7 Best Digital Marketing Skills To Boost Website Traffic

Digital Marketing skills are in high demand and constantly evolving. It has become a lucrative career choice for a lot of professionals. A digital marketing specialist should have both soft and hard skills to handle a team effectively.

You can learn from many Digital Marketing Gurus like Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin to understand how to perform the various tasks associated with it. You can even check out a few digital marketing books to learn the trade secrets of other industry leaders.

As a digital marketer, you need to be tech-savvy and learn essential technical skills and content writing.

Be sure that you’re ready to face many challenges when you get into a digital marketing career. Despite these challenges, this career is one of the best ones due to the rising demand in the job market.

Mastering these skills through reading blogs, YouTube videos, and other digital channels can help you reap the benefits of digital marketing in the long run. Investing in your knowledge and understanding of digital marketing is a good foundation for pursuing a career in this industry.

In this article:

  1. 7 Digital Marketing Skills You Need To Know

Let’s now dive deep into the topic to gain smart insights!

List of Digital Marketing Skills

7 Digital Marketing Skills
Digital Marketing Skills

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing involves basic knowledge in writing, planning, sharing, distributing, and publishing to your target audience. You would also need soft skills to be able to connect to your target audience. Being able to do so will help you produce content that they can resonate with and find useful.

Another good soft skill to have is the ability to brainstorm with teammates. It’s always good to be able to see things from the perspective of other teammates. Being able to manage a lot of ideas and weave them together to make comprehensive and helpful content is a skill on its own.

Being able to deliver information that people need in a concise and easy-to-understand manner is also a skill. It’s great for readers who are in a rush to understand. Not a lot of people can explain complicated concepts in easy-to-digest chunks of information.

Content marketing would certainly enhance your brand awareness and educate your readers and target audience by creating content relevant to your niche.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the vital areas of digital marketing that every professional needs to master. This is because the return on investment is high compared with other marketing strategies.

The skill you need to learn with this type of digital marketing is being organized. You’ll be handling tons and tons of emails that you need to personalize for the recipients. You have to organize campaigns that target the needs of your audience. Finally, you’ll have to organize your recipients according to the target of your company.

Email Marketing
Digital Marketing Skills – Email Marketing

When you create marketing strategies, make sure you personalize everything so your target audiences can relate to your newsletter.

Digital marketing professionals need to focus more on email deliverability and using smart email headlines. Strategizing email marketing campaigns is important primarily to improve the click-through rate (CTR) of the emails you send.

You need to engage with your customer more, offer value, and send newsletters that are not spammy. You can learn a free online course in email marketing to execute a good marketing campaign.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is basically connecting with your audience on social media platforms to increase sales, drive web traffic, and build your brand identity.

Digital marketers need to engage with the target audiences on social media to build trust and improve brand awareness. Lead generation is a crucial factor in getting quality leads from social media channels. With this, you can generate more leads via social media advertising.

Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing Skills – Social Media Marketing

Most digital marketers generate leads through social media posts, and each post should be as engaging as possible. Meme-type posts can get a lot of likes, comments, and views if done properly.

Digital marketers need to create content strategically on social media to increase engagement around posts. You can find your potential customers on social media if you consistently create quality content that will resonate with your target audience.

4. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses the technical and software aspects to automate your workflows like email marketing, SMS marketing, website notifications, pop-ups, and push notifications. Digital marketers need to create a sales funnel strategically through marketing automation.

You need to target consumers by automating the sales funnel through various channels. This is because new users who visit your website would probably not result in sales. So, you need to plan and set your customer journey by building trust and brand awareness.

You need the following skills to succeed in marketing automation:

  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Analyzing Customer Data
  • Experience in using Marketing Automation Tools

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the evergreen digital marketing skills that require intense marketing efforts in the marketing world. It would help if you have a great understanding of how the algorithms work and the different types of SEO to get stable and excellent website traffic.

Digital Marketing Skills – SEO

It would be best if you found keywords that have high global search queries with low competition. Apart from using keywords, you also need to improve your domain authority and focus on E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

These are the following skill that can help you get better at SEO:

  • Data Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

In the search engine results pages, people never go beyond the 1st-page result. This means that you need to aim to rank on the first page of Google so that you can expect a significant number of website traffic.

You need to be familiar with using Google Analytics and Data Analytics because these tools will help you understand how users interact with your website.

6. Video Production

Digital marketers need good communication skills for video production to execute a successful digital marketing campaign. This is even more crucial if you’re the one starring in the video.

If you write a blog post, it is essential to include a video to get good engagement and improve customer experience. It’s easier to make people understand with a video so if they find it hard to understand by reading, they can at least watch you explain it.

Digital Marketing Skills - Video Production
Digital Marketing Skills – Video Production

Nowadays, digital marketers work and focus on video production because people find it comfortable to consume content via videos. It is more flexible to consume content with videos, as you can use infographics and slides with graphics to give a clear explanation to users.

Also, people are more familiar with seeing videos on digital ads, social media ads, and Google ads. You have to be a savvy digital marketer to bring out the best in your video production and marketing activities.

7. Storytelling

As mentioned earlier, digital marketers need to communicate well with their target audience. This is where storytelling comes into place. The art of using stories and choosing the right words to convey the message to your audience is a skill on its own.

Storytelling is the most sought-after digital marketing skill that needs to be refined often. You have to simplify complex messages, explain them through stories, and connect with your audience in a more personalized manner.

A good story has the following characteristics:

  • Universally accepted
  • Personalized
  • Relatable to people of all demographics
  • Well structured so it’s easy to understand
  • Be as compelling as that would result in sales

Entice your audience using human emotions so that it would reflect high engagement and sales. You need to focus primarily on giving value to the user, understanding their pain points, and conveying them in a story.

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Final Thoughts

This article has discussed the essential digital marketing skills required to excel and succeed in the marketing space.

As a digital marketer or digital marketing manager, you need to do a deep data analysis to understand how your customer reacts to the marketing strategies.

With the evolving marketing techniques, you need to be a competent digital marketer by using various tools and using them to the fullest potential to be successful.

A competent digital marketer should have a great understanding and be aware of all the tools, techniques, and software used in the digital marketing world.

As a digital marketer, you need to see from the user’s point of view in applying your marketing techniques. You also need to make sure you are giving value to the users.

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