How Fashion Digital Marketing Can Elevate Your Brand

You have established a one-of-a-kind fashion brand, and you’re confident of the unique outcome you’ve made so far. For some reason, creating momentum by finding prospective customers is challenging. Making a sale in the fashion department seems impossible.

This is common for business startups, especially in the fashion industry. In March 2020, through Statista, over 63% of consumers in the US who answered in the luxury/fashion category said they have about the same spending expectations within six months. Now, you wonder how to introduce your brand and break into this competitive world of fashion, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

Let us shed some light on digital marketing basics that can complement your fashion brand presentation. Learning these steps can open stronger possibilities for your target goal of excelling in e-commerce and increasing your sales.

Fashion Digital Marketing Defined

In today’s highly digital age, it is unsurprising that a lot of businesses, involving the fashion industry, have shifted to technological channels. In turn, the media has acknowledged the boom of online entrepreneurship.

Digital Marketing is a technique to reach out to customers and clients through internet use. Marketing in the fashion domain requires full awareness of the trends, ideal designs, and customer’s shopping behaviors, as well.

Digital marketing complements presentation

According to Fashion United, about 79% of US employees in fashion work for apparel retailers wherein marketing and sales managers have the highest average annual wage of 84,600 dollars. This data reflects how significant Fashion Digital Marketing agencies are.

With the huge demand for online shopping stores nowadays, there shouldn’t be a gap in the management and digital marketing side of clothing businesses. In fact, the use of email, content marketing, search platforms, as well as social media, is abundantly reliable to use.

The challenge now is on how effective and efficient you can plan, create, and grow your fashion brand. To do that, here are some recommended tips to thrive in the market and make you put the T in TOP-NOTCH!

8 Fashion Digital Marketing Tips

1. Track Audience Engagement

Startups struggle to balance presenting the brand and maintaining the audience’s interest. In fact, according to PayPal Newsroom, it was found that 47% of fashion retailers have not yet modified their e-commerce approach which fits safer alternatives as a response to the pandemic.

Expanding the platforms where you reach out to clients will invite a larger number of visitors. As shoppers are becoming active online more than ever, e-commerce has been brought to multiple platforms by advertisers. A multi-channel strategy enables a business to pinpoint a place where they can reach more buyers. 

This expands the medium to advertise to your target market through a channel where they spend their time on. ShopifyPlus says that maximizing your expanse to multi-channel marketing and selling can increase 38% revenue per channel. Aside from this, this multi-channel strategy strengthens interaction with your valuable customers across various platforms.

A proven and tested technique to engage an audience is to invest in content marketing featuring fashion trends and challenges. The main content in your blog or site is something that visitors appreciate the most. In reality, people become more intrigued and trusting in content that has entertained or educated them. This allows you to create an audience or community and generate leads first before closing actual purchases in your brand.

Content creation is a friendly way to build rapport among your audience. In line with this, link building through SEO using your target keywords can get you higher chances to rank well and pass Google algorithms. Prospect websites turn to SEO services for getting backlinks and generating more traffic from target audiences. 

To sum up, quality content in your fashion blog or site can keep your audience engaged.

Importance of content marekting

2. Turn Your Visitors into Customers

Now that you have earned traffic on your site and called the attention of some visitors, the next step is to turn them into your customers. There will be a chance that a portion of those visitors will buy from your shop. The number of sales you made divided by the number of your website’s visitors within a month is called the conversion rate.

Tracking the conversion rates might as well increase the revenue of your fashion brand. Although, in line with a lot of well-established fashion shops, standing out is the obvious challenge. 

Providing high-quality images of your products and visually appealing designs is already persuasive. But they aren’t the only benchmark to increase sales. You can also turn to the help of conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization

Consider supporting campaigns for a good cause like sustainability. For example, Greenpeace International has launched The Detox Campaign to promote toxic-free fashion among global clothing brands. By October 2013, the Detox Catwalk acknowledged the effort of companies such as H&M, Mango, and Uniqlo in keeping their commitment to protecting the planet.

This indicates that a slight pivot from your strategy can give you an advantage. To make your marketing unique, you ought to include several differences from others.

3. Tailor Searches using Social Media Tools

Social media management tools also help in tracking your campaigns for targeting the audience. They prioritize customer experience management and marketing automation which improve customer engagement, as well.

