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How LinkDoctor Helped a Website Gain 73% Increase in Keywords with Link Building


Proxyscrape is a VPN service provider with various products such as residential proxies, dedicated proxies and similar network security services.

Computer Security

Mechelen, Antwerpen

Company Size:

Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO, ProxyScrape

Client Contact:
Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO, ProxyScrape

73% Increase
In Organic Keywords

152% Increase
In Organic Traffic

157% Increase
In Organic clicks


Proxyscrape reached out to LinkDoctor to solve these main problems

Need to increase targeted Keywords

When Proxyscrape approached us, it was for a unique problem. The site was not ranking for the proper target keywords. They wanted to increase their market presence by increasing organic traffic and keywords. Since they dealt with VPN proxies, the market competition was high, therefore the best keywords for their business were yet to be found.

Page Optimization

The client’s competitors were ranking for a different set of keywords. The keywords were difficult to incorporate into the pages since they were too niche specific. A way had to be found to introduce these organically to increase the site’s ranking.

Organic Keywords improvement


Suggestions for page Optimization

Starting with a list of solutions for the client’s problems, our first step was to conduct a site audit to find out what was causing the problem. The audit revealed many important issues, which were highlighted to the client in the form of recommendations and suggestions. Below was the list of issues found.


It was found that most of the competitors were ranking for the keyword targeted business important keywords. This was a valuable find since this was a very appropriate keyword for Proxyscrape.


This data was presented to the client along with the suggestions below.


  • Addition of business important keywords to meta tag, title, and H1 for better visibility by Google bots.
  • The target URL could be changed from the homepage to the Premium page since it was better optimized for said keywords.
  • Page speed optimization was suggested for better core web vitals.
  • Redirects, 302 errors were to be fixed.
  • Added word count to the pages for better chances of ranking.
  • Removal of toxic anchor text profiles.
  • The Premium Page was not optimized with the proper keywords.
  • The Homepage URL was not optimized enough.
  • 404 errors and redirect issues were discovered.
  • Page speed was not optimal.
  • High ranking KWs were not used on the landing pages.

Taking the above problems into consideration, we curated a list of solutions for the client to review. These recommendations were based on an assessment of competitor web source pages. LinkDoctor assessed the source pages of competitors to find out their focus keyword, as well as other SEO data provided on their sites. This helped to analyze where Proxyscrape was missing out when it came to its competition.

Key Takeaways

1. Keyword Stability

Many businesses rely on fast-paced methods for procuring keywords. These keywords do not last long on SERPs and ultimately fail. LinkDoctor decided to retain the essence of the website and start link building around a particular keyword.

2. Optimizing Target Keywords

It was found that ranking for specific keywords became easy once the pillar keywords were discovered. While optimizing these keywords, the secondary keywords started increasing in ranking and contributed to the growth of new keywords.


The site’s ranking increase was evidently due to the increase in organic keywords. Apart from this, the work done on increasing organic traffic also helped.

The site received 157% clicks after the link building campaign was performed.

3. On Page SEO Audit

The major learning from this project was the fact that it was all possible only due to our timely on-page audit. The same yielded great results and suggestions that we were able to implement on time. Moreover, it also predicted that our link building efforts will be effective. Such audits help us analyse issues and work proactively towards long term results.


4. Link Building

Since the site’s on page suggestions showed potential for increasing backlink profiles, the link building efforts we undertook were placed well. The site’s landing pages responded well to our outreach programs which enabled us to procure quality links through organic methods. This led us in affirming the fact that organic link building is a great way of raising a site’s reputation and authority in any niche market. Also, the high quality links we placed, started leading to conversions and helped in generating leads too. This was monitored by our in-house team which kept optimizing and checking for down trends and improved on them using scalable techniques. Proxyscrape’s business model was integrated to link building indirectly yielding fast and long standing results.

Business Impact

1. Increased Organic Traffic

Once the above suggestions were implemented, the site began to see great traffic improvement. Keyword optimization was definitely a step in the right direction. This led to an organic keyword increase and improvement in organic keyword positions.

2. Increase in Clicks

As far as the clicks are concerned, the site received 157% higher clicks along with increased organic traffic, which is the basis for such further improvement. The premium page optimization led to a series of conversions, and as expected, the site’s visibility on the market increased with exponential growth in site authority. This is the factor that helps sites gain trust and loyal users in the market.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to three main positive results. 

After LinkDoctor’s involvement in the site, it began to receive increased site traffic, organic keyword ranking, and better visibility on the market. The site received 157% clicks after the link building campaign was performed.


our traffic has increased by over 100% in the initial months…

Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO, ProxyScrape

LinkDoctor has delivered us some amazing results and our traffic has increased by over 100% in the initial months. Currently, they are still delivering amazing results, however, the growth has slowed down compared to the initial months. The growth is currently at 10% a month. Which is still an amazing result.

– Thibeau Maerevoet, CEO, ProxyScrape

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