Best Ways to Utilize Google Trends 2022

As one of the most used search engines today, Google receives almost 90 billion daily visits. This number puts it as the number one search engine when it comes to market share. Google Trends 2022 will help you with your content creation strategies.

Google’s collection of data from daily search is especially useful for digital marketing needs. Numerous digital marketing strategies rely on user data to be analyzed and processed for effective and competitive business functions. Google puts this data together to be useful in the form of Google Trends, which we’re going to talk about.

Google Trends is a feature that shows data concerning the search behavior of your users. This behavior can be categorized per demographic, location, and other factors. Google Trends 2022 provides a comprehensive collection of user search behavior that is extremely helpful to curate your successful marketing campaign.

How to Use Google Trends 2022

How to Use Google Trends 2022

1. Observing and Monitoring Topic Trends

Marketing campaigns release material that is timely and relatable. To be timely and relatable, you must be on the cutting edge of what is current and trending in your industry. Through Google Trends 2022, with their massive collection of data, you can search popular topics at any given time, and this will help you strategize for the long and short haul in these ever-changing markets.

For example, searches related to winter jackets are obviously more popular in the winter season. Google Trends 2022 provides you a more detailed view of when it is best to publish content related to this.

Through the topic trends feature, you will be able to maximize the impact of your published material. Recognizing and applying these trends will help you plot your marketing schedule accordingly.

In addition, Google Trends 2022 can also help you when you want to update your old content. With the data it provides, you can tweak your old content and make it more relatable today. 

2. Researching Your Niche

Google Trends 2022 is also useful when you want to start a new website. You can search a popular niche and capitalize on that. Once you land a niche, you can start narrowing down to topics that are most talked about in this niche.

Google Trends 2022 offers a comprehensive collection of data in different time ranges. These ranges are as seen below:

Google Trends 2022 Dashboard
Google Trends 2022 Dashboard

This time range allows you to search which topics are popular all year round and which ones are seasonal. With this, you can decide which niches are worth pursuing given a specific time or season. 

3. Keyword Search

When it comes to digital marketing or specifically search engine optimization, the right keywords are important. The best way to publish new content ideas that will sell is through a thorough keyword search. 

In the “Related Queries” section, Google Trends 2022 offers suggestions related to the word you are searching for.  Clicking on these related queries will give you more detailed statistics on how these keywords are performing. Additionally, Related Queries will give you more keyword suggestions that you can use for your content. 

The “Rising” queries refer to topics that are currently trending, while “Top” queries are topics trending at the time range you set. 

4. Comparing Related Keywords

Landing the best keyword is not an easy task. One word in your keyword list can greatly affect the results of your marketing efforts. Google Trends keyword comparison can help you narrow down your options and hit the right keywords to maximize reach.

Google Trends 2022 has a feature in which you can compare multiple keywords at once. The results include a graph showing how these keywords are doing compared to one another. 

Google Trends 2022 Keyword Comparison
Google Trends 2022 Dashboard – Keyword Comparison

This will help in short-term and long-term decision making. Keywords that are steadily popular can be used for long term strategies. Keywords that are more popular at a specific time can be taken advantage of for short-term.

5. Better Audience Targeting

A powerful feature of this tool is the data presented which relates to location. When looking up a topic or keyword, Google Trends provides information concerning the popularity of these words in a given location. This is crucial to learning your local customers, and what they want, but also assists you in understanding the needs of different regions outside of your geographic area.

Use this data provided by Google Trends 2022 to tweak your marketing efforts. This will help you maximize the resources spent on the campaign as it increases the chances of successful conversion. Through this information, you can also personalize content and appeal to the target audience location-wise. 

6. Analyzing Competitors

Obviously, the ability to analyze your competitors in the niche you’re in is a huge service.. 

Google Trends 2022 has a ‘Related Queries” section which shows the brands that show up on such queries. For example, searching “jacket” would give me “Louis Vuitton” under related queries as it is one of the most popular clothing brands.

Next, I might search under brands that are chosen instead of Louis Vuitton, like Chanel, Cartier, Gucci.  I can also look at lesser-known brands and see if that is something I want to explore in this very competitive space.

7. Improving Overall Marketing Plan

No matter which niche or industry you are in, having a comprehensive and fool-proof marketing plan ensures success. With Google Trends 2022, you can keep track of the changes of your users’ preferences. This knowledge will then be useful in carefully planning your overall marketing plan and making sure that you are getting the most out of your resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the data samples provided by Google Trends 2022?

Google Trends provide two types of samples. These are real-time data covering the last seven days and non-real time which covers a wider time range

2. Can I depend on Google Trends alone for my keyword search?

Any marketing plan is a combination of data or information from different sources. This gives you more perspective on how to create an effective strategy for your business’ short-term and long-term goals. Google Trends will certainly help you in this. 

3. Is Google Trends free?

Yes. You can use Google Trends features for free. 

Wrapping Up

Google is no doubt one of the most powerful tools we have for marketing in the digital age. It hosts an unbelievable amount of data, making it a useful tool for any business. With Google Trends 2022, businesses or brands can monitor trends in their niche. The information from Trends’ features can be used to enhance different marketing campaigns and improve overall profit.

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