Understanding Google People Also Ask Feature

One of the most useful SERP features available to web designers is the Google “People Also Ask” section or PAA. It is a list of queries that may be related to an original search.

In this article, we will be discussing what the Google Also Ask feature is, how to rank in it, and its importance.

What Is Google’s People Also Ask?

Google added this SERP feature back in 2018. It’s a snippet that provides the user with additional customer queries. So, if you type, “how to crochet a hat,” the Google People Also Ask feature provides additional questions that other users have asked, similar to your initial query. These are related questions that can help a user gain more insight or answers in addition to their original query.

Below is an example of the snippet generated by People Also Ask when the keyword “digital marketing services” is searched:

Google's People Also Ask on Search Results

The answers under this SERP feature can vary in format. Google People Also Ask offers answers in web pages, paragraphs, lists, tables images, and even videos. When you click on an answer under this feature, more related queries will be offered. Ultimately, the related queries provided by this feature aim to expand your understanding regarding the original query you searched.

Why Google People Also Ask Is Important

The Google People Also ask feature is important because it helps users find more alternative answers to their questions. There may be times when you’re not sure of how to phrase your query. Thus, the first answer may not be the best response. With People Also Ask, you are offered a variety of similar questions and answers.

This feature is also helpful for the websites that get featured. It helps increase the website clicks and increase traffic. Google People Also Ask feature also helps marketers find better keywords for their search engine optimization efforts.

How to Rank in Google People Also Ask

Tips to Rank in Google People Also Ask

1. Carefully Choosing Your Topic

The first thing to consider if you want to get featured under Google People Also Ask related to your niche is to carefully choose your topic. The aim is to provide useful and accurate answers to your readers more than anything else. Coming up with helpful topics that put the reader experience as a priority can help you rank under PAA.

This step is now extra important as Google rolled out the helpful content update recently. The update aims to prioritize content that satisfies the reader’s queries instead of search engine criteria. So, content that is informative gets extra attention when it comes to ranking in search engines. 

2. Provide Short and Straightforward Answers

One of the most effective methods to rank under the People Also Ask feature is to provide short but accurate answers. You can place these answers in the beginning of your content composed of 2-3 sentences for a better chance of ranking. Short and straightforward answers are factors that make up the responses under this feature. 

3. Use Simple and Logical Lists

You can also provide comprehensive lists as answers to these queries. Lists are easier to follow therefore it is easier to understand. Your content can be bulleted or numbered. Below is an example of a list that got featured under Google People Also Ask.

4. Put Questions in Subheadings

When you are publishing content, subheadings are important portions that help search engines understand your main topic better. It helps in making your topic clearer and more comprehensive for both the users and search engines such as Google. 

Placing questions under your subheadings helps Google understand what you aim to provide answers to. This can improve your chances of landing under the Google People Also Ask feature for queries highly related to your content. 

5. Optimize Images

It is also highly advisable to optimize the images you feature in your content. You can do the following steps to make sure that your images are search engine friendly:

  • Include descriptive alt texts
  • Use informative file names
  • Add captions to photos
  • Add surrounding texts to describe images

Tools to Help You Rank in Google People Also Ask

Google Trends

Google offers various free tools that can help you come up with better content. One of these tools is Google Trends which shows how specific keywords are doing in a specific time or location. 

When it comes to Google People Also Ask, Google Trends can help you look at the data related to the content featured under PAA. It helps you determine which related keywords are most searched under your niche or industry. Knowing the interest level of users can help you plan your content accordingly.

This knowledge can then give you an idea which topics will gain more traffic and momentum for your website. This way, you can allocate your resources more efficiently. 


AlsoAsked gives you an idea which questions are asked when it comes to specific keywords. By knowing these queries, you can provide answers that users will find helpful to their queries. 

It can help you come up with headline ideas that could be beneficial in getting featured under PAA.


SEMRush has a feature called Position Tracking. This tool provides you with a more comprehensive view of the SERPs based on the keywords related to your niche. 

SEMRush aids in deciding whether some keywords are worth pursuing or not. With this, you can move forward with a better understanding of how to publish content that can trigger a positive effect when it comes to ranking in search engines and PAA. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Google People Also Ask feature helpful?

This feature is helpful because it widens answers to a single query. For businesses it is helpful because it increases website traffic. 

2. Does ranking under PAA help increase traffic?

Yes. Traffic can be improved by tracking under PAA of queries related to your niche. 

3. Are there tools to help me rank under PAA?

Basic SEO tools such as Google Trends will be helpful for your content to rank in Google People Also Ask. You can land trending topics and target better keywords with these kinds of tools.


In today’s digital world, Google is one of the most dominant search engines due to the fact that it is visited by billions of users on a daily basis. These users are your potential costumes no matter what industry you are in. That is also the reason why businesses and marketers often try to abide by its ranking criteria.

With the Google People Also Ask feature, this tool aims to provide a wider variety of answers to a single query. This also presents an opportunity for websites to publish more meaningful and informative answers.

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