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How LinkDoctor Helped a Website Recover From an All-time Low in SERPs Through Link Building

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Farmingdale, New York

Company Size:
30-50 employees

Andrew Ruditser

Client Contact:
Andrew Ruditser, Co-Founder

156% Increase
In Organic Keywords

452% Increase
In Organic Traffic

67 to 70
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)


Maxburst has reached out to LinkDoctor to solve these main problems

Recover from an all-time low organic traffic

The most crucial problem they faced was the sudden dip in organic web traffic due to a website revamp they implemented. While website updates/revamps are important for a brand to ensure their website stays trendy and holds a good spot among competitors, this change most often negatively affects the web traffic. To overcome this, we devised a strategic link-building plan to ensure the website gains back its web traffic momentum.

Getting organic leads from Google

Another major problem they were facing was not getting organic leads from Google. Even with a few years in the business because of not effective visibility to the target audience, they were not able to get organic leads. They wanted to increase their visibility in the market to gain more leads from their targeted audience.

Growth in business-relevant Keywords

They were facing problems in ranking up their business- relevant keywords. They wanted to see growth in their business-driven keywords which can bring some relevant visitors to their website. They were not showing any SEO-optimized strategy to increase their organic keywords.


Suggestions based on Site Audit

The link-building work was begun on the site. During the middle of the order, due to a redesign, the site saw a drastic fall in KW and ranking. 

A site audit was conducted on a priority basis after a team discussion. The findings were presented, and the client decided to go ahead with our SEO suggestions. 

After an initial consultation, majority of the suggestions were implemented on the site. Parallelly, we began link building, which started yielding quick results. The site started picking up the lost organic keywords and traffic. Within a few months of our link-building effort, the fallen KWs gained Page 1 and SERP rankings. 

We presented the following suggestion to the client:

  • Content-based. 
  • Social Media & Branding.
  • Link Building.

1. Content Recommendations

  • Improve Content Score

In order to improve the site’s SEO presence, the content score should be high. This helps in adding relevant keywords and phrases to the site. Suggestions were made to increase the number of guest posts for the site. This would invariably lead to an increase in content authority for the site.

  • Increase the frequency of blogging

For any site to gain visibility, the frequency of articles and blogs is a major factor. The number of blogs that go online was suggested to be at least 4 to 5 per week. This was made to ensure that quality and quantity were in line with the site.


Maxburst wanted organic traffic increase through our link building process. Their business-relevant keywords were not ranking well on SERP.

Lead generation was low due to poor visibility in the market.

2. Social Media & Branding

The site’s social media presence was suggested to be made more evident. Campaigning and posting on social media were encouraged. Once the site receives social media traffic, the frequency of visitors would increase proportionally to the number of visitors that the social media handle gets. This would ensure a steady influx of traffic along with the organic traffic that the site receives.

Working towards branding sets the site in the eyes of Google. Along with the social media traffic flowing in, the site becomes a brand and is well recognized by search engines when gauging site traffic.

3. Link Building

Link Building is a major part of site success. Suggestions were made to perform link building, and we acquired high-quality backlinks for the site. This was made through a series of email campaigns, guest posting, and backlinking strategies. The outreach work done on the site helped it gain quality links and the same began to lift the site from its drop in ranking.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

Before working with LinkDoctor, Maxburst faced difficulty in ranking for business-specific keywords.

After working with LinkDoctor team, the site saw 452% increase in Organic traffic and 156% increase in Organic keywords.


I am extremely pleased with the level of service and attention that they’ve provided…

Andrew Ruditser

Very satisfied design agency owner. Strongly recommended!
My design agency has been working with LinkDoctor for nearly a year now and I am extremely pleased with the level of service and attention that they’ve provided. They are excellent to work with, very attentive, and have genuinely shown me that they care about my agency’s content strategy and search engine placement.

– Andrew Ruditser, Co-Founder

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