How to Find the Right White Hat Link Building Services

When it comes to outsourcing link building, you have to be surgical about it. Not all white hat link building services offer the same quality backlinks to your site. That’s why we will guide you to find white hat link building services that are best for you.

We’ll go through the different checkpoints you will encounter when deciding what service is best for your business. These checkpoints will determine how beneficial the links will be for your website.

Here’s a checklist for the factors you need to consider when choosing white hat link building services:

Factors to consider when choosing the best white hat link building service.
White hat link building services checklist

We’ll discuss each one in-depth to give a clear vision of what good white hat link building services look like. Remember that not all link building services are the same. You must look for specific qualities to ensure you’re getting white-hat links.

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10 Checkpoints to Consider for Finding the Right White Hat Link Building Services

1. Organic Outreach Capabilities

The link building service you’re eyeing should have organic outreach capabilities. To build links from closely-related niches, the service’s team and resources should be able to outreach to those niches. If they can’t reach the links (or niche) you’re targeting; then it’s not a promising link building service for you.

2. Topically-Related and Relevant Backlinks

You can differentiate a good link building service from a bad one through the relevance of the backlinks they produce. If they reach out to websites not related to your content, the backlinks won’t have a big impact on your SEO.

A topically related website will have a backlink profile that is relevant to your site. This means that the referral traffic you can get from these backlinks comes from the same niche. The more relevant the backlinks, the more benefits you get from them.

3. A Balanced Mix of Dofollow and Nofollow Links

If you think that you’ll get more value from having none other than dofollow links, you’re wrong. A good link building agency should have a balanced mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. This will result in a more effective tailor-made strategy for your website.

There’s no definite ratio for the dofollow and nofollow backlinks you need to maximize SEO potential. However, having an absurd ratio for your dofollow vs. nofollow links can signal Google that you’re manipulating their algorithm. Having purely nofollow links won’t be helpful either because you won’t get any SEO value from them. Work with agencies that provide a balanced mix between the two link attributes.

4. Natural Anchor Text and Keyword Distribution

It’s part of the best SEO practices to have an anchor text that’s relevant to your content and not just some keywords. A good link building service knows that the anchor text and the keywords should be scattered all over the piece. Keywords shouldn’t be stuffed around your anchor text because it will make it appear promotional.

5. Natural Link Building Velocity

Link Velocity is a factor that defines the rate of incoming backlinks on your website. It’s an indicator if your domain is making backlinks at an absurd rate. If your link velocity is high, Google tends to see this as manipulation of their algorithm

6. Not Paying for Links

As we all know, buying links is a black hat technique that can get you in trouble. That’s why you don’t have to subscribe to white hat link building services that buy links. Look for white hat link building agencies that can get backlinks organically.

Focus on agencies that offer quality over quantity. It’s better to have a high-quality guest post that’s useful for the readers than a generic fluff article. Don’t work with agencies that buy links as their last resort to meet your quota for the number of backlinks.

7. No Backlinks Coming From Made-for-Guest-Post Websites

Getting backlinks from websites that are made for guest posts won’t be helpful for your backlink profile. These websites don’t add value for their readers because the content comes from different website niches. Most of these websites have a “Write for Us” section where you can submit your guest post.

You’d want to find a link building agency that links to real sites that are run by real people. These backlinks will give your website real value than having backlinks from made-for-guest-post websites.

8. Not Using PBNs

PBNs (or Private Blog Networks) were used to gain backlinks some other time before. But since it was flagged by Google as a black hat technique, its impact has decreased from 100 to 0.

PBNs are databases of websites that can link back to your site in exchange for a fee. You’ll gain a massive number of backlinks along with multiple risks. To put it simply, PBNs are not worth the risk. That’s why you should avoid agencies that use PBNs for their link building strategies.

9. No Backlinks from “Hyped” Websites

If you ever come across a high DA or aDR website and notice that it has poor content, then it’s a “hyped” website. These websites won’t bring any value because of how irrelevant the content is. Sure, these websites have astonishing metrics, but having an irrelevant backlink on your link profile won’t do you any good.

Apparently, there are link building services that link to hyped websites. If they promise to bring you high DA or aDR domains, double-check how they get the links.

10. No Triangular Link Exchange to Gain Backlinks

Triangular link exchange works like reciprocal links, only that it goes three-way. However, these links would still be mapped by Google as reciprocal links because, well, they’re reciprocal links.

Since search engines can still detect this manipulation, it’s a bad idea to subscribe to agencies that use this technique. If they say something like “it’s good for your ranking” or “Google won’t detect it,” always remember that Google’s algorithm has become smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the tips for white hat optimization?

The tips for white hat optimization include

  • Faster web page loading times.
  • Mobile-friendly webpage layout.
  • Use keyword-rich meta tags.

2. What are the benefits of using white hat link buildings?

The outcomes of using whitehat link buildings include:

  • Bring traffic to your post/blog.
  • Favored by Google and other search engines.
  • Allows for improved ranking.
  • Allows you to build a brand.

3. What are the penalties for using black hat techniques?

Google issues a penalty once they detect your website uses blackhat techniques, which leads to downgrading your SERP or, in worst-case scenarios, delisting the website.

Final Word

Finding the right link building service for your business model can be difficult. However, following this checklist will help you find the perfect fit for your business. LinkDoctor provides ethical and organic link-building techniques to grow your business and bring them to the top SERP ranking.

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