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127% Organic Sales Boost Through Link Building

Lynn & Liana

Lynn & Liana Designs is a family business based out of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. They specialize in custom-made cheese boards and serving trays. They wanted to create a sustainable business using reusable materials. Starting out small in 2019, they have been able to grow through this COVID-19 period and now have 30 employees. They have been featured on Good Morning America and The View, as well as in Forbes Magazine and many others.

Consumer products

Target Location:

Company Size:
30 employees

Mike Cancade, Chief Revenue Officer at Lynn & Liana

Client Contact:
Mike Cancade, Chief Revenue Officer

127% Increase
In Organic Sales

New Keywords

28 to 31
Increase in Domain Rating


Gain Market Share

The company’s products were excellent, but they had no site visitors. Since the traffic was low, their product line was suffering. The need to place their products on the market using link building was essential. They wanted to establish an online presence in the industry and increase their visibility in the market. These were the issues brought to LinkDoctor when we took up the project.

Gain competitive advantage

After our initial analysis, we predicted that we could bring about an increase in site ranking which would lead to better visibility in the market and a greater market share. The products displayed on the site were not optimized which led us to plan for a full site revamp from on-page to technical optimization.


1. Full-fledged Site Audit for Clear Understanding of the Issues

To understand the issues better, a full-fledged site audit was conducted, and the reports were made available to the client in the form of presentation decks.

Below were some of the suggestions from the site audit.

  • Keyword Recommendations (along with placement).
  • Page speed increase.
  • Home Page Keyword optimization.
  • Increasing On-Page Score to 80+.
  • Addition of Rich Schema.
  • Building Context.
  • Footer Content Optimization.
  • Fixing site errors.

2. Bonus Tips Offered for Optimization

The products on the site were constantly out of stock which is something that would deter future visitors from visiting and past visitors from visiting again. Even such minute detailing was made in the suggestions to the client which were received with a positive note.

3. Recommendation of Link Building over PPC

After analyzing the site, we came to the conclusion that although PPC (Pay Per Click) was an option, using link building would be much more effective given the client’s sales and marketing strategies. 

Earlier, the client wanted to focus on PPC to align with their marketing strategy and improvement. Our link building was focused on increasing site ranking by placing relevant keywords that would direct users to the page organically. This we believed would help the page gain authority and better traffic.

While PPC offers great potential for growth, link building is a great alternative to PPC in increasing site traffic and ranking as per the current industry standards. This was made evident in this project since we chose to adopt link building for the client and the same produced consistent results.

To start with, we chose the keywords that were already ranking in PPC work, and the same were utilized for link building purposes. This gave us a boost in our already extensive SEO work.


The website has gained 127% organic sales within the first three months of having started Link Building.

Key takeaways

Focused Link Building

After link building was performed, we saw exponential growth in the below-mentioned factors

  • Organic Traffic and Traffic Value

Organic Traffic yields steady results that sustain for a longer period of time than paid traffic. The traffic value of the site increased too.

  • Increase in Organic Sales

Through our consistent and strategic link-building efforts, the website saw an increase in organic sales numbers. The organic sales doubled within three months of our link-building efforts. 

  • Increase in Keyword position

Our link building and SEO efforts led to an increase in keyword position that served as a jumping board for the site ranking and authority.

  • Focus Keyword ranking

Focus Keywords play a huge part in ranking. Proper placement of high-ranking focus keywords helps the site in more ways than one.

  • Increase in referring domains

An increase in referring domains ultimately results in site popularity and traffic increase. Our link building work yielded great results to which the site began reacting in a positive manner.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

Through our organic link building efforts, Lynn & Liana saw an improvement in organic KWs ranking and organic traffic. Through our link building, they also saw an increase of 127% in their organic sales. Our efforts of strategically taking high-ranking PPC KWs for link building gave them their desired results. This shows how more companies are rethinking their PPC ad campaigns and relying on other methods.


Sales through search have more than doubled over the short…

Mike Cancade, Chief Revenue Officer at Lynn & Liana

We are an established E-Commerce business but we know that we can always continue to improve. We hired Linkdoctor in hopes that they could boost our sales through Google.
In only 6 weeks they have far surpassed our greatest expectations. Sales through search have more than doubled over the short period that we have been working with Linkdoctor. We couldn’t be happier.
They are a pleasure to work with and the personal communication and service are greatly appreciated.

– Mike Cancade, Chief Revenue Officer

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