How to Check My Google Ranking (5 EASY Methods)

  • Samuel Darwin
  • Jul 15, 2021

Whenever you get curious about how your webpage is doing on Google’s SERP ranking, you can always check it out yourself. In this article, you will learn how to check your Google ranking and see if you’re outperforming your competitors. It is a good habit to check your website’s performance from time to time.

Checking your Google ranking is pretty easy to do. You can use some SERP checker tools to check your keyword ranking. All you have to do is to put your keyword and run the search.

We’ll discuss 5 easy methods you can use to find an accurate result for your Google ranking. Along with these methods are some tips you can use to make sure that your results are precise.

5 Easy Methods to Check Your Google Ranking

Yeah, you can just run it in Google search and see where your page is, but that will take you a lot of time. Conducting a keyword search on your personal browser can also give inaccurate results. It’s because of the personalized nature of search engines that this is not advisable.

To know your placement for a certain keyword easily and precisely, you have to use some SERP checker tools to see your ranking. We’ll explain how to use each tool that we’ll discuss to make life easier for you. Grab your pen and let’s get on to it.

1. Google Search Console

Sample data pulled from Google Search Console.
Sample data pulled from Google Search Console.

Price: FREE

  • Set up Google Search Console through your Google account and verify your website.
  • Click on the Performance Report Dashboard to see the data for your website.
  • Check your Average Position, CTR, and Impressions on the data provided by the tool.

Google Search Console is a useful tool to check your ranking accurately. It’s a Google rank checker from Google itself, so you can rely on the accuracy of the results. You can also compare the data from previous results to see if your SEO efforts are effective.

The best part of this tool is that it is free to use. You can pull valuable data without even spending a penny on this tool. It even offers helpful tips to rank your website for your keywords.

2. AccuRanker

AccuRanker's SERP Checker tool provides a preview of Google SERPs for your keywords.
AccuRanker’s SERP Checker tool provides a preview of Google SERPs for your keywords.

Price: FREE

  • Go to the SERP Checker Tool.
  • Set up the keyword and your location for a more accurate result.
  • The tool will give SERP results for the keyword you ran on the search.

There are free tools in AccuRanker that you can use to check your SERP ranking. However, the data that you will get is limited. You’re also limited to five searches per day.

If you want to run all your keywords from your website, it’s recommended to go for their subscription plans. The price for 1000 keyword searches is $109 a month. You can also upgrade your plan, depending on the number of keyword searches you have to make.

3. SmallSEOTools Keyword Rank Checker

Sample result from SmallSEOTools for 3 keywords.
Sample result from SmallSEOTools for 3 keywords.

Price: FREE

  • Go to the Keyword Rank Checker tool from their website.
  • Type your domain and choose your location.
  • Choose whether you want results from a web browser, phone, or tablet.
  • Fill in the captcha.
  • Choose whether you want to get keyword insights or check the position of your website.

SmallSEOTools provides a lot of tools to help you manage your SEO. These tools come for free and are useful for small startup websites. There are a lot of ads, but that doesn’t affect the accuracy and quality of the results you can get from this tool.

You can check multiple keywords at the same time using this SERP checker tool. It comes quite handy, especially during keyword research. It gives an accurate position for each keyword that you input.

4. SEMRush

After setting up the tool, it will display a summary of your data on the dashboard.
After setting up the tool, it will display a summary of your data on the dashboard.

Price: $120 per month for the basic plan (upgradeable).

  • Go to the Position Tracking tool and set the keywords you want to track.
  • Check the Rankings Overview.
  • Filter the results according to the SERP feature.
  • Hover on the SERP features to see what keywords are effective.

SEMRush has been a constant SEO tool that people use. You can monitor how well your website does on SERP by tracking your keywords. Track the movement of your SERP position using this multi-tool.

Considering the number of tools you can use from SEMRush, their plans are quite affordable. At $120 a month, you get to use all the tools SEMRush has to offer. This plan is perfect for marketing novices and small in-house businesses.

5. Ahrefs

Average Position graph pulled from Ahrefs data for tracking your ranking on Google.
Average Position graph pulled from Ahrefs data for tracking your ranking on Google.

Price: $179 a month for the standard plan (upgradeable).

  • Select the Rank Tracker tool on the dashboard.
  • Monitor the graphs displayed on the dashboard.
  • Check the Average Position and the SERP features that you trigger.
  • Look for keywords that are ranking for your website.

Ahrefs has been a trusted SEO tool used by professionals. According to a link building survey from LinkDoctor™, Ahrefs is used by most experts for link building. The tool can track your Google SERP ranking as well.

However, you need to pay for the tool. But the capability of Ahrefs is worth the price. You can even see keyword metrics to see how certain keywords affect your site.

Some Tips to Help You Check Your Google Ranking Correctly

1. Search for Organic Keywords You’re Ranking For

If you want to have an accurate result, you have to use the exact keyword you’re ranking for. Searching for the wrong keyword will give inaccurate results. Track the exact keywords you used to monitor your rank accurately.

2. Use VPN for a Secure Search

If you want to search your keyword directly from Google Search, you should use a VPN to negate all personalization settings from Google. This way, you will appear as an anonymous search and the results you get will be unbiased.

3. Don’t Use Chromium-Based Browsers to Check Your Ranking

Chromium-based browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Avoid using these browsers whenever you want to conduct a quick search.


Final Word

Go ahead and check out your position on SERP right now using these methods. These methods (and tips) are helpful when checking the ranking of your website. Check your Google ranking correctly and procure a plan to improve your SERP ranking even more.

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