The simplest and fastest way to market is by strategically running ads on social media. You can encourage website visitors with a single click. Nowadays, there are other features you may use to market apart from posting images of your products.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. now have an on-cam live stream feature that allows you to broadcast to customers in real-time. Live Streaming has recently become a thing for every fashion brand. What makes this engaging is that it is closely similar to actual customers’ experience when they go to the mall to purchase a product. It also gives instant feedback from the viewers.

Marketers also see value in keywords and hashtags as they optimize your postings and give a higher chance of discovering your content. Hashtags carry potential in monitoring trends and hot topics. Social media marketers also invest in the social inbox feature that allows communication with customers and clients.

Good shopping experience

Given the gift of high-end technology, it is lucky for us to conduct creative marketing. Besides, there are a growing number of tutorials and demo lessons about social media tools around. You can use them to your advantage!

4. Take Advantage of Sales Peak

Of all the time to showcase your shop, holidays are the most usual season when enthusiastic buyers arise.

According to the National Retail Federation, the two spots on top consumer spending events include the Back to School season and Winter Holidays in 2019 and 2020.

Sales during peak season is important

In line with sporting goods and video games, the best online sale for apparel which has an average discount of 24% is during Thanksgiving Day. Whereas jewelry, together with electronics, capture the highest average online discounts during Black Friday.

By using fashion digital marketing, you can automate website posts ahead of these expected events. Moreover, it can inform the audience of upcoming sales that are curated by your shop. 

This is why a lot of promos, limited-time discounts, or free shipping vouchers are commonly given at these times of the year. Not only does the range of buyers expand from local to international customers but also people are driven with a sense of urgency during holidays.

5. Try to Reach Out to Influencers in Fashion Industry

Parterning with Social Media Influencers

Reaching out to social media influencers can help elevate brand awareness in the market. Although it may sound simple, be specific in the niche where your prospective vlogger focuses on.

Micro-influencers are the type that focuses on a specific audience. Our target obviously is influencers from the fashion industry. As they already have an established community, your product or shop being featured and promoted can boost your marketing campaign. Thus, potential buyers will go straight to you in no time.

In marketing campaigns like this, you can hire bloggers or Instagram influencers to feature your store or product. This helps you get acquainted with a new audience that you can potentially turn into buyers at a later point in time.

6. Conduct Giveaways

Business startups market their brands through giveaways on diverse platforms. This gives a number of opportunities to spread the content of your fashion brand.

Giveaways can even involve affiliated brands or shops. The main point is to conduct a mini-contest among your target audience by either sharing a specific post or image or by using hashtags. This can be up within a period before you decide the winner/s.

Participants who won can receive complimentary items, discount vouchers, or a limited-time product/s from your shop.


7. Thrill Them with Gifts & Style Guides

Another effective fashion digital marketing strategy is to include extra effort to offer gift guides or style guides involving your product.

You might want to feature gift packages with guide content in your shop. Suggest the buyers the best ones to purchase during important events such as Valentine’s, Christmas, or other holidays.

Putting an image of the product when worn is your best bet. This is the very reason why shops create photoshoots in the first place. The fashion industry is among the first in line which uses this visual technique.

You can also include how-to steps. In the end, buyers trust a brand that can also efficiently help them figure out a way to use a product of yours in their daily lives.

Customers are the king

8. Thank Existing Customers for their Loyalty

If you’re looking for a lowkey way to entice people to buy from your brand, be thankful for your existing customers.

A lot of brands also give perky discounts and promos during a customer’s birthday. In a sense, it’s like receiving a free meal from certain fast-food chains or restaurants. This is another way to make your clients feel valued on their special day.

Appreciating customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the 4 P’s of fashion marketing?

The four P’s of fashion marketing are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion.

These four P’s help any fashion brand grow organically.

How can I market my fashion brand online?

A lot many fashion brands are focusing on online marketing. The different methods you can use for marketing your fashion brand are:

  • Create a website that best represents your fashion brand.
  • Use high-resolution images in the blog.
  • Contact influencers and bloggers to promote your products.
  • Guest blogging
  • Do Giveaways.
  • Create relevant content on your website, among many more.

Why digital marketing is important in fashion industry?

The importance of fashion digital marketing is important for brand growth. By applying the right fashion digital marketing strategies to your brand, you can reach the right audience who can get converted to leads and conversion. Online marketing helps your brand reach a wider audience than traditional marketing.

Final Takeaway

The final step in fashion digital marketing is to trust the process. It’s difficult to convince someone else and persuade them into an idea if you yourself don’t buy it in the first place. Go ahead and set realistic goals for your business. Invest wisely, be strategic, and keep the faith. Thriving in the fashion industry goes hand in hand with timeless principles.

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