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How LinkDoctor Helped a Website Gain 1030% Increase in Traffic with Link Building


Express Legal Funding (ELF) is a Plano, Texas-based, pre-settlement funding company that provides money to injured and damaged plaintiffs throughout the claims and lawsuit process.

Legal Funding Company 

Plano, Texas

Company Size:
1-10 employees

Aaron Winston

Client Contact:
Aaron Winston

155% Increase
In Organic Keywords

1030% Increase
In Organic Traffic

7 to 15 Increase
In Domain Rating


Express Legal Funding reached out to LinkDoctor to solve these main problems

Need to increase targeted Keywords

ELF came to us with a request for a domain authority increase. The site’s rating was not seeing any improvement and had to be optimized through link-building methods. Moreover, the site needed an audit to analyze what could be hindering its increase in ranking.

Page Optimization

The second request was to find relevant keywords for the site. The company was not ranking on SERP for the keywords they wanted to rank for. So the problem was presented and LinkDoctor decided to start building authority for the site. This was planned in a series of techniques.

ELF organic growth


1. High Quality Guest Posting

Since the site dealt with financial services and law-based entities, the keywords were numerous. But the identified problem was that though there were many keywords, not all of them were highly ranked and relevant to the business requirements. Niche-specific websites were targeted for guest posting to increase authority around keywords pertaining to finance and law. This was done to make sure that Google Bots found the keywords relevant to the site and thereby site authority could be established.

As part of the optimization, keywords for finance and law were found. These were then optimized using guest post titles and SEO. The reason behind this was that guest posting offers multiple opportunities to insert keywords organically and track their progress. Thus, quality guest posting was performed to increase the number of keywords and their ranking.

2. Multiple Strategies

Our strategy toward link-building and SEO is focused on results and metrics to measure the results. Techniques, such as guest posting, and SEO inputs were employed in this to standardize processes per industry standards. The business, though being a niche market, was susceptible to all changes in the general market. This helped us formulate our plan accordingly.

After our link-building and SEO work was performed, we began tracking improvement in the site’s ranking. The client’s domain ranking increased through the addition of high-quality keywords. To aid this, quality guest posts with niche-specific keywords were created. These guest posts contributed to a rapid increase in ranking. Apart from this, new keywords were found based on the client’s field of expertise and business area. These new keywords led to the discovery of others, which started ranking for the first time on SERP. This was a clear indication that our link-building efforts were a success.


The site’s ranking increase was evidently due to the increase in organic keywords. Apart from this, the work done on increasing organic traffic also helped.

The site received a jump in organic traffic up to 1030% after the link-building campaign was performed.

Key Takeaways

1. New Keyword Addition

We found that adding new keywords is a great way to increase site ranking and authority. The addition of such keywords helps the SEO value, as well as provides much-needed strength to the content. When content scores were analyzed, these keywords stood out in the SEO value they provided. Such keywords can also be reused throughout the site in order to increase page ranking.

Business Impact

1. Increase in Domain Rating

Since the domain rating increased, the client website found it easy to rank for niche-specific keywords, which is great evidence of success in a finance-based niche. Such an impact causes site traffic to double, which, in turn, increases the conversion rates. Such methods are usually employed in lead generation. But in this case, this was an indirect approach by starting with the root cause and gradually achieving ELF’s business goals.

2. Increase in New Keywords

The discovery and ranking of new keywords are one of the best methods to increase a site’s authority around a topic or field of expertise. These keywords add meaning to the site by referring to various niches on the market. In other words, they act as LSI keywords to increase the SEO value of the site.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to three main positive results. 

After LinkDoctor’s involvement in the site, it faced an increase of 155% in Organic Keywords and 1030% increase in Organic Traffic. Moreover, the site’s domain rating increased from 7 to 15.


Link Doctor is a top-notch agency that should be on top of anyone’s list…

Aaron Winston

Link Doctor is a top-notch agency that should be on top of anyone’s list when it comes to building domain authority with your website’s informative content. They are highly knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything to you, enabling you to feel confident every step of the way. If only everyone in the SEO world was like the team at LinkDoctor. 100/5 stars!

– Aaron Winston, Strategy Director 

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