Digital Marketing Innovation: Top 7 Strategies With Examples

  • Samuel Darwin
  • Aug 06, 2021

There have been innovations in digital marketing, and adopting them as one of the digital marketing strategies can help digital marketers stay ahead of the competition.

Most of the searches on search engines will be voice searches in the future, and it is constantly evolving, as it offers great convenience for users to search for a query pretty quickly.

What the future will look like in the digital marketing space is predicted by most people in this industry as they know how to gather information and data. It is one of the skills that exist among digital marketers.

Digital marketing innovations are needed to solve complex problems and find solutions for many crucial sectors that need digital marketers’ help, so they need to innovate more rapidly.

Digital marketers need to set goals and plan a strategy to achieve them to beat the competition and stay ahead of them. It is possible to achieve the goals if they are practical and done with comprehensive research and planning.

Now let’s dive into the topic to gain more insights and understanding.

digital marketing innovation

1. Chatbots

Chatbots are basically AI-programmed software that responds to the customer’s queries. Digital marketers need to leverage chatbots because setting a team of full-time customer service employees might not be cost-effective.

Also, it is quite challenging to offer customer service 24/7, so here is where chatbots are a friendly companion to solve this issue. Chatbots respond to customers for numerous queried if they are programmed well with responses and scripts.

For instance, Chatbots can reduce the workload for digital marketers by automating the customer support process. It also handles enormous volumes of conversations that an average human can take longer to respond to.

2. Voice search

Voice search in digital marketing is crucial for digital marketers who specialize in SEO. People speak to their devices for any sort of queries they might have, and it helps them find answers in less time.

This sort of innovation in digital marketing can help users specifically who are time-sensitive and very busy. Typing texts into the search bar can take a longer time than finding answers comparing to voice search.

For example, Voice search is being used rapidly among users in the last few years, and this is the right time to adapt to this SEO technique to get favored by search engines for rankings. Google says 20% of queries are voice search, proving a significant innovation in digital marketing.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is evolving enormously in the digital marketing space and leveraged to its advantage by digital marketers. AI is used for various purposes like content creation, keyword research, chatbots, and analyzing marketing strategies.

The AI acts according to the algorithm and gathers data to improve further on various factors like working accurately on user’s actions, responding to customers, understanding the customer data, and solving complex problems.

For example, In few years, AI will become a norm, and many people start adapting to it. Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix are already using AI for transactions, ordering, and movie recommendations for their customers.

4. User experience

There is a profound innovation in user experience among digital marketers. It is basically like enhancing the experience of users who interact with the products using various methods, strategies, design patterns, and tools.

The design should be entirely focused on the users of all demographics, and you should be able to tell stories with your UX. Using the Google search console, you should measure the screen time, load time, and how people interact with it.

For instance. There would be core web vitals in the Google search console where you would measure the various aspects of your user experience. UX is an essential part of on/off-page SEO, so you can’t ignore it. You need to set the right user experience for users.

5. Pay per click advertising

Digital marketing innovation in PPC Ads is leaping up, and it serves to be an excellent benefit for businesses. Digital marketers are getting an advantage over PPC ads because they encompass all the skills to bring results.

You need to optimize your keywords strategically by leveraging negative keywords and top-performing keywords so that you would be able to make more ROI. Usually, businesses make $2 for every $1 spent, which proves to be cost-effective.

For example, digital marketers are innovating in PPC advertising by using location-based campaigns and using dynamic search ads to do keyword research, which helps match the exact query with the landing pages.

6. Personalization

Personalization is crucial to connect with your target audience in a more personalized way, like knowing their interests and resonating around them. You can address them with their name in emails and offering services that are more relevant to them.

Here are some personalization stats:

  • 63% of consumers are not interested in generic advertising.
  • 80% are likely interested in collaborating or doing business with companies that offer personalized experiences.
  • 90% reveal that personalization feels appealing to them.

Some of the companies which are successful in implementing personalization are Amazon, Coca-Cola, Target, Spotify, Snapchat’s Bitmoji, etc. All these companies have in common are doing many various experiments in personalization to grab customer’s attention.

To give a specific example about what Amazon is doing in personalization, they provide tailored experiences for the products they suggest to customers. The tool offers suggestions about products that are only specific to customer’s interests.

7. Search intent

Search intent is constantly innovating in the digital marketing space, like digital marketers are trying to understand the language and using the right form of content specific to the search query.

Forty thousand search queries are happening on the Google search engine every second. So, with a significant number of search queries that are happening, the content on the SERPs should accurately match the search intent.

For example, If the content doesn’t serve the search intent, people will bounce, which reduces screen time and conversions. Usually, people click on the top 5 organic results when they search a query, 

Final Thoughts

There is a significant innovation happening in the digital marketing industry, and digital marketers should be aware and adapt to the latest innovations to stay ahead of the competitors, or they would be lost in the game.

It is pretty essential to be cautious about the latest things that happen around the digital marketing world. Following relevant accounts in the digital marketing niche on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin can help digital marketers track the latest innovations.

The most thriving innovation in digital marketing would happen in areas like artificial intelligence because it helps to automate various tasks and use advanced strategies, analytics, and tools to get the expected results.

The fastest way to beat your competitors would be doing a deep competitor analysis and finding the keywords they are ranking for, which would help you know their strategies, and you can try using them to your advantage.

I hope this article has helped you get deep insights into digital marketing innovation with comprehensive strategies and examples.

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