEO benefits you can get from having a featured snippet. These are:

  • More traffic from organic search results
  • Higher “no-click searches”
  • Outrank competitors

There are other marketing benefits from having featured snippet links. One of these is that it improves website branding. It makes your website look more trustworthy.

We will discuss these SEO benefits one by one. Let’s get to it!

More Traffic From Organic Search Results

By providing direct answers, it’s easier to get clicks from SERP results. This will result in more traffic. As a bonus, this traffic will come from organic searches – which are more favored by search engines.

Having more traffic will improve certain SEO metrics. It will also increase your domain ranking and authority. You can get so many SEO benefits from having sustainable organic traffic.

Higher “No-Click Searches”

“No-click searches” are like how they sound – they don’t need to get clicked to satisfy user intent. Since the users see a snippet of the content they’re looking for, they don’t need to click the link anymore.

Here’s an example of a featured snippet that has every answer for the search query:

An example of a featured snippet that answers the search query.
An example of a featured snippet that answers the search query.

It directly answers the question from my search input. Now, I don’t have to read the whole article to know how many moons does Saturn has. This is how helpful a featured snippet can be for the users.

This gets recognized by Google and gets rewarded. Even if the users don’t click on your link, your domain is still regarded as a credible source of information.

Outrank Competitors

Having a Google featured snippet is a definite way to outrank your competitors. No matter how many or few your backlinks are, you can overtake their position in SERP. SEO professionals often call this “position zero“.

The featured snippet appears on the very top of the page – outranking every other competitor website. It’s also Google’s most recommended answer to the user’s question. Thus, you gain more trust from your audience.

5 Easy Ways to Get Featured Snippets

1. Choose the Right Keywords

Since the snippet will come from your unique content, it can include the main keyword you are targeting. Crafting the best answer and adding keywords to it will help you land a featured snippet. Having the right keywords will make you appear on queries with exact match keywords.

2. Make Your Content Specific

A high-quality content that answers specific questions must be specific as well. Having specific content will help answer questions that are thrown by users. Just like the “Saturn’s moons” example above, NASA immediately addressed the question by providing an in-depth and specific answer.

3. Know the Question

If you know the question, it’s easy to create a detailed answer. You can use a social listening tool to get insights into what your niche audience is talking about. An example of a social listening tool is AnswerThePublic.

Aim to answer these types of questions:

  • How to
  • How does
  • What is

4. Know What Content to Provide

There are different types of featured snippets you can provide depending on the type of search query. It can be in the form of:

  • Description
  • Video tutorials
  • List
  • Table

Featured snippets that are definitions can be “what is” queries. Videos are normally for “how to” questions. The list and table featured snippets are flexible and can be used for different search queries. These are good ways to summarize chunks of texts, making it worthy of a featured snippet.

5. Optimize <H> Headings

Optimizing your H1 headings is a great way to get noticed by search engines. Making your H1 heading similar to that of the search query gives you more chance to be in a featured snippet. Just make sure that your content complements the optimized heading.

Final Word

Featured snippet links are hard to achieve because you need to satisfy the search intent immediately. It requires you to write your content as directly and concisely as possible. You can also leverage articles that already rank in SERPs.

Now that you know how to crack the SERP through featured snippets, you can rank your articles and aim for that “position zero”. This is the highest position you can reach without using advertisements. Ranking for a featured snippet also has a lot of SEO benefits – just like getting position 1 articles.

We hope this article will help you rank your articles for a featured snippet and improve your content marketing strategy. If you have any questions related to featured snippets, leave us a comment below. We will answer them as soon as we can.

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