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Guest posting is a valuable asset you can't ignore

As the internet continuously evolves and more businesses fight to stand out from the crowd, you cannot overlook the power of guest posting.

Guest posting or guest blogging is an SEO technique where you write a blog post to publish on someone else’s blog. You place contextual links in the guest post to build your backlink profile.

Guest posting improve SEO and bring extraordinary results to your business.

High search engine ranking

Quality guest posting is one of the most reliable ways to improve your search rankings. Search engines are a complex network of links.

The guest post link is a crucial parameter that helps them rank different indexed pages on the web. Eventually, it shows up in your search standings.

More organic traffic

People use keywords to search for information on the internet. If a post has those keywords and the relevant information, it gets presented to the audience.

Meaning your guest post can drive a lot of people to your site and increase your monthly traffic through the information in the post and the guest post links.

Improved domain authority

Google, the most popular search engine, considers backlinks as an essential factor in determining the authenticity and relevance of a website. Therefore, link building is an integral part of SEO.

Guest posting on other websites with high authority helps improve the domain authority of your website. Thus, ranking you higher on SERPs.

Brand awareness

Guest posting is an incredible mode for increasing your creating brand awareness too. The guest posts on other sites expose your businesses to new audiences.

Moreover, it also helps you educate them about your offering and build trust, which can later translate into business.

Thought leadership establishment

If you are a business owner looking to outdo all your competitors and establish yourself as a leader, guest posting can be a great way to do so.

A unique article that addresses audiences’ needs and pain points will help you establish as a solution provider they can come back to.

More sales leads

The brand awareness and thought leadership aspects of guest posts can quickly bring you leads who would like to try your products or services.

Not to mention, these leads will be high quality since they are coming from a more informed place, i.e., your own content on a guest blog.

More revenue

Each of the above factors ultimately contributes to increasing your revenue and overall business growth. Guest posts don’t just bring you growth but drive long-term growth.

The LinkDoctor Guest Post Service

Guest posting is an underrated technique that has time and again proved to be one of the most reliable techniques to make you stand out on the web. Given you do it right!

We, at LinkDoctor, have been doing it right for years and brought some exceptional results for our clients across the globe. Our guest posting services are built on quality standards unmatched by others in the industry.

Guest blogging by experts

Making guest posting work requires expertise, both in SEO and the niche your business operates in. Our guest posting service is executed by content writers who have in-depth knowledge of your niche as well as SEO techniques. 

Ethical white hat link building

The primary purpose of a guest post service is to build links. We are white hat link building experts who build authority links ethically through guest blogging and help you rank high on SERPs. No spammy links that hurt your domain authority or your business.

Real blogs read by real readers

You can’t get real results from guest posting unless it reaches a real audience. That’s why we procure links from blogs that have a real voice, real readership, and organic traffic. No made-for-guest-post sites or private blog networks (PBNs).

Niche-specific high authority sites

Along with ensuring the quality of the blogs, we make sure the guest post placement is done on niche relevant sites with high domain authority. These sites demonstrate value to their audience, abide by high editorial standards, and accept only quality guest posts.

Human centric approach

Our guest blogging services focus on building and nurturing human relationships that translate into quality links. That’s why we do personal blogger outreach to the website owners with the audience who will value your offerings. Only genuine relationships, no pre-arrangements!

Stringent quality control

We follow strict quality standards for every blog post we create and every website we select for SEO guest posting. Each post is at least 1000 words, with relevant keywords and contextual backlinks crafted to engage and educate the audiences.

Monitoring and progress reporting

Our guest post services aren’t limited to blogger outreach, content creation, and link building. We make every move strategically and rely on data to make decisions. We also track the performance of each and every guest blog and share thorough monthly reports with you.

Link Replacement Guarantee

Our guest blogging service is free of risks. We monitor every link we place in the guest posts. If any of the links are removed, or you are unhappy with any of the links, we replace them right away. The replaced links go on a site with equal authority or higher authority.

Want to explore what our guest posting services can do for you?

Pillars of guest posting service that helps you excel online

Before you can decide if our guest posting services are best for you, you should have a clear picture of what does a genuine guest posting service must possess.

The foundation of guest posting services or blogger outreach services is built on the pillars of content, links, blogs, and blog owners. Moreover, the entire process is interconnected with each other.

Quality Content Creation

Content writing is the fundamental and most important aspect of guest posting. Your guest posting service needs to create content that resonates with the audience. Creating such content doesn’t come from overnight practice. It takes years of experience and technical knowledge.

At LinkDoctor, we handpick content writers experts in your niche who can craft a unique article around topic new audiences would want to read about and bring you website traffic. Moreover, depending on your requirements, you also get a choice of native writers who can write hyper-relevant content for native audiences.

Quality links

Closely knit with quality content are the quality links. The primary purpose of submitting a quality guest post is link building. It is done by placing contextual links within the guest blog. URL and anchor text is equally important.

