A Comprehensive Guide to High DA Backlinks in 2023

Even in 2023, a good backlink profile is still one of the most important ranking factors for SEO. Professionals see backlinks as opportunities to grow and take their SEO strategy to the next level. 

However, it is important to remember that not all backlinks are created equal. High Domain Authority (DA) backlinks are highly beneficial for search engine rankings and organic traffic. In contrast, Low Domain Authority links are toxic for your SEO strategy.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why high DA backlinks are powerful and the strategies to acquire them. We will also dissect a case study of success to better understand high DA backlinks in action.

In this article, you’ll find:

  1. Why High DA Backlinks Matter a Lot
  2. The Continuing Importance of High DA Backlinks
  3. What Can You Get from High DA Backlinks?
  4. Strategies for Earning High DA Backlinks
    • Provide Value for Influencers
    • Create Link-Worthy Assets
    • Skyscraper Content
    • Broken Link Building
    • Resource Pages
  5. Is it Possible to Buy High DA Backlinks? 
  6. Case Study: Organic Traffic Boost from High DA Links
  7. Important Things to Note About High DA Backlinks
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Final Word
  10. Related reads

Why High DA Backlinks Matter a Lot

Backlinks became the foundation of Google’s revolutionary PageRank algorithm, and it changed search engine rankings forever. According to Backlinko, backlinks are still Google’s primary metric for determining the quality and authority of a webpage.

However, Google doesn’t count all backlinks equally. Backlinks from authoritative, high DA websites pass significantly more equity and ranking power than links from new or spammy sites. 

The Domain Authority of the site linking to you is one of the biggest factors that determine how much a backlink will improve your overall SEO. High DA sites have earned trust and authority in Google’s eyes over time, that’s why they’re extremely precious. Backlinks from these reputable domains are a big indicator that your content is worth ranking highly as well.

The Continuing Importance of High DA Backlinks

Decades after backlinks were introduced, it remains a crucial part of SEO in 2023. 

The reliance of Google on backlinks as a ranking signal means that acquiring links from authoritative domains will only become more important over time. Backlinks will remain a key differentiator as content quality and user experience continue to evolve and improve.

Well-earned high DA backlinks signal legitimacy and trust to search engines. A lot of factors are considered in SEO, but link build authority is on a whole different level on its own. High quality content lays the foundation and high DA links act as the catalysts that propel your pages up the rankings.

What Can You Get from High DA Backlinks?

SEO benefits of high DA backlinks
SEO benefits of high authority backlink

Here are the SEO benefits you receive when you have high DA backlinks on your site:

  1. Improve Your Domain Authority
  2. Increase Trust from Search Engines
  3. More Organic Backlinks from Niche Websites
  4. High DA Backlinks Affect SEO Metrics

Let’s look into each benefit one by one.

Improve Your Domain Authority (DA)

High DA sites are sought after in the world of SEO because it helps websites rank better. When you get high DA backlinks from these websites, you also improve your own Domain Authority. This is one of the most impactful benefits of having high DA sites link to you.

Website quality increases as Domain Authority increases.
Website quality increases as Domain Authority increases.

A good backlink profile leads to a good DA for your website. This is why SEO professionals are always working towards optimizing their link building strategies.

High DA sites are automatically considered a beneficial part of your backlink profile. These are integral parts of your strategy if you want to increase your SEO rankings.

Effects of linking domain authority on rankings.
Effects of linking domain authority on rankings.

If high DA links from high authority websites are extremely beneficial, then should you target only those links? After all, if all you have are high DA backlinks then you’ll surely get a higher SERP ranking, right?


Through the years, Google has adapted to the different black hat techniques that some SEO professionals pull off. It can recognize unlikely linking patterns. This can result in penalties that will significantly hurt your ranking. Google can recognize if you’re getting backlinks from high DA websites only for the sake of ranking.

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Increase Trust from Search Engines

Search engines know how to trust a website if it proves to earn its organic backlinks. For you to naturally earn high DA backlinks, you’ll need to create content that’s worth linking to. Google won’t have a problem with your website if you gain high authority backlinks organically. 

However, the prerequisites mentioned above are not easy to achieve. There are thousands of other websites that produce the same content as you do. Your content marketing strategy must be top notch if you want to achieve a high DA backlink. That’s why SEO professionals agree that high quality links are the unicorns of link building. 

Overall, search engines put a lot of trust in websites that achieve this level of authority in their niche. You have to be crazy good to have other high DA websites linking back to your content.

More Organic Backlinks from Niche Websites

High DA backlinks work like powerful magnets for niche backlinks with relatively lower DA. Since authority is passed in terms of DA, having high DA backlinks make your website more authoritative. This makes your content a credible source for other low DA startup niche websites to link to.

It’s easier to have a structure for your link building campaign if you know your SEO metrics are competitive. You can target more niche websites in and out of your industry if you have high DA backlinks from websites in your industry. Having high DA backlinks gives you a significant advantage against your competitors. 

Organic backlinks from niche websites are good for your backlink profile, regardless of their Domain Authority. If these sites linking to your content are related, then there is some relevance that you can get from these backlinks. It’s better to have relevant low DA sites pointing to your content than irrelevant high DA websites.

