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How LinkDoctor Helped TopSpeed Recover rank drop and Helped Increase Traffic and Revenue by 60%?

Topspeed is the pioneer in sharing information about the automotive industry. They publish updated content on news, guides, and reviews about automobiles. The site was established in 2003.

Automotive Media

Florida, USA

Company Size:
11-50 employees


Client Contact:

60% Increase
In Organic Trafic

60% Increase
In Revenue

10 to 2
Increase in Rankings for the term “Car Games”

Even though TopSpeed.com is the pioneer in sharing informative content on the automotive industry, they have faced challenges on the way. They reached out to us for SEO services to help their site be on top of their game once more. And in a span of fewer than 3 months, we were able to help them get back on the Google rankings for one of the competitive keywords in their industry.


During our meeting with TopSpeed, they have enumerated the main problems their site was facing:

50% Drop in Traffic

Traffic is everything for a website and experiencing a 50% drop for a few months poses a big problem for any site. This is what happened to TopSpeed. There are many reasons why a website’s traffic would drop. We found that many other new sites were popping up during the time of the decline and it would have contributed to the drop in their traffic.

Decreased Key Search Rank Positions

Another problem that they were facing was the drop in rank positions for relevant and competitive keywords. As many other sites continue to create more content around such keywords, TopSpeed’s rankings dropped significantly.

Revenue Decline

TopSpeed’s revenue heavily relies on ads. And with the drop in their traffic, their revenue came spiraling down after.


After our call with TopSpeed, we went ahead and proceeded with putting them back up in the rankings:

1. Assigning the Right Team

The project leader not only has SEO expertise to solve the issues of TopSpeed but also has experience in handling SEO for infomedia sites. We also have some automotive aficionados in the team that understood the industry which helped in the creation of expert-based guest posts.

2. Suggested On-page Changes

We conducted audits on their site and their key pages. From there, we found some needed SEO improvements for TopSpeed to improve traffic and keyword rankings more quickly and to make sure that our process will yield better results. Some of the changes we suggested and that TopSpeed had accepted were:

  1. URL Structure changes
  2. Adding a FAQs section
  3. Providing more descriptions to individual games as we were targeting their Games page for link building

3. Link Building Campaigns

After strategizing, the team went ahead and set up campaigns for the project. They created a list of websites for the campaigns by tediously checking if they met these requirements:

  1. Not a “made for guest post” site.
  2. Not a PBN.
  3. Related niche to TopSpeed.
  4. The website audience is interested in TopSpeed’s niche.
  5. Not a hyped domain rating or authority site.

Once the list was made and all set. An email sequence created by our talented copywriters was then sent to the prospective websites.


Industrial Defender’s organic traffic was very low before we started to build links. Because of this reason they heavily relied on PPC to deliver leads.

The majority of the organic keywords were ranking from positions 11 to 100.

4. Writing for Authoritative Websites

The quality of the articles we sent to the websites is also the reason why we were able to get backlinks from high-quality sites. We make sure that they’re publish-worthy even before we send them out. Our editors work carefully to edit and proofread the articles to make this possible.

One of the links the team has won was from Cyprus-Mail.com, a 24 years old authority domain.

5. Suggested Website Optimization

We also extended our services by offering suggestions on how TopSpeed can optimize its site. This included recommendations of on-page changes like updating their URL structure.


LinkDoctor was able to make material impact to TopSpeed thereby having a huge business impact.

Before working with LinkDoctor, TopSpeed was losing traffic and was in bad shape. They lost over 50% of traffic in the last 12 months.

After working with the LinkDoctor team, TopSpeed not only recovered lost rankings but was also able to recover traffic and had a huge business impact.


These guys have their head into the game…

Lot of people can build links. These guys have their head into the game and it makes a big difference for us. They have a good grasp of the big picture and helped us grow in Google rankings.

– Philippe Daix, Founder

Business Impact

After 75 days of our link building efforts, we were able to provide these results for one of TopSpeed’s core pages:

1. Rank Improved from Position 10 to 2

This significant jump in rank position is crucial as our target keyword was “car games”. This is a highly competitive keyword with over 600,000 search volume globally and 100,000 in the US.

2. Traffic Increase

Because of the keyword rank improvement, TopSpeed’s traffic also improved greatly. From the 50% traffic loss that they experienced, it went up to 60%.

3. Increase in Revenue

And since their traffic improvement, their revenue also rose once more. TopSpeed was back on the SERPs because of our efforts in improving their keyword ranking for “car games”.


Key Takeaways:

  • TopSpeeds problems were all interlinked to each other – it was not just links that got the results. It was more of a consultative approach that delivered these results.
  • High quality guest posts are important to get quality links. Authoritative sites do not accept subpar content submissions. This is why creating great articles is a crucial part of our process.
  • TopSpeed accepted our suggestions on how they can optimize their site. This has greatly helped in achieving the success of our link building service much faster.
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