Dental Directories: A Complete List (RESULTS worthy)

If you’re clueless about how your new website can funnel new patients to your clinic, then this article is for you. There are ways you can benefit from establishing a website, and an easy one is by listing your business on dental directories.

But keep in mind that if you want authoritative backlinks to your dental website, this is not the right way to do it. White hat link building requires passion, creativity, perseverance, and the grit to keep pushing even if you’re receiving negative responses from your campaigns.

However, getting your website listed in a credible dental directory (aka “citation”) could gain you backlinks and even new patients. This process will not require too much hard work, as compared to legitimate link building techniques. But, of course, there are also risks associated with this.

Stay tuned if you want to get your website listed on a dental directory. If you’re a dentist, you can also list yourself as a professional on dentist directories. We’ll give you a complete list of the most visited dental directories, and more!

Top 10 Dental Websites and Dental Directories

Listing your dental website on dental directories could get you two things: credibility for search engines and popularity. However, you must know which directories you should submit your website to. This list will give you the top 10 useful dental directories to gain visibility and credibility.

1. American Dental Association

Listing your website in ADA’s dental directory will help you reach out to new patients.

Ahrefs DR: 90

The American Dental Association’s “Find-a-Dentist” dental directory is the most trusted directory for dentists. You can easily sign-in and update your profile to help patients find you easily. You can also browse dental websites in USA to find a dentist.

2. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)

You can find pediatric dentists on AAPD by entering your zip code and search radius.

Ahrefs DR: 81

If you’re a pediatric dentist, and you’re looking for new patients, you can list your clinic on this dental directory. The directory contains pediatric dentists all over the US. There’s also informative content on the website, making it a highly authoritative website as well.

3. 1-800-DENTIST

This dental directory has a high trust score which makes it a valuable directory for dentists.

Ahrefs DR: 71

1-800-Dentist is a highly trusted dental directory with thousands of dentists listed. You can only get listed if you’ve passed their rigorous process. Make sure you get your licenses and background reports ready.

4. CareDash

You can make a free profile and get your business listed on CareDash.

Ahrefs DR: 68

You can easily connect with your patients online by listing your information on CareDash. It’s an easy-to-use dental directory where you can highlight important pieces of information that you want your patients to see. Creating your CareDash profile is free as long as you comply and provide the documents that they need.

5. Smile Guide

You can easily get listed on Smile Guide by filling up the form on the website.

Ahrefs DR: 50

Getting listed in Smile Guide’s dental directory will gain you a share of new patients. And, it’s very easy to get listed on the website. All you need to do is to be a client for Smile Marketing.

Another way to get listed is by paying the annual fee. It costs $39 per month to register for the listing.

6. Free Dental Care US

FreeDentalCare US provides a list of affordable dental clinics around your area.

Ahrefs DR: 44

Dental clinic websites in the USA listed on this dental directory are usually free or provide discounts to their patients. The goal of this user-generated dental directory is to list down clinics that provide quality oral healthcare at an affordable price.

7. eHealth Scores

Providing an accurate address for your clinic will automatically place you under your state.

Ahrefs DR: 43

This dental directory is quite easy to use because you can add/remove yourself from listing using the form from the image above. You can list your business depending on the state that you’re in. If your business runs on multiple states, just state it on the information and the editors will review them.

8. Australian Health Directory

Benefits of paid option vs. free listing in the Australian Health Directory.

Ahrefs DR: 35

If you’re looking for a dental directory in Australia, then the Australian Health Directory is perfect for you. It’s a trusted dental directory in Australia. There’s a free and paid option for this dental directory as well. All you need to do is fill-up the form and complete your profile.

9. Orthodontist Pages (Orthopages)

You can search for orthodontists from the US and Canada using Orthopages.

Ahrefs DR: 24

Listing your oral healthcare business in a directory for orthodontists is a great idea. People that visit this dental directory search for dentists that can provide specific treatment. Their directory also extends to orthodontists in Canada.


DentalClinics dental directory only requests basic information on their form but make sure to provide all necessary information about your business.

Ahrefs DR: 24 helps people find local community dental clinics around. Placing your clinic on this directory will help you get new patients in your area. Plus, it’s very easy to add yourself to their listing. Make sure to provide details that prove that your business is certified and licensed.

Complete List of the Top 40 Dental Directories

Dental DirectoryAhrefs DRLocationPricing
American Dental Association (ADA)90USAFree
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD)81USAFree
Smile Guide50InternationalPaid
Free Dental Care US44USAFree
eHealth Scores43USAFree
Australian Health Directory34AustraliaPaid
Delta Dental78USAPaid
eLocal Dentists76USAFree
Wellness Directory74USAPaid
Health Profs71USAFree
USA Top Dentists53USAPaid
Health Local52CanadaFree
Dentist Pro52UK/CanadaFree
Dental Trade Alliance51USA/CanadaPaid
Free Clinic Directory46USAFree
Super Dentists41USAFree
Every Dentist37USA/CanadaFree
Ace Dental Resource35USAUnknown
The Best Dentist33CanadaFree
Denture Dentist25USAFree
Dentist Network21USAFree
Dentist Info12USAPaid
National Directory of Dentists9USAFree
Dental Directories

Dental Directory Submission Tips

1. Register first on major web directories like Google My Business to get your business on the map. New patients will find it easier to locate your clinic if you do this.

2. Keep your profile updated across all directories. You don’t want people coming up your front door when you’ve closed already. Make sure your NAP (name, address, phone number) details are always updated.

3. Make sure you have all the documents you need to prove that you are a licensed dentist and your business is official.

4. Submit to as many directories as possible. This will further improve the chances of your clinic appearing on people’s searches.

5. Relevance, distance, and authority are the three factors that affect the results appearing on Google Maps searches. Make sure your submissions have these factors.


Final Word

Everyone deserves proper oral healthcare but only a few regularly visit the dentist. By placing your dental business in dental directories, you’re reaching out to potential patients.

And since they’re close by, they might be regular customers of your clinic. These efforts may put new patients on your front door, but don’t forget that these are just additional efforts. In the end, your credibility still lies in the quality of your work.

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