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How LinkDoctor Helped a High aDR Website Gain 927% Organic Traffic Through Ethical Link Building


Eightfold.ai is an AI-driven talent Intelligence platform. Eightfold is changing the game of hiring and recruiting through AI-powered talent acquisition, management, and hiring services.

Software and Technology

Santa Clara, California

Company Size:
500 to 700 employees


Client Contact:
Olivia, SEO Specialist

365% Increase
In Organic Keywords

927% Increase
In Organic Traffic

68 to 73
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)


Eightfold reached out to LinkDoctor to solve these main problems

Need to increase Domain Rating

Eightfold approached us because of positive feedback from another LinkDoctor client. The company already had a well-established website with a good clientele. However, they wanted to see more growth in their organic traffic and keyword ranking. With an increase in organic traffic and keywords, their eventual aim was to see an increase in their overall Domain Rating (aDR).

Page Optimization

After an initial analysis, we found that there were many clashing keywords between the homepage and the landing page, which affected our link-building efforts. We analyzed this and presented a solution. To provide authority to both the home page and landing pages, we implemented different strategies for each of them. For this, we suggested alternate keywords to rank the pages in different sections.

Eightfold KW improvement

Actions taken

Suggestions for page Optimization

To improve overall site health, we made suggestions for on-page and off-page optimization, and the same was implemented by the client.

We suggested three different sets of high-ranking keywords for the three landing pages.

With our concentration focused on the landing pages,  we placed link building for the home page on hold. We started monitoring the status and began to see favorable results through an increase in their organic traffic, as well as organic keywords. 

Key Takeaway

1. Landing Page Optimization

The importance of choosing the right page to optimize for link building was evident in this study since our optimization techniques yielded the right results. On-page suggestions along with new keywords increased the site’s ranking. The site being AI-based helped us focus on the right niche market without generalizing our efforts. The pages were optimized with unique keywords to produce the maximum results within the duration of eleven months. Furthermore, the link building that we performed was supported by regular results, which were measurable.

2. SEO Suggestions

The various SEO-related recommendations that we gave to the client were well received. They were implemented in stages, and this helped us to track where we were in terms of SEO-focused optimization. The landing pages received maximum benefit from this since we used many keywords to increase the page’s ranking on the SERP. Organic keyword increases were noted, which is an excellent sign of success.

Business Impact

1. Increased Organic Traffic

Through our link-building efforts, we increased the organic traffic by 927%. Because of keyword improvement, the traffic movement increased significantly. This led to organic keyword increase. The better the link building, the better the increase in organic traffic was noted. The jump in organic traffic was positively received by search engines and this helped the site gain traction.

2. Increase Organic Keywords

Since the traffic started increasing, we could track the increase in organic keywords which led to an overall increase in site rating and domain authority. This invariably leads to increase in value. Also, this led to an overall increase in position of the organic keywords. 

3. Improved Traffic and Domain Rating

The site’s ratings went up through our link building process and the same held true when it came to traffic value increase. The extensive methods we had implemented helped the site gain ratings and stabilization which is very vital in marketing positioning of any website. The SEO work done on the site helped it gain visibility in the market and set benchmarks for itself.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to three main positive results. 

The landing page link building showed results, and there was an increase in organic keywords, as well as organic traffic. 

  • Organic keywords increased by 365% in the last eleven months. 
  • Organic traffic increased by 927% in the last eleven months.
  • 12,513 new keywords gained.

The Domain Rating of the site increased to 73 and stabilized.

During the total duration of eleven months, the site went through drastic changes from our suggestions and the end results proved that our analysis and link building efforts were well placed at the right time.


During the total duration of eleven months, the site went through drastic changes from our suggestions and the end results proved that our analysis and link building efforts were well placed at the right time. 

Organic traffic increased by 927% in the last eleven months. 


LinkDoctor has accomplished quick and exceptional results for my organization. With consistent and clear communication, comprehensive reporting, and a sound strategy, I am continually impressed by their expertise – the data speaks for itself! Thank you to the entire team!

– Olivia, SEO Specialists, Eightfold.ai.

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