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Ranking in Position 1 for a Targeted Keyword Despite the Complexity of the Niche


Associations Online, popularly referred to as AMO, is an association management platform that enables busy membership management companies to handle multiple administrative functionalities effectively in a single all-in-all platform. 

Computer Software 


Company Size:
17 Employees 

David Carnes

Client Contact:
David Carnes, Founder

240% increase
in Organic Traffic

97% increase
in Keyword position

Target Keyword
Ranking in Top 1 Position

Key Problems AMO Approached Us With

Poor Organic Traffic

Though well planned and executed in terms of UI/UX and content that explains their features and business model, AMO’s website suffered from poor organic traffic inflow. Add to this, though, AMO’s offering is a niche-specific one, it faced challenges when it came to acing the other players’ competitive edges in the market, which also stood as a reason why the website lacked organic traffic. 

No Sales Qualified Leads through Organic Search

Industrial Defender’s organic traffic was below 150 when before we started to build links. Due to their lack of competitive, vital keywords that their site is ranking for. The majority of the organic keywords they rank for as in positions 11 to 100.

Lacked content with good SEO Juice

Industrial Defender’s organic traffic was below 150 when before we started to build links. Due to their lack of competitive, vital keywords that their site is ranking for. The majority of the organic keywords they rank for as in positions 11 to 100.


Action plan devised to achieve the target

1. A Holistic SEO Audit Conducted

All measures taken with link building can be challenged if a website’s basic SEO hygiene check is overlooked. The dedicated team assigned to AMO ensured that there were no stones unturned when it came to driving the best possible results for the business. This target was achieved by starting with an extensive site audit that showed us a couple of missing meta tags, orphan pages, and pages that had no outbound links. 

2. A Content Gap was Identified

The team identifies the lack of quality content on the website as the vehicle for all the intended backlinks the team sets out to build is majorly high-quality content dependent. This was addressed by suggesting AMO churn out more content strategically by incorporating all types of keywords (from high to low volume) that can benefit the website’s intended organic traffic.

In further to this, a new listicle article was published, which has successfully driven a lot of SEO-based results for the website. 

3. Gained Relevant and High-quality Backlinks

Planning the backlink outreach for AMO involved a lot of planning. As the company positioned itself as a niche-specific platform, the team scouted for the right platforms from which high-quality backlinks could be gained for the client. The team was adamant when it came to only winning backlinks that impacted the overall results and did not compromise on the quality of the link. 


When our team started working for AMO the poor organic traffic was a major concern and the website is now receiving 4x times more traffic than it received before initiating link building. The ultimate goal of achieving better online conversion is also enabled as high intent & regulated traffic has been made possible for AMO. 

Key takeaways

1. Basic SEO hygiene makes the link-building strategy highly effective.

Any SEO-centric practice must start with ensuring that all fundamental SEO hygiene is in place. All efforts may go in vain if the basics are lacking, and AMO is a standing example of this thesis. 

2. Gradual growth promises long-term success.

AMO is convinced of the long-term benefits that link building provides for their business, as backlinks as strong and impactful as the ones generated for them aren’t a quick fix, but rather a sustainable model that promises consistent growth and results. 

3. Link Building for niche markets

Link building isn’t as well known as other marketing methods that the digital world promotes to businesses, but its effectiveness is best understood when experienced. AMO could have ended up burning a lot of its marketing funds on PPC or social media ads, but the challenge of promoting a niche-specific business, like AMO, needs something more premium and strategic and that’s exactly what we gave them. 


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

With our strategic link building using specific keywords, we were able to see an overall Improvement of 240% in Organic Traffic.


They have helped us achieve number one positions for several…

David Carnes

Our product is called Amo. I’ve been in online business since 1997. That’s when I started Arcstone and I first got to know LinkDoctor. Several years ago here now I think we were one of their first customers, and they’ve been doing link building for us ever since. Their team has been great. They have helped us to achieve number one positions for several competitive keywords, both for our agency and also for our product. So I think if you are considering them for a project, definitely take my endorsement and hopefully you’ll find them to be as great a partner with you as I found here on our end.

– David Carnes, Founder

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