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How LinkDoctor helped KarryCar gain 490% increase in Organic Traffic through Multilingual Link Building?


KarryCar was the first Italian site to start with the transport of cars and vehicles. It developed from the experience of its parent site Karryco.com. The website started with the objective of streamlining transportation or private and commercial transport with proper automation and technology.

Automotive & Logistics

Target Location:

Company Size:
1-10 employees

Matia Stevanin

Client Contact:
Mattia Stevanin, Co-Founder 

490% Increase
In Organic Traffic

0 to 70 increase
In Organic Traffic Value

15 to 18
Increase in Domain Authority


Ranking for Foreign Keywords

In every link-building process, understanding challenges is the first part. Overcoming that step needs complete background knowledge of the client. Finding Keywords (KWs) and implementing ranking techniques around them is a standard process. But KWs in foreign languages need planning and implementation. The KWs we had, were ranking in second place in another site of theirs (karryco.com). This remained a challenge since the KWs albeit ranking well were still in Italian.

Gain equally high ranking English Keywords

Apart from the linguistic barriers, we found that we had to translate the Keywords to English for them to be usable in our link building process. This proved a challenge since finding equally high-ranking keywords was a challenge. The translation of the keywords however proved very efficient and powerful as described below.

KarryCar Graph

Action plan devised to achieve the target

1. SEO Focused Keyword Research

For any campaign, keywords are the first step in making sure that the SEO value is implemented and retained throughout the process. 

We focus on using effective SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Surfer SEO to find the best and most relevant keywords for the campaigns. Our blogger outreach was done to bring value along with ranking and traffic. The main focus was to arrive at powerfully placed keywords that provide support to content and link building alike.

2. Multilingual Link Building Techniques

Multilingual Link Building ensures that your site is welcomes all users from various countries with different linguistic capabilities. Our multilingual SEO approach started through familiarization with the field by means of thorough competitor analysis. From our competitor analysis, we found out that our competitors have high aDR Italian backlinks.

3. High-quality Backlinks

Getting backlinks is a proven method of SEO success. But the domain rating (DR) of the sites that provide backlinks plays an important role in adding the extra value you need to optimize your site. The traditional campaigns that we ran successful campaigns proved to be a great way to acquire quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Key takeaways

1. Targeted Link Building Strategy

Link Building needs a target audience without which it will fail. Here our target audience was Italian users for whom we had to optimize our content and keywords. SEO translation techniques and anchor text research helped us in achieving what we wanted.

2. Milestone Reporting Method

In order to maintain pace in the project, the agile methodology was implemented. Regular reporting regarding the status of the project was made. The client replied in a positive manner which helped us put our efforts in the right direction. The setbacks in the initial stages were sorted in a rapid manner and it helped us provide real-time data to clients 2 months after month until closure.

3. Targeting Niche Markets

Based on our analysis, we found that targeting such niche markets helps in gaining relevant links and performing targeted link building work. Our experience with the multilingual process with KarryCar made us understand that SEO whether global or local can provide effective results no matter what conditions it is performed.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

With our strategic link building using specific keywords, we were able to see an overall Improvement of 490% in Organic Traffic.


The website experienced an improvement in Traffic value from 0 to 70 within the three months of Link Building.

Matia Stevanin

What I care about the most about a service is the delivery and at Linkdoctor they DELIVER what they promise.
I gave it a shot and achieved great results in just two months.
The staff is super helpful and professional! They go into detail about the strategy and results and they are eager to answer all your questions.
If you need white hat organic link building with no fuss this is the place!

– Mattia Stevanin, Co-Founder 

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