A Guide to Google Shopping Search

Google shopping search allows users to search for products and compare the price and features to make a decision. These days many business owners and retailers have begun listing their products and services in the Google shopping search section. This is because consumers are now turning more of their attention toward the Google shopping search section to find products and services

Having your products listed on the Google shopping search section can give your customers trust in your business. The Google shopping search section plays a vital role in the overall Google ecosystem, as business owners and retailers can benefit from this.

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What Is Google Shopping Search?

In simple terms, Google shopping search is a separate section of Google wherein local businesses and retailers sell their products and services.

Google shopping search

In general, consumers lean more toward the Google shopping search section when they want to buy something. Businesses accepted by Google to advertise their products are more likely to be perceived as trustworthy since Google itself decides to accept these businesses and retailers. 

The shopping tab will show up when the search is related to clothes, beauty products, electronics, and even home goods. You can also use filters by type, brand, location, and retailer. The filter is dynamic which means the content will be updated frequently to make sure fresh products are shown. When a user clicks on a product, the product page opens in a new tab showing the product along with its features and price and links to the businesses that sell the product.

Google shopping search is powered by Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. On Google Merchant Center, you can display your shopping feed and customize the product listings to drive more sales. The reason why having your products listed on the Google shopping search section builds trust is that Google won’t list all brands and products. If your business is accepted to be listed, then the value of those products is more likely to be higher than those that are not. 

The Google shopping account is free, and anyone can join. Just like Google Ads, you can pay for advertising so that your products are listed higher on the search results. One thing to note is that if you are accepted, the listing is free, and you’ll only be charged if someone clicks on your product. 

The shopping search section helps customers to find the right product and discover new things they might be interested in. With the help of filters, they can find products much easier than before.

Benefits of Google Shopping Search

These are some benefits of using Google shopping search:

1. Builds Trust

When you start listing products in Google shopping, those products are listed along with the names of other huge brands. When customers see this, they are more likely to associate your brand with higher authority, which automatically builds trust. Google shopping only allows quality brands to advertise their products. This does not guarantee that your sales will increase but it does improve your overall brand authority and how people associate your business.

2. Improved Leads

The people who look for products on Google shopping are those who are actively looking to buy a product in the moment or the near future. Using the free listing on Google shopping, you can get better leads since your customers are more likely to be looking to purchase something specific. When a user searches for something on Google, they might accidentally stumble upon your product. In Google shopping, when a person searches for something relevant to your product listings, your products are more likely to garner attention and, in turn, generate more traffic and sales.

Google Shopping Search - Benefits
Google Shopping Search – Benefits

3. More Emphasis Is Placed On Shopper

Since the Shopping section is tailored to connect potential shoppers with relevant products, the interface is designed with them in mind. Shoppers can easily browse through different categories and discover new products as well.

Users can get detailed product descriptions, reviews, and feedback from customers who bought products. With the shopping consumer kept in mind, Google shopping results are far better than regular Google search results for this.

4. Offers More Insight

With Google Shopping, you can get detailed metrics, tools, and reports. Businesses can make use of these metrics to implement any changes to their listings and drive more traffic to their feed. It is also quite similar to Google Ads with some minor differences, but beginners, as well as experienced marketers, won’t have any issue finding their way. The platform can help businesses get higher ROI than regular Google results.

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Setting Up Google Shopping Ads

With the help of Google Shopping Ads, you can set a budget, manage your bids, gain insights and make adjustments to optimize the content.

When compared with Google Ads, shopping ads are quite different. In Google Ads, you would set up your campaigns based on a specific keyword.

In shopping ads, Google decides when to display product listings. In order to understand which search queries will attract your listings, Shopping Ads will check the feed, site as well as bids. When getting started, make sure your listings are able to show up in the relevant search results. Follow SEO-proven techniques to gain optimal placement in search results.  Google frequently updates its algorithm to make sure that only relevant content is displayed in the search results.

Tips For Successful Google Shopping Search

These are some tips to keep in mind to have a successful Google Shopping Ad:

1. A Great Feed

Your feed is where you list your products, product descriptions, images, and price. Having an attractive feed with all the relevant content is a must to attract potential customers. An optimized feed (most-searched-for products at the top, seasonal products prioritized, etc.) can have a big impact on the way customers interact with your feed.

2. Bidding

Similar to Google Ads, users can tell Google the amount they are willing to pay for a conversion. A conversion here refers to an action you want your customers to take. It could be signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. Having a good bidding strategy can have a great impact on your success. With an effective bidding strategy, you can get a great return on investment from your campaigns.

3. Assess And Reevaluate

With Google shopping, you can analyze performance and data. With the knowledge you get from the data, you can make optimizations wherever needed. Doing this frequently is one way to be successful in Google shopping ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google shopping search free?

To list your products on the shopping page, charges won’t be applied. However, you can pay for ad campaigns and you will only be charged when a person clicks on your product listing.

How does Google decide which merchants can list their products on the shopping page?

To list their products and services, merchants and retailers have to meet criteria set by Google. They have policies that need to be kept in mind for merchants and local businesses to list their products. Google shopping also suspends or even removes sellers who don’t comply with their policies.

Can anyone use Google shopping?

Businesses can apply for Google shopping as long as they have a Google account (preferably a business account) set up. To access Google shopping, you need to sign in to the Merchant center. Google also has terms and conditions that must be acknowledged.

Making Good Use Of Google Shopping Search

Google shopping search is a boon for local business owners and retailers. With a custom feed and quality product listings, they can drive more traffic and increase your overall profit from sales. 

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