Not only do the posts need to have a relevant anchor text, but also the anchor text needs to be diverse from post to post. Similarly, the URL of the post, the hyperlinks within the post, target URL, and other links should follow some rules to qualify as authority links. Our link building experts take of all these little details.

Niche relevant quality sites

The guest posting services are nothing without the authentic websites that accept guest posts. Your guest post service needs to ensure the websites and blog owners they are reaching out to are relevant to the niche your business operates in.

Since the website owners are real humans, the blogger outreach cannot be robotic. Otherwise, it won’t bring any result, no matter how good your content is. A genuine guest post service builds genuine relationships, which ultimately results in earning high quality backlinks.

Working with LinkDoctor is as simple as it can be

Getting started with our guest posting services takes no time.

Here's what our clients think about our guest post services

-Isaac Coleman, Marketing Director

Increased traffic ethically & professionally 

We hired to build links for one of our sites and were immediately impressed by their professionalism and, above all, their strong sense of ethics. This isn’t just another platform that’s gonna buy you shady links through sketchy back channels, but a real team that cares about and understands linkbuilding as part of a larger marketing mix. 

Guest posting plans to suit all business needs

No matter the size or type of your business, we have plans to fulfill all your guest posting needs. You can also avail of our services one off.

All you need to do is create your free account, select the plan based on your requirements, and start getting results. All the plans come with a fast turnaround time.


Ideal for small business.

  • aDR 30 to 60
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 10 Links


Ideal for medium business.

  • aDR 30 to 70
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 15 Links


Ideal for large business.

  • aDR 30 to 80
  • Average aDR 40+
  • 500+/m Traffic Sites
  • 25 Links

Not just for individual businesses, we offer white label solutions too

If you’re an SEO agency, digital marketing agency, or any other business that wants to provide link building and SEO services to your clients, we can take that load off you!

We offer white label guest posting services where we take care of the complete process, from blogger outreach to content writing. We’ll follow the same quality control standards for your clients as we do for ours. We also monitor the progress and do white label reporting.

We will share white label report for every guest post done, which you can share with your clients with your branding. All you need to do is get started with your free account and place guest posts orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, a guest posting service helps you acquire links from blogs of your same niche to boost search engine rankings. When done right, it’s one of the most effective methods for boosting traffic from search.

aDR refers to Domain Ratings. It is a metric to measure and compare the authority of the websites on the internet. If your guest posts links are placed on sites with higher aDR, you will benefit more from it.

As soon as you place your order, we begin researching top bloggers in your industry. Once we have a list of bloggers, we create a compelling article with your link and reach out to bloggers to acquire links for you.

For SEO agencies and other businesses taking our blogger outreach service for their clients, the process remains the same.

We work with writers from around the globe. Depending on your niche and your location, we assign the job to the most suitable writer.

For example, if your target audience is concentrated in Canada, then we can get Canadian writers to do the content creation for your guest posts. They will be following our quality control measures and take care of all the technicalities such as anchor text, URL, etc.,

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and rightly so. If you want to improve your search rankings through guesting posting, you must know the difference between authentic and made-for-guest-post-sites.

An authentic site features regular content by staff writers, has high editorial and approval standards, and has a consistent voice and actual readership.

Whereas made-for-guest-post-sites have guest posts are the main source of content. They have no distinct voice or editorial standards. Also, anyone can buy posts from these sites, which ultimately brings substandard results.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer pre-screening of the blogs; our process is too fast! Our priority is making sure you get results as quickly as possible, and any review process would hurt our ability to do this.

Remember, however, that our links are guaranteed—if you’re unhappy with any one of them, just let us know, and we’ll replace it.

Nope! Many outreach services have pre-arrangements with bloggers to publish content. We shy away from this practice. Why? If anyone can get their content published on a blog just by paying a fee or having a pre-arrangement, the long-term value of the blog is diluted.

Search engines cleverly identify such blogs and constantly hit them with bans. Instead, we research your specific niche and reach out to the people we think are the right influencers for your industry.

We work with almost every niche, but there are a few exceptions. We don’t work with niches such as casinos, gambling, dating, pornography, drugs, adult websites, or any illegal niches.

If you have concerns, please contact us. We will refund any order that you don’t think is the right fit.

Our links tend to last for a long period, as they’re not rented or cut out through a deal with the bloggers. It’s tricky to say how many years the links will last, but most will last as long as the site owner runs the blog—which will ideally be many years.

Over the years, some links might fall off—that’s just the nature of the web. We monitor your links for the first 6 months, and if there are any drops, we replace them for you with no questions asked.

You bet. Time and time again, we’ve seen guest post links deliver great results when done right—and if anyone knows how to do this right, it’s our expert team. Give us a try today for only $1, and we are confident you’ll come back for more.