5 Email Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know In 2023

Marketing tools come and go, but one that has persisted for quite a while now is email marketing. This holds true even today because, according to a 2019 study, email is still the top channel for marketing, especially in B2C and B2B marketing. According to a 2019 study, 77% of B2C marketers and 87% of B2B marketers use them. In this article, you will learn more about email marketing tools and the best email marketing tools to use.

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    2. Sendinblue
    3. SendPulse
    4. Sender
    5. Omnisend
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Tool?

What Are Email Marketing Tools?

An email marketing tool helps email marketers simplify the process of handling an email list, creating templates, and more advanced actions.

The reason why they are important is that many marketers are faced with the challenge of handling multiple subscribers and customer data points together, and it can become overwhelming to sort out all of them.

Another challenge is the amount of time that it takes to create a personalized email because a normal, generic email won’t make an impression on the customer. This can cause an even bigger issue by hindering the time required for other aspects of a business. Email marketing software can help in this area by giving marketers the choice of an option from pre-built email templates.

Best Email Marketing Tools

An email marketing tool comes into play when there is a hindrance in creating emails and sending them to different email lists. These are some of the best email marketing applications you can use to make the most of your email marketing efforts and campaigns.

1. Hubspot

Hubspot Email Marketing Tools
Hubspot Email marketing tool

This is one of the most popular email marketing programs, and rightly so for plenty of reasons. Hubspot is known primarily for its excellent email marketing tools and automation platform. Recently, they launched their free email marketing tools to help businesses with email templates and transactions.

Hubspot offers unlimited emails for various services like kickback emails from lead offers, a thank you email after making a purchase, or for promoting campaigns. These features are free, but there are more features that can be accessed by having a premium account.

The standout feature you get with this software is the integration of other tools like Hubspot’s CRM software. The setup process is fairly simple and once you sign up, it is pretty much straightforward. You get access to all the tools after you have finished signing up which includes a centralized contact database, organizing lists of unlimited contacts, and the ability to track your email performance.

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue Email Marketing Tools
Sendinblue Email marketing tool

This is a marketing communication platform that offers both email marketing tools as well as customer relationship management tools and a landing page builder. They have more than 70 design templates which give users plenty of options to choose from. The templates have a responsive design which can also be previewed.

Additional features include A/B testing and segmented recipient lists which help users by carrying most of the heavy lifting so they can focus on other aspects of the campaign.

3. Sender

Sender Email Marketing Tools
Sender Email marketing tool

Sender is one of the best email marketing programs because of its feature that ensures deliverability consistently. They have a free plan that lets users create beautiful email campaigns and newsletters without having to know about HTML. The process is fairly simple and involves choosing any one template and customizing it by adding text, images, or even videos.

It also lets you go as far as personalizing newsletters for individual subscribers. But the stand-out feature isn’t any of these. Sender has a unique analytics feature that gives you a complete overview of the email list. The analytics can help you track the number of people who opened the mail, the individual subscribers who didn’t open the mail, the ones who clicked on the links, the ones who didn’t, and the times at which they were opened.

The software also lets you create buyer profiles based on subscribers’ actions to help you optimize your strategy and create offers that reward customer loyalty and are even more compelling.

4. SendPulse

Sendpulse Email Marketing Tools
SendPulse Email marketing tool

This is a multi-channel marketing platform, but its standout feature is the email marketing tool. They have a great collection of email templates that can be easily customized via a useful drag-and-drop editor. Bulk emails can be sent to numerous recipients at the same time using an automated feature that sends the mail at a set time. Set the timer at what time you want to send the emails and the software will do it for you. It will consider user behavior and other variables when sending mail.

Another notable feature of SendPulse is that it can rate the subscriber individually based on their behavior. This will help you identify your most valuable customers apart from the rest based on the open rates and click-through rates. You can analyze the number of people who read and unread a message.

5. Omnisend

omnisend Email Marketing Tool
Omnisend Email marketing tool

Omnisend is more sophisticated compared to the other tools on this list. It merges all platforms of communication under a single roof. The free email marketing tools are more than enough for medium and small businesses. The standout features include automated workflows and emails that can take a lot of the heavy load away from the marketers.

They also offer audience insights which can be helpful for creating and sending relevant messages to the customer. Other features include the ability to create newsletters with attractive designs, and a product picker, which helps you select the products you want to display in your emails, thereby saving time in marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is B2C marketing?

B2C stands for business-to-consumer. It is when a business directly communicates and sells products to the customer.

2. Is Email marketing useful for link building?

Yes, Email marketing is one of the ways that digital marketers use to attract prospects through lead generation.

3. What is an Email template?

Email templates are preset templates that can be accessed in the software Hubspot or Sendinblue. They already have the fields and subheadings inside them. You can then fill in the appropriate fields. This can save time by taking away the need to create a template by yourself.

Why Do You Need an Email Marketing Tool?

Email marketing campaigns are made a lot easier when done with proper software. A free email marketing tool has enough features that can help small businesses to have a smooth workflow. If they feel that the free plan is not enough, the paid plan is reasonably affordable for most businesses. If you are just starting out on this type of marketing, make sure to check out email marketing guidelines for a complete overview.

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