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How LinkDoctor Helped Generate Sales Qualified Leads by Improving Industrial Defender’s Rankings for Two Vital Keyword Groups?

Industrial Defender is a provider of OT cybersecurity solutions. Their applications are used by some of the largest companies in the infrastructure industry in Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.


Massachusetts, USA

Company Size:
51-200 employees


Client Contact:
Erin Anderson, Director of Marketing 

562% Increase
In Organic Keywords

577% Increase
In Organic Traffic

37 to 42
Increase in Domain Rating (aDR)


Industrial Defender has reached out to LinkDoctor to solve these main problems

No Leads from Organic Traffic

Industrial Defender focused and spent a lot of resources on PPC before working with us. They hoped to get leads from PPC and create the demand that they can supply. They had to resort to PPC because they weren’t getting any leads organically. Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked for them well. It ate up a lot of their resources without any great success.

Not Ranking for Lead Generating Keywords

They needed some help in ranking for lead-generating keywords or those that would lead potential clients to their site. Though they are cybersecurity experts which let them create highly informative content, they lacked the knowledge and application of necessary SEO practices. This is the reason why they weren’t ranking for keywords that could potentially get them leads.

Needed to Implement On Page SEO Best Practices

Just as mentioned in Problem 2, they have published information-filled content for their visitors. But they lacked the SEO knowledge that led them to publish articles that weren’t optimized. Some of the on-page SEO practices they missed include not using focus and primary keywords and unorganized formatting.


1. Assigning the Right Team

After discussing the Industrial Defender’s needs, we determined the right team for the job. Though everyone is qualified due to their SEO knowledge and expertise, we looked for appropriate members who have cybersecurity knowledge. This has helped in creating better strategies which is the next step of our process.

We come up with not only Plans A and B but also other methods in case the initial plans do not convert well.

2. Conducting an End to End Audit

Once we have assigned the perfect team for this project, we started to do in-depth analysis and audits to know the root cause of their low visibility and organic traffic. This part of the process involved:

  1. On-page analysis
  2. Off-page audit
  3. Technical SEO audit
  4. Keyword and competition research

After going through the analysis and audits, we concluded that their “What is NERC CIP?” page is the best choice to start our link building process. It’s because the page has great potential. When we looked into its organic traffic and keywords, it had none.

For the first month, we targeted the keyword “nerc cip”. The keyword had a fairly good volume and the difficulty wasn’t very hard. This meant that it is possible to get Industrial Defender ranking for this keyword without too many initial backlinks built.

But we not only found that they are not ranking for this keyword using this relevant page on their site. We also found out that the page itself wasn’t optimized. The readability score was too high (it was too difficult to read), proper content hierarchy wasn’t there, and there were a lot of other issues with the page. 

We went the extra mile of improving the page for them on the SEO side of things as they already have all the needed information about the topic laid out well. 

3. Finding the Appropriate Websites and Setting up Campaigns

During our meeting with Industrial Defender, they have expressed their concern over getting valuable links — links not from sites made from guest posts and only those that are close to their niche.

Their need for relevant backlinks made us a great fit for their needs as we conduct organic outreach to sites for every link we acquire. We created our list of leads to reach out to from a handpicked selection of sites for our campaigns. This allowed us to make sure that every backlink we acquired is:

  1. Relevant to the niche
  2. High-quality and regularly maintained sites
  3. Meets the domain rating requirement for the project

We sent a sequence of emails to different websites. When we got responses, we manually replied and negotiated regarding the guest posts we will submit to these sites.


Industrial Defender’s organic traffic was very low before we started to build links. Because of this reason they heavily relied on PPC to deliver leads.

The majority of the organic keywords were ranking from positions 11 to 100.

4. Careful Link Building through Authority Blogs

Once we have successfully negotiated with the sites, we gathered all the information we needed and passed it on to our expert writers. The information needed includes the link from Industrial Defender that we will insert the guest post, the topic, and the guidelines of the site we will submit it to.

We not only think about our client, but also the site we reach out to. The topic we suggest is useful to their readers and we optimize the content to make sure it ranks well. We also have our editors proofread and polish articles to make sure it’s ready for publishing when submitting to prospective websites.

hackernoon link for industrial defender
One of the links won is from Hackernoon.com

5. Improving Their Blog’s Content Strategy

As our link building team carefully worked on acquiring backlinks, we also went the extra mile and conducted SEO audits for Industrial Defender. Through our audits, we found that a lot of their content was not optimized which is another reason for their low traffic and domain rating.

We came up with suggestions and strategies for Industrial Defender to help them improve their site’s inbound content strategy. A part of this process included an intensive competitor analysis to have a concrete basis on where their site is lacking compared to other successful sites in their industry.


The application of our carefully strategized process has led to these positive results. 

Before working with LinkDoctor, Industrial Defender heavily relied on PPC to growth their business.

After working with LinkDoctor team, Industrial Defender not only starting seeing leads to flow from organic traffic, but have also shifted budget from PPC to SEO.


They helped us moved from 100+ to page 1…

Link Doctor has done a fantastic job building links for our target content. They have helped us move from position 100+ to page 1 for our target keyword group. Would highly recommend them!

– Erin Anderson, Director of Marketing

Business Impact

1. Increased Sales Qualified Leads

The “What is NERC CIP?” page was just the start of our efforts to improve their blog and pursue link building. We proceeded to improve and build links for other pages which helped increase their lead flow. This is due to their improved traffic and online presence enabling them to reach potential qualified leads. Also, their improved domain rating proves their authoritativeness which made them more reliable and trustworthy.

2. Saved Resources through Budget Relocation from PPC to SEO

Many companies allocate respective budgets for both PPC and SEO. Many believe they’re both vital to achieve success for their businesses. While this is true, the methods we applied to Industrial Defender proved that investing more in SEO yields better results compared to giving more to PPC strategies.

Because of the increased qualified leads that our SEO services have brought to Industrial Defender, they decided to relocate more funds for SEO. Looking at the bigger picture, they have made more savings since focusing more on SEO not only brings in more leads for them but has also improved their site’s overall state.

3. Improved Traffic and Domain Rating

After three months, Industrial Defender’s domain authority improved by 2 points and their organic traffic increased more than 500% from their initial stats.

As the process is long and the results don’t skyrocket overnight, the improvement shown in three months has proven our process and strategies to be effective for this project.

A steady increase is beneficial for any site, including Industrial Defender, as this appears as a natural occurrence and not because of black hat methods.

4. Industrial Defender Ranking on Page 1 for Target Keyword Groups

The increase of Industrial Defender’s domain rating and traffic is a result of getting valuable backlinks on relevant websites. They have shown improvement in their rankings for  “NERC CIP” and “ICS security” keyword groups. Some are continuously improving until today as we transition to another keyword group for our next projects.

Rank increase for strategic keywords

5. Better Inbound Content Strategy

The competitor analysis and website audit we conducted for Industrial Defender led to an overall improvement of their site’s SEO due to these changes implemented on their key pages:

  • Keyword Density Optimization
  • Featured Snippet Optimization
  • Adding a Table of Contents
  • Readability Improvement

Key Takeaways:

  • The cooperation of Industrial Defender to improve their content strategy has greatly helped in the implementation of our process that has yielded results for them.
  • Careful outreach to relevant websites has given more SEO value to Industrial Defender. Hence, improving their rankings and domain ratings more effectively and quickly.
  • The use of their target keywords that are partially matched in guest posts resulted in better results.
  • Choosing the ideal blog writers that are experts in cybersecurity led us to get links from relevant sites in the same niche.
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