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How LinkDoctor enabled a 193% increase in organic traffic for a funded e-learning startup

Muzigal is a global platform, enabling people across the globe to learn any form of music online. The brand is primarily dependent on online signups as the whole process of training & learning is through an online portal. 


Target Location:

Company Size:
123 employees

600% Increase
In Organic Keywords

193% Increase
In Organic Traffic

15 to 37
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)


Drive organic subscription

A business can spend a lot of money on PPC (performance-based marketing) to always stay on top of the Google SERPs, but that doesn’t solve the problem in the longer run. The moment we work towards increasing the organic traffic starts we were confident about driving the organic subscription that will have a positive impact on Muzigal’s ROI. 

Gain competitive advantage

Muzigal is part of a niche that has many upcoming competitors taking advantage of the growing trend of e-learning & global interactive learning. We were forced to adopt innovative measures at the earliest as Muzigal saw an evident increase in competition in the market. The basis of any activity to enhance the SEO factor of a business lies in the philosophy of gaining a competitive advantage, and that’s what we aimed to achieve for Muzigal. 

Action plan devised to achieve the target

1. A team of subject experts & SEO specialists were delegated to drive optimal results.

We have always been specific about delegating a balanced team that can offer creative niche-specific ideas and technical ideas that drive the numbers. Our team took up a couple of activities involving. 

Site audit (On-page & Off-page).
Competitor analysis.
Guest post topic selection.

This enabled the team to devise a strategy that could push the projected results on time. 

2. We recalibrated the anchor text distribution after a competitive analysis.

Post an aggressive competitor analysis, the team understood the strategy used by competitors when it came to anchor text variety & distribution was different from that of Muzigal’s. Muzigal seemed off track from the best industry practice & the team recalibrated the plan and brought Muzigal in tune with the optimal anchor text practice. This involved the implementation of the new anchor text strategy for already published articles & new guest posts that we published to win high-quality backlinks.

3. Go for the low-hanging fruit.

The team never misses the chance to drive results using quick wins. When it comes to Link Building & SEO, we design a plan that includes low, medium, & high volume keywords so that there are no stones unturned when it comes to triggering results. 


The website experienced a 600% increase in organic keyword volumes within the first few months from having started Link Building.

Key takeaways

1. Nailing the right platforms to publish & gain a backlink.

Link Building is the art of finding the right kinds of prospects or websites that could offer us a link that can add value to the website we are building the backlinks for. In the case of Muzigal, a lot of work went behind finding relevant websites that can carry the relevant Guest Posts with backlinks. The target audience was well defined, and all the activities were synchronized for the efficient awareness of the brand among the target group.

2. Anchor text variation & distribution generates more results.

Strategic anchor text variation and distribution play a significant role in driving results for Muzigal. Companies with growing competition must consider tactics that involve the inclusion of all types of anchor texts while approaching Link building. 


3. Highly punctual delivery strengthened the strategy & eventually gave the intended results.

The project was a successful one mainly due to the prompt delivery of the designed tasks. On-time delivery assured Muzigal the results it deserved and the results we promised. Extensive planning & meticulous attention to detail enabled the team to achieve these results in a short span of time.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

The website experienced a 600% increase in organic keyword volumes within the first few months from having started Link Building and 193% increase in organic web traffic. 

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