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High Authority Backlinks Affect SEO Metrics

High DA backlinks affect your SEO metrics directly. Some of these SEO metrics are:

  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • PageRank (PR)
  • Trust Flow

Since DA does not influence search engine rankings directly, it influences other SEO metrics. These metrics reflect how well your website will perform on search engines. Thus, higher metrics will attract more link opportunities for your content.

This is good for SEO, especially for your link building campaign. Impressive SEO metrics will also improve your page authority in SERP. Although it doesn’t directly affect the rankings, it triggers a chain reaction that will eventually lead to an increase in ranking.

Breakdown of link building tactics used by SEOs.

Strategies for Earning High DA Backlinks

Now that we’ve established why high DA backlinks hold so much power, let’s explore proven strategies for acquiring them:

Provide Value for Influencers

Become a reliable expert source for reporters, bloggers, and influencers in your industry. If you consistently offer insightful commentary and data, you’ll earn natural backlinks from their high authority domains.

Create Link-Worthy Assets 

Visual assets like images, infographics, and videos tend to earn the most links because they’re easy to embed and share across the web. Make these assets incredibly useful and unique to attract links.

Skyscraper Content 

With the Skyscraper Technique, you identify existing top-ranking content in your space and create something even better. Promote this “skyscraper” content to earn high authority backlinks from relevant sites.

Broken Link Building

Find broken links on high DA sites pointing to outdated resources in your industry. Create fresh, up-to-date content to replace those dead pages and reach out to request a link.

Resource Pages

Create comprehensive resource pages targeting your keywords on your own site. Reach out to high authority websites to request a link to your resource.

Is It Possible to Buy High DA Backlinks? 

We have now understood the importance of high authoritative backlinks for your website. Each high DA backlink counts as a vote for Google to understand the authoritativeness of your website. But can we buy high DA backlinks? 

Yes, there are a few ways by which you can buy high DA backlinks. Some of the top methods of getting paid backlinks are:

  1. Paid Guest Blogs or Sponsored Posts 
  2. Influencer or Blogger reviews for your website 
  3. Team/ Events/ Club sponsoring

Buying high DA backlinks has benefits like resulting in a short time, saving time, etc., as compared to organic reach, which is long-term. The best way to get backlinks is by creating content that people want to share with others. This will encourage them to link back to your content on their own website or social media account.

Case Study: Organic Traffic Boost from High DA Links

Let’s look at a real-world example of high DA links in action:

Backlinko saw massive growth by acquiring backlinks from authoritative sites like Moz, QuickSprout, Copyblogger, and more. 

  • They targeted well-respected sites in the SEO and marketing space.
  • They created top-notch content assets like images, guides, and videos.
  • Traffic from organic search grew 106% within 6 months after executing their link building campaign!

This dramatic organic growth demonstrates the immense power of securing backlinks from trustworthy, relevant high DA websites.

Effects of High DA Backlinks for SEO

Important Things to Note About High DA Backlinks

Important Things to Note About High DA Backlinks

Here are some things you should know when dealing with high DA backlinks:

  • Not all high DA websites are authority websites.
  • All backlinks affect your SEO, depending on the quality.
  • Both dofollow and nofollow high DA backlinks are important for SEO.
  • Getting high-quality backlinks can be overwhelming.
  • Limit your target number of high DA backlinks based on your website’s popularity.
  • Examine the website first if it’s really an authority website. You don’t want to buy high DA backlinks from link farms.
  • High DA websites have good backlink profiles. This adds up to the PR you receive from getting backlinks from them.

These are just some of the reminders you need to know when planning a link building strategy. There are also SEO myths that people believe are true but are actually false. Watch out for these and don’t be fooled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Domain Authority (DA) for backlinks?

A website with a DA greater than 80 is the best for your SEO, but it is difficult to get backlinks from those websites. It is best to look for backlinks from any reputable websites online that will help you to boost your SERP and visibility to your website.

What is Link Equity?

Link equity is a value that comprises different factors such as link page authority, HTTPS request, and topic relevance. This value helps to increase organic traffic to your website by providing another website with a follow backlink.

Are backlinks the same as inbound links?

Yes, backlinks and inbound links are the same. Backlinks are the best way to assure Google that your content is of high quality.

Is domain authority (DA) a ranking factor?

Domain authority is not a Google ranking factor and does not affect SERP results. However, the domain authority score of a website is a machine learning algorithm that predicts how often Google uses the particular domain in search engine results. 

What factors into Domain Authority?

A lot of factors calculate domain authority. The main factors include the number of backlinks in your website and their quality and relevance, content quality, root domains, and social signals.

How long does it take to see the effects of high DA backlinks?

Usually 1-3 months before you notice substantial ranking improvements. But the benefits compound over time.

Can I buy high DA backlinks?

No, this violates Google’s guidelines. Focus on earning links organically.

How do I check a site’s domain authority?

Use a tool like Moz’s Link Explorer or Ahrefs to see any URL’s Domain Authority score.

Final Word

High DA backlinks are important when it comes to SEO. With its significant impact on SEO, it is regarded as a key backlink to have in your link profile. Thus, having high DA backlinks on your link profile is a necessity in the state of SEO and search engines right now.

However, going overboard with this strategy won’t help you. It will only make your website look like it’s leeching for the benefits of a high authority backlink. We don’t want that for your website.

We hope this article enlightened you on the effects of high DA backlinks on SEO. If you have any questions about how to buy high authority backlinks, leave us a comment below. We’ll be happy to answer them as soon as we can.

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