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How LinkDoctor Helped Generate Qualified Leads by Increasing ArcStone’s Organic Traffic?


ArcStone is an internet company offering services like web design & development, web hosting and email, membership management, digital marketing services, and virtual events & experiences. ArcStone is majorly focused on providing services for non-profit organizations.

Advertising Services

Minneapolis, MN

Company Size:
11-50 employees


Client Contact:
Lisa Hirst Carnes, COO and Founder

51% Increase
In Organic Keywords

1936.99% Increase
In Organic Traffic

51 to 54
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)


ArcStone reached out to LinkDoctor for the below problem of not getting leads from organic traffic. A brief explanation of the problem has been given below.

No Leads from Organic Traffic

Arcstone being a non-profit organization service provider, found it difficult to generate leads for their business. This was brought to LinkDoctor as a problem and also with a request for generating 10 qualified leads per week, 20% leads in the contact us form. This was to be focused along with the SEO work on the page. This was the request brought to LinkDoctor by Arcstone.

AS- Organic traffic graph


1. Blog Topic Proposal

Our main focus was on guest posts in which we made sure that all the posts are relevant and led to non-profit organizations. Focus on generic blogs was reduced and more SEO-focused blogs on non-profits were created. This was done in order to provide the site with more authority around their field of work. The blogs that were created had high-quality external links that added much more reputation to the site. This resulted in maximum relevance to the site.

2. Keyword Analysis

In order to create the best content that ranks, many SEO inputs were given to the team of writers to research, analyze and improvise while writing. These were SEO inputs such as choosing keywords with low Keyword difficulty and high volume. These were suggested to ensure continuous keyword ranking and improvement. Since such keywords increase the site’s ranking too, we focused on creating keyword strategies to implement while creating the posts.

Key Takeaway

Blog Ideas based on Secondary Niche

During the project, we found out that secondary niches carry enough weightage to support the site’s ranking and reputation. This was particularly evident when working with non-profit organizations that have specific keywords to be targeted. This ensured discovery of new keywords and also helped in ranking old keywords through our SEO efforts. Secondary niches gave the necessary support in finding new and relevant keywords for the niche market.


ArcStone’s organic traffic was low before we started to build links. Our blog topics and keywords brought effective results.

The Domain Rating rose from 51 to 54 during the process.

Business Impact

1. Domain Rating Improvement

Our SEO efforts brought about an increase in the Domain Rating of the site which is a business standpoint increases lead generation abilities. The site’s authority in the niche market increases with domain rating and the same can be utilized for generating quality leads. This enabled us to fulfill the client’s requests and requirements.

2. Ranking of Focus Keywords

Their targeted KW came to position 1 in the history of their website. The ranking of the focus keywords was now constantly at position 1 which helped us work towards opportunities for lead generation. The high-quality keywords utilized in the content brought about great results which gave us the edge when it came to optimizing the site for conversions. This business impact garnered high-quality leads which invariably got converted into conversions.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

Before working with LinkDoctor, Arcstone had low organic traffic but after LinkDoctor involvement, the site saw an increase in organic traffic by 51%.

The site started getting qualified leads due to their increased authority and visibility.


The Linkdoctor team is very knowledgable and they’re always happy to offer their expert advice…


Link building is hard work. It’s also one of the most important pieces of SEO. Linkdoctor.io has a process that’s effective and gets results. The Linkdoctor.io team is very knowledgable and they’re always happy to offer their expert advice. The monthly reports are clear and transparent. Highly recommended!

– Lisa Hirst Carnes, COO, Founder

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