Deutsche Backlinks: How to Link Build for My German Website

Doing link building for your German website is no different than any other link building technique all over the world. However, since search engines like Google are keen on relevance, your German website should have backlinks coming from other German websites as well.

In this article, we’ll help you craft a link building strategy you can use to find and acquire Deutsche backlinks. Not only any backlinks but good and beneficial ones. We’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to earn the German backlinks you need.

What Makes German Websites Unique?

German websites (or .de websites) are sites coming from German countries, meaning they also have German content. And if you’re planning to tailor your link building campaign for Deutsche backlinks, you also have to present German content. Otherwise, .de sites won’t be entertained to link back to your site because of the lack of relevance.

Here’s another interesting thing about German backlinks. The sites that are authority websites in their niche are the ones that don’t accept paid backlinks. For you to get to their blog post, your content must be of the highest quality.

The quality of the guest post you produce is vital for high authority Deutsche websites to accept them. Once you gain a backlink from that authority level, it’s easier to gain backlinks from websites with lower Domain Authority (DA).

You can gain backlinks from Deutsche websites in four (4) ways. These are:

  • Article submission for online magazines and newspapers
  • Guest post articles
  • Checking local competitors
  • Hiring Deutsche link building experts

Let’s talk about each one of them, one by one.

1. Article Submission for Online Magazines and Newspapers

If you’re searching for websites that have impressive DA, impact, and influence in the community, then you’re looking for two types. Though it’s hard to get backlinks from online magazines and newspapers, it’s not impossible.

The quality of your submission must exceed that of their existing articles. German news websites and online magazines want exceptional articles. And if you can provide that, they can give a dofollow link for your site.

Content-wise, you have to look at it from a buyer’s perspective. The German market is highly active and most buyers rely on product reviews and roundups. Not just any product review, you have to make it exceptional.

2. Guest Post Articles

Guest posting is very interesting because it’s a white hat link building technique that almost everyone can do. But for German websites, guest posts usually have a fee. This is true especially if you’ve reached out to low-quality sites.

High authority sites accept guest posts depending on the quality of the content. It’s also important to note that the language to use should also be German. This way, it will appear more relevant in the eyes of the visitors and search engines.

The content must also be topical and niche-related to your business. If your content is up-to-date, news websites and other authority sites are more inclined to accept it. It must also be well-researched and provide relevant and high authority German sources.

3. Checking Local Competitors

If you’ve been working on link building for quite some time, there’s a realization that your competitor’s backlinks can also be yours. Thus, you have to find competitor backlinks that are locally established in Germany.

Once you have a list of competitor backlinks that are not linking to your local website, you can now eliminate irrelevant domains. Not all backlinks from your competitors, even from direct competitors, are topically relevant to yours. Thin them out and make sure to reach out only to those that are highly relevant.

Now it’s time for you to reach out to them. Do an outreach campaign and ask each of them if you can have a link in exchange for a guest post. If they agree, you’re in luck. If not, you can convince them by making sure your article is better than your competitor’s.

If you cant figure out how you can have German backlinks to your website, there are link building experts who specialize in such. A lot of German SEO agencies also offer link building services. These experts have a compilation of legitimate websites that you can build links to.

Your link building service of choice should be able to:

  • Pitch a link building offer in their native language
  • Make content that’s written in their language
  • Practice white hat link building
  • Knowledgeable of your niche and the high authority .de websites in your niche
  • Satisfy client needs (shown on reviews)

If they possess all of these qualities, then you’ve made the right choice for your link building agency.


Although we’re not based in Germany, we provide the highest quality backlinks with the DA of your choice. We also build links from websites all over the world. If you need an international backlink for your multilingual site, then we can get them for you.

We’ve recently launched a link building campaign for a German website client and an Italian website client. We’ve made progress and we will update this blog when we get the result we want. You can read our Italiani Backlinks blog post to see how we made it happen!

High Voltage SEO

High Voltage SEO is based in Berlin and has been around since 2014. Their teams make wonders work for companies looking for German backlinks. Even though they are a small SEO firm, they’ve exceeded expectations because of the results they produce for their clients.


This firm is known for earning links rather than buying them from prospects. Based on Twistringen, their firm handles clients of all sizes even though they’re limited in personnel. However, this hasn’t been a challenge for them because they are capable of what they’re doing.

Final Word

When doing link building, wherever you are in the globe, relevance always takes precedence. You can’t just buy German backlinks because you think it’s beneficial for your site. There has to be a degree of relevance between your content and the content of the linking .de domain.

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