How PR Link Building Promotes Your Online Business

PR link building is one of the SEO strategies that spread the word about your business. Once your business’s PR starts getting stronger, you can easily influence your target audience. Hence, you get a boost in your ROI.

In fact, the success rate of PR is 90% more than ordinary advertising in influencing customers.

PR link-building strategy helps your business get an online reputation from well-known digital PR platforms like:

In this post, we’ll see how link-building for PR helps businesses achieve their SEO and marketing goals.

Digital PR & SEO

First, you need to understand that your website’s SEO improves through digital PR. 

Your website earns quality white-hat backlinks by using several digital PR tactics, which we will discuss below. These backlinks are of good quality because they come from authentic digital PR channels. These are strategically planned tools and methods, rendering you with better visibility and greater presence on the internet. 

Moreover, the PR backlinks signal Google that the digital PR platforms vouch for your website’s content. That way, Google ranks your website on SERP.

Now, digital Public Relations is all about networking. You have to get in touch with relevant journalists and influencers. If the publication of a particular journalist belongs to the same category or industry as yours, it’s highly relevant.

Here’s an example: if you deal in the real estate business, you have to look out for journalists and influencers in the following categories:

  • Real Estate
  • Brokerage
  • Realtors
  • Property Buy & Sale

But how to do that? Let’s find out.

How to Build a Network for Digital PR Link-Building Strategy?

First, you have to create link baits (linkbait).

Create Linkbait

Linkbait is a strategy that attracts backlinks. In simple terms, you design a piece of content, for example, the trending political trend, in an emotional way. On that post, you drop a backlink that will send the reader to your site.

Now, this strategy is the first step of networking for PR link-building.

It’s mandatory to come under the spotlight to catch the attention of journalists and influencers. To do that, the linkbait post must be convincing enough for the readers, especially journalists. Make it so creative that they can’t help but make a story out of your post.

Therefore, you have to invest time and energy in creating a successful linkbait post.

After networking with relevant journalists and influencers, let’s discuss how to build PR links.

Building Links for PR of Your Website

Understand that PR link-building is different from traditional link-building. Let’s briefly compare the digital PR backlinks and links in the guest posts.

Digital PR Backlinks

The links in digital PR are associated with editorial domains. That means the journalist will take an editorial link rather than a random, traditionally placed link.

Also, an editorial link is inculcated in a relevant publication without spending money. The topic of the publication must be relevant to the content of the attached backlink. Otherwise, your PR link-building strategy might go in vain because relevance is measured, but that’s beyond the scope of this article.

Simply, your link must have editorial value to attract more journalists. That way, the press releases and publications will highlight your website, eventually boosting your ranking on SERP.

Guest Post Backlinks

These are traditional backlinks that are not editorial in nature. The purpose of guest posting is to get an endorsement from a relevant website with high domain authority (DA). However, these links don’t have an editorial value which means that they will direct the user to a specific service/product page rather than an informative content web page.

Comparatively, a guest post backlink provides less value to the user because it doesn’t include the necessary information that the user is looking for. 

Benefits of PR Link-Building Strategy

High-Authority Links from Top Publications

Good PR links pave the way for you to get mentioned in top-tier publications. Of course, you will face organic downfalls in your website’s SEO. But you have to consistently work on PR backlinks to stay ahead of the competitors.

Moreover, you have to keep ranking for the competitive keywords as well, and the digital PR platforms will highlight your website in the top publications.

Non-Replicable Editorial Links

Unlike traditional backlinks, the links earned by digital PR are quite difficult to replicate. 

However, when they can’t replicate the PR backlinks, they will use those links as a resource.

Consider that digital PR links are editorial, well-researched, and contain authentic information. They might promote a brand, but they focus more on the reader’s query.

On the other hand, traditional links only focus on brand awareness and product/service advertisement.

So, when competitors analyze your website’s backlink profile, they can easily trace a traditional backlink and replicate the whole content inside it. Thus, the authority from that backlink is nullified.

PR Link Building Can Increase Conversion Rate: A Case Study

Fire Shield Systems Ltd is a firm that designs bespoke fire protection solutions, including complete installation. The company had struggled to raise its online profile on SERP and draw users to its website.

To solve this, Fire Shield Systems collaborated with a renowned online PR and communication firm. That firm targeted various editorial outlets for PR link-building. After the collaboration, Google Analytics gave the following results:

131% increase in referral traffic from highly credible sources with an 82% increase in overall conversion rate.

This case study shows how PR increased brand awareness and supported SEO efforts.


The PR link-building strategy boosts your website’s SEO and lets you get mentioned by top-level publications. Moreover, you get brand exposure on relevant platforms, which increases the organic traffic to your website.

The editorial links also improve your site’s backlink profile which makes you rank on SERP. Through these links, you can get in touch with famous journalists and influencers of a similar niche.

Therefore, start creating PR links now and earn authority for your online business.

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