Does Link Building Help SEO? – 5 Strong Correlation Factors

Along with all the factors that can affect Google rankings, SEO and high-quality backlinks are the most valuable. Several questions might come to fruition – how does link building help SEO? Why do Google and other search engines favor these factors too much?

Well, it’s not a surprise. We’ve been talking about relevance almost every time in our blog because it’s a crucial factor to be recognized by search engines. And, lucky enough, SEO and link building can make your website relevant in your niche.

But, the question still stands. How does one help the other? How are they related? These are the questions that we’ll answer as we go through this article. Read along to know more.

In this article:

Interdependence of Link Building and SEO

Link building can be considered as a part of search engine optimization (SEO). Link building gains organic traffic that fuels an authoritative website. Since gaining authority is the goal of SEO as well, there must be a connection between the two.

In fact, there are direct impacts of link building on SEO. The benefits of link building can be translated as benefits to your SEO strategy, in general.

That’s why a good link-building strategy is a cornerstone for every effective SEO strategy. It beats your competition by giving yourself an advantageous strategy.

Let’s look further at the question does link building help SEO directly?

How Does Link Building help SEO?
How Does Link Building Help SEO?

1. Content and On-Page SEO

Does Link Building Help SEO - Content & On Page SEO
Does Link Building Help SEO – Content & On Page SEO

SEO has 2 components: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You can read more in our article about the types of SEO to know more about these. But here, we’ll focus on the on-page SEO and the impact on your content.

On-page SEO consists of:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Headers
  • SEO-friendly content
  • Image file size

These are some components that will have a huge impact on your content. Our focus is on SEO-friendly content. A better on-page SEO will result in content that’s more favored by search engines.

In link building, guest posting is the usual strategy employed by link builders. The techniques for content creation on your blog can be used to make guest posts. Your knowledge of SEO writing will get you more high-quality backlinks for your link-building campaigns.

2. Domain Authority and Trust

Domain Authority & Trust
Does Link Building Help SEO – Domain Authority & Trust

Domain Authority (DA) is an SEO metric from Moz that rates the likeliness of a domain to rank on Google. Although it doesn’t affect the rankings directly, this metric is highly suggestive of the possible result. A large factor in the value of DA is the quality of the website’s backlinks.

This is where link-building comes into play. A good link-building strategy will improve your DA and site ranking. High-quality links that point to your site will give you higher authority.

Since your content is gaining authority in your niche, you rank higher on Google. It also means that people in your niche trust your content and see your site as a valuable resource in the niche.

3. Referral Traffic

Does Link Building Help SEO - Referral Traffic
Does Link Building Help SEO – Referral Traffic

Building links from other websites will also attract referral traffic. This traffic will be your new audience that can help improve your user experience.

Because there is more traffic coming to your site, you can gauge whether your site is performing well or not. You will see which pages have a long loading time and crashes when there are too many page visitors.

This will help you improve other on-page SEO elements such as image file size and site load speed. This improves the overall user experience upon landing on your site, especially for newcomers.

4. Build Relationships With Websites

Does Link Building Help SEO - Build Website Relationships
Does Link Building Help SEO – Build Website Relationships

One of the main benefits of link building is establishing a professional relationship with other websites in your niche. Communication is key to making a healthy and beneficial relationship with other webmasters. This helps SEO by building trust among your peers.

Since you’re communicating with the webmaster, you can agree on a topic for a guest post. Your content becomes more relevant and keyword optimized. It makes your guest post and your backlink more SEO-friendly.

Receiving backlinks from authority websites in your niche acts as a vote of confidence. It gives you credibility which is a factor for search engines to favor your website.

5. Boost Potential Sales

Does Link Building Help SEO - Boost Potential Sales
Does Link Building Help SEO – Boost Potential Sales

Backlinks increase your SEO metrics like DA and DR. This will increase your search ranking and generate leads for your sales. More audience means more sales. More sales will push you further up the search rankings.

This boosts not only your sales but also your credibility. Your brand will be regarded as a trusted brand because of your popularity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In what ways does link building help SEO?

Having authoritative backlinks drives organic traffic to your website and it is one of the important SEO factors that causes web pages to rank high on Google SERP. The quality of your backlink determines your SERP rankings more than the quantity.

2. What are the benefits of link building?

Link building
1. Increases organic traffic, thus increasing the online visibility of businesses, leading to a boost in sales.
2. Increase in organic traffic means more clicks, which businesses can benefit from by running ads on their websites.
3. Helps build trust and authority which is necessary to rank high on Google’s SERP.

3. Which type of link building is legal?

White-hat link building is the legal and ethical way, as it follows the webmaster’s guidelines for link building. The process is aimed at delivering high-quality content, and relevant links, and providing the best user experience.

Upgrade Your SEO Strategy

We’ve now reached the end and answered the questions related to the connection between link building and SEO. Everything you do for link building affects your overall SEO. Likewise, upgrading your SEO strategy is a great boost for finding high-quality backlinks.

Want to boost your SEO strategy through link building? Feel free to contact LinkDoctor, we specialize in white-hat link building and SEO services